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   Chapter 77 I Will Marry You Tomorrow

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"Don't worry about me!" Janet shouted. Not many people could sacrifice their selves. But she, Janet, was about to do this soon.

When she thought of it, Janet smiled with a sort of relief.

Her smile had now shocked most of the people standing on the other side.

Brian frowned and kept his silence and everyone had little or no patience left.

"Retreat! Let them pass, " he started talking.

The local police chief immediately gave Brian an angry look. Although he was furious, he still had to talk respectfully, and said, "Major Brian, we have hundreds of people deployed, and if we surrender to a terrorist team of just a little more than a dozen people, people will laugh at us!"

Brian didn't seem to hear what he said. He still ordered coldly, "Go back first."

Several soldiers of the Sharp Eagle retreated first, followed then by the Special Forces.

Seeing what was happening, Janet became anxious. She was ready to sacrifice herself, and wondered why Brain had to retreat right now.

However, she couldn't talk with Brain, and so she could only find a solution to this predicament all by herself.

The gangster had put her on the front passenger's seat in the car, and a man always held the weapon against her head on the backseat.

The car's window was open. Right after the car started to take off on the road, Janet opened the door and jumped out of it hastily, with a courage she didn't know where.

"Damn it!" The boss who was driving then roared, took out a gun, and started attacking Janet.

The bullet hit Janet's back with a loud noise on impact.

At the same time, gunshots sounded everywhere, and the battle started.

Janet made a few rolls on the ground and the boss continued to attack her, shooting her in the leg.

When the third shot was heard, a pair of powerful long arms brought Janet up on her feet; Brain kept the woman in his arms and protected her.

The hard bullet hit his shoulder, Brian's face turned pale, and he tightly squinted his eyes because of the searing pain.

The war between the two sides had officially kicked off.

When Janet almost fell in a coma, she seemed to see a familiar figure.

The familiar figure kicked Brian's back, and one bullet that was supposed to hit him missed and shot in the ground.

Form Janet's perspective, Daniel was hurting Brian...

Janet fell into a familiar embrace, but she felt pain all over her body, and didn't have the strength not even to open her eyes.

Daniel's bullets were all used up now, and a wounded criminal ran towards him with a weapon in his hand.

He lifted his right foot and kicked the villain to the ground.

Daniel held Janet and then quickly picked up the gun from the ground, immediately giving the criminal a fatal blow.

While she was slowly slipping in a coma, she heard Daniel's cold voice. "Janet, don't go to sleep. If you dare sleep, I'll marry you tomorrow!"

The more she didn't want to marry him, the more he wanted to trap her beside him.

After she had seen the dangers of life or death, Janet really wanted then to cherish Daniel.

However, she saw Daniel hitting Brian.

Why did Daniel do that?

She would never talk to Daniel for the rest of her life, or marry him. Janet tried her best not to let herself go to sleep.

"Great-grandma, grandpa, grandma... dad, mom, brothers... aunt, uncle... Sven, Bill... I miss you, Bill... I still want to see the pink rose flowers... If I... will l

ive, I will find you... and be... with..."

"Shut up!" After listening to her for a long time, Daniel didn't hear his name, so he was furious. In the end she aid that she wanted to be with Bill. He felt that his efforts had been in vain!

He had saved a heartless woman!

Janet sobbed softly and thought that although she was going to die, Daniel was still rude to her.

Her powerless sobs sounded like a newborn kitten, a poor, helpless little thing.

"Janet, don't cry." Her crying disturbed him.

Although there were only a few people on the other side left, they were very tenacious and skillful at avoiding the police tracking.

Hearing his voice, combined with searing pain all over her body, made Janet cry even harder.

Daniel carried her on his shoulder in silence, and was ready to retreat at anytime.

The situation had gradually improved, and the remaining villains were then surrounded.

The gunshots were getting less and less frequent, and the ambulance and fire truck sirens around were ringing loud.

Daniel kicked the man lying on the ground at his feet and then ran to his car with feeble Janet.

Everything all was peaceful again.

He drove the Rolls Royce over the mountain road back to town, and Sven, who he called halfway, had already arrived back in town.

After the two met, the first thing they did was to take Janet to the local hospital.

The bullets in Janet's body then were taken out.

But the medical equipment in that town was limited. If they wanted to get Janet safe they had to bring her to Chengyang Private Hospital as soon as possible.

In Chengyang Private Hospital

Janet slowly opened her eyes and was dazed by all the people standing by her bedside.

'Great-grandmother, grandpa, grandma, mom, dad...So I'm alive after all, ' she thought.

"Sven, am I alive?" She blandly called out to Sven, who was looking at the equipment near her.

Sven smiled at her, and said, "I got your back, OK?"

Janet rolled her eyes at his smugness.

Everyone's eyes were fixed on the equipment, but when they heard her speaking, they all shifted their looks on her.

"Jane, you're awake!" Melody held her walking stick, and then slowly walked to Janet and held her hand.

"Jane, thank God you woke up! You scared me to death!" Viola had her eyes filled with tears.

"Kid, are you thirsty, hungry?" Vincent also stared anxiously at his one and only granddaughter.

Janet nodded, and said, "I am fine. Maybe... thirsty."

She glanced at their worried faces and her heart filled with warmth.

She remembered that when she was in Xiaxi Village, she seemed to have seen Daniel. Where did he go?

Had she imagined all of it?

No, Daniel had attacked Brain with a weapon. It wasn't a hallucination.

Ella came over to her with a glass of water, picked up a cotton swab next to her, dipped it in a glass of water, and then pressed it on her dry lips.

Janet licked her wet lips, and said, "Mom... can I drink it?"

"No, you've just gone out of surgery. You have to wait a while longer before you can drink." Sven took off his mask and looked at Janet, who was for him the most beautiful woman ever.

"Sister." John slipped from Samuel's body, ran to Janet's bed, and then climbed on her.

Vincent quickly picked up his grandson. "John, your sister is not feeling too well, you can't climb on her."

But Janet smiled at John and tried lifting her left arm, but felt it hurt.

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