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   Chapter 76 What A Chinese Beauty

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"Yes sir!" All the soldiers saluted their leader together and then swiftly started on their tasks.

"Walter, what should we do?" The skinny best man, quietly asked him.

Walter looked at him with a sour face, and said, "Leave me alone. If I knew what to do I wouldn't be here. That bitch! This is all her fault!" Walter fiercely glanced at Shirley, who was holding her sister's hand in silence.

Janet really wanted to kick the son of a bitch scum Walter to death!

The police car wasn't that far away and, judging by the sound of the siren, was getting closer and closer to the village. But the police still didn't know the current situation in the village.

Time went by... When the enemy became more relaxed and less vigilant, several bodyguards glanced a couple of meaningful looks to each other. Each one fixed on an enemy, and then all of them jumped them all at once.

One of the enemies was shot several times. It looked like he was dying, but when he lifted himself up from the ground was shot again!

"Everyone get in the cars!" One of the bodyguards began to direct everyone to the cars, while the other two bodyguards were still trying to fight back the enemy.

All the people got in the cars. Janet walked around an enemy's body and prepared to sit in the driver's seat.

But then another one of the enemies got up from the ground and grabbed Janet and hold a dagger against her neck.

"All of you, stop!" The villain then appeared in front of the bodyguards holding Janet, and her bodyguards' faces turned to white instantly. They slowly placed their weapons on the ground.

But, the Ferrari and BMW wedding cars had slipped away in just a few seconds.

Only the Mercedes-Benz and some other BMW's remained; Shirley and her family were sitting in the car.

Not far away from the village, two off-road vehicles, without bearing license plates, came into near sight. After the gangsters saw them, they quickly took Janet to the other side of the road.

"Take them away first!" Janet shouted at the bodyguard, thinking that they should seize the moment.

Shirley ran out of the car and cried out loud, "Janet, Janet, I'll save you!"

She then ran to Janet with her wedding dress in her hand. When the gangster saw someone running towards them, he immediately took another dagger out of belt and threw it towards her.

He was very accurate and Shirley had no time to escape the dagger which directly plunged into her right leg.

"Ah!" Shirley fell to the ground, and the intense pain made her face instantly pale.

"Shirley!" Seeing that her best friend was injured, Janet's mind went blank. But then, as she didn't know from where her body strength came, she directly gave the gangster who had previously controlled her a perfect shoulder break!

In pain, the gangster tried to raise his dagger but Janet immediately kicked his wrist before he could even start and the dagger was kicked far away.

Then, grinding her teeth, she picked up the man on the floor by his robes and hit him hard in the face with her fist.

Her fist had been injured, and she wanted to stop and ease the pain, but the man didn't give her the opportunity.

These criminals were very aggressive and tough. He rolled over and climbed up from the ground, and tried again to attack Janet with his bare hands.

Two bodyguards rushed over to her, and one of them also blocked a punch for Janet just in the nick of time.

The two unlicensed off-road vehicles were already close to them. One of the bodyguards took Janet and ran towards the car.

However, after a sullen sigh, the bodyguard who took her running suddenly fell on the ground.

She saw danger behind her, and it was aiming at all the people

around her...

Just before the bodyguard fell, he managed to push her. She fell in front of the Mercedes, but the man who saved her was now under attack by the weapon.

Janet curled up. Looking at the bodyguard who gradually lost his breath and died, she freaked out.

The people were there to protect her. If she hadn't come to Xiaxi Village, or hadn't returned the second time, they would have been still alive...

She was weak. The off-road vehicles stopped, and a dozen other gangsters were now gradually approaching her.

For a moment, more than a dozen weapons were all aimed at the little woman shivering on the ground.

"Boss! It's a woman. She looks like she doesn't have any weapons on her."

"The woman looks good. Bring her to me!"

The two gradually approached her, and after they were sure that she didn't have any weapons on her, they immediately picked her up from the ground.

After a short bump, she was thrown in front of a man.

The man was tall and mighty, with white skin and wearing military-green trousers and black, dirt stained boots.

Her chin was lifted up by the man, and he looked at her with an ill will sparkling in his eyes.

"What a Chinese beauty!"

Then there were all kinds of laughter coming from all around, and some people started to groan from time to time.

Soon, the crowd started screaming, and several gangsters suddenly fell dead on the ground.

A group of soldiers in military uniform quickly surrounded all the gangsters.

Then, a large number of police officers also came deployed from the county.

Hundreds of people used their weapons to target the gangsters, and Janet fell on the ground...

The man who was calling the shots was triggered by this scene, and rudely picked up the woman up from the ground.

A gun was pressed against Janet's head, and she only heard him roaring, "You all step back, or I will kill her!"

Seeing what was going on, some people said to Brian, "Major Han, it's just a woman. We can't let these criminals escape just for her."

It was the quickest way to encircle the enemy together. At the same time, the number of casualties could be reduced to a minimum, and it wasn't a big deal to give the woman's family some comfort money afterwards.

After he received the phone call from his boss, and reported of the current situation, Brian heard what the man said.

He walked silently and saw who the woman held by the gangsters was!


Brian's face turned pale immediately. 'How could she be here?' he wondered, 'How could she be the one held by the gangsters?'

When Janet had lost all hope, she suddenly heard a man's powerful voice. "We can't hurt any innocents. We must save the hostage!"

Janet was surprised to see him, and they actually made eye contact. 'It's Brian!'

Brian tipped her with a wink, and Janet gradually calmed down.

"God damn it! I'll force my way out!" The boss who had captured Janet was prepared to use the weapon in his hand.

He pressed it to Janet's head, and he prepared to fire it.

"No, boss! We can use the woman to get out of here!" Another man in a black robe immediately stopped his boss's action.

The man, who was called the Boss, yelled at Brian, "If you all step back and let us go, the woman won't be harmed!"

In fact, Janet was eager to say "Don't worry about me! Kill them all!" But she missed her family after all, and...

Today she had encountered and felt both life and death, almost in an instant.

She remembered Shirley's despair because all of her family was still being held in the village.

And if the criminals were not subdued as soon as possible, there would be even more casualties.

She finally convinced herself.

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