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   Chapter 75 She Couldn't Stand Idle

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The bodyguard had to follow Janet's instructions, and let another drive her car, which took Shirley out of there.

The other three people immediately climbed inside a BMW and stepped on the throttle to keep up with the Mercedes.

The village was already a mess. The only road was full of villagers who ran and screamed.

It sounded like that people around were making troubles in the border.

Janet basically had no idea about the weapons, although she was afraid of them. But when she remembered the kind Mr. and Mrs. Zheng, and the tears falling off Shirley's cheeks, she couldn't just sit and watch.

When she arrived at the Zheng's house, she was lucky enough not to encounter any dangerous person in her way.

Janet jumped out of the car and knocked at the door.

"Uncle, auntie, it is me, Janet!"

Clay Zheng was injured on his shoulder and Fanny was sobbing in one of the rooms. She was stunned when she heard Janet's voice.

"Mom, it sounds like Janet." The little girl shaking in the corner widely opened her eyes.

Fanny then quickly ran to open the door. She first opened a gap and saw that it really was Janet and then she quickly pulled her inside the house.

"Janet, why are you back?"

Janet gasped for air, and said, "You have to come with me. I'll take you out of here."

Hearing Janet's words, Clay Zheng tried to stand up from the sofa. "Janet, hurry and take Shirley..."

"Don't worry uncle, there are two cars, everyone can get on the bus."

Bang! A loud noise came from the Zheng's red iron gate. Janet's bodyguards were hiding in the car at this time, and they didn't dare to act rashly.

If they had acted out this time, they would have only made things worse.

Sure enough, after another loud bang, there was silence.

Janet took the opportunity to let the Zheng family get in the Mercedes and the BMW. She was sitting in the front with a very alert co-pilot bodyguard.

He was always on the lookout for any dangers.

They drove to the village's gates, where she had initially just separated with Shirley, and just then, a man with a murderous look on his face jumped right in front of them.

He picked up the weapon in his hand and started attacking them!

The bodyguard next to her shouted, "Get down!" Janet stepped on the brake, squatting on the steering wheel, her heart beating more violently than ever.

The bodyguard then opened the door and the window, and only revealing a pair of eyes, shot him twice.

"Ah!" They heard a scream, and the man who was attacking them suddenly fell to the ground and died.

It was the first time she had encountered this kind of situation, and she was scared that her body was weak and couldn't keep up with the pressure.

The car then continued to move forward, and not long after she found that the BMW and the rest of the wedding team that had followed her were parked not that far away from the front.

She saw the car and two other people coming from that direction.

The two men wore black robes and their skin was dark and it looked like they were not Chinese.

"Stop!" They really weren't Chinese, and they spoke English.

Janet stopped her car and the cars that followed her also stopped.

"Get down and squat!" Janet saw that not that far away there were many people squatting.

Shirley was looking at her with tears running down her cheeks and her face became pale.

"Let's go! Let's go, now!" Janet worked hard to calm herself, and led the Zheng family squatting to Shirley.

Walter was still cursing on the other side, saying that this happened only because Shirley had brought him bad luck!

Janet, as he passed him, kicked Walter, and said, "You scum, marrying you was Shirley

's bad luck!"

Walter wasn't prepared for the kick, so he fell to the ground.

"Bitch! You're looking forward to die!" Walter waved his fist at Janet, but as he saw the two bodyguards in front of Janet, he was immediately frightened.

"Janet, are you OK?" Shirley asked. Shirley's veil was lost, and the once pure-white wedding dress had become dirty.

After comforting her parents, she tightly held on to Janet's hand.

"I'm fine, don't be nervous, we'll find a way to get out of here eventually."

The men in black robes came to them, and warned, "Shut up, or we'll kill you!"

Then they whistled. The women did not scream, but Walter did.

Seeing the cowardice look on Walter's face, Shirley really regretted her choice.

She could still hear the loud noises and cries far away in the village louder than firecrackers.

Knowing that she was not dreaming, her face turned completely pale.

In the meeting room of the SL Group on the 22nd floor

"... Next, the head of the sales department went to the malls where the last three performances were inspected. At the end of this year, the human resource department can recruit students coming from..." Halfway into Daniel's meeting, Spark ran in with his phone in his hand.

Spark behaved strange, which made Daniel frown.

"It's Mr. Jerry. It's something urgent!"

'Mr. Jerry?' Daniel picked up the phone and indeed it was Jerry, "Hi, it's me."

"Daniel, Jane's classmate called me just now and said that something had happened in Xiaxi Village. She was invited to her classmate's wedding there. I'm now in a lawsuit in New York, and the first flight is in the afternoon..."

"What happened in the Xiaxi Village?" asked Daniel. He closed the folder, got out of his chair and rushed outside of the room.

The other executives saw the scene and were stunned. 'What happened to the president?'

"Didn't you read the news? The internationally wanted criminals from the Green Cold Country have been hiding in the Xiaxi Village."

'Internationally wanted criminals?' Daniel frowned and then quickly entered the elevator. After returning to his 88th floor office and taking something from it, he then went to the parking lot.

"I know. I'm going right now."

When Daniel was just about to end the call, Jerry said, "Daniel..."


"The news broadcast said that Xiaxi Village is already... Daniel, please find her and take good care of her. I am on my way back now!" Jerry was distressed when he saw the village photos on his tablet. The whole village was filled with smoke. 'Jane, please be fine...'

"Well, I know. I'm heading there right now." Daniel opened the car's door, fastened his seat belt, opened the phone navigation, and turned it on, with it's final destination Xiaxi Village.

He drove the Rolls Royce quickly out of the parking lot. On his way, Daniel put on a Bluetooth headset and dialed several numbers.

Then he drove straight to the highway. When he was nearly 200 yards close to Xiaxi Village, he rushed even more.

In Xiaxi Village

Three military vehicles stopped a few hundred meters away from the village. Brian looked at the smoke coming from not far away, and had a bad feeling about it.


All soldiers gathered neatly in three rows.

Brian's expression was very serious as he began to assign orders. "Everyone obey. The gangsters in the Xiaxi Village have already begun to act their evils. We're now divided into three teams and each one of us will sneak into the village on a different route..." Brian quickly assigned the team and then appointed commanders to each of the teams.

"Everyone remember: safety first! We must keep the villagers safe, as well as ourselves!"

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