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   Chapter 74 Can You Afford It

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"OK! We've just received the information and a direct order from a superior that some international wanted criminals are now hiding at the Xiaxi Village of the Xiaxi Town and are trying to evade their capture. They pose a great threat to the safety of the villagers there! Now, the Sharp Eagle team and special forces from the second company are to be deployed. Attention!" spoke Wesley Si, the Commanding General of the troops.

"Yes!" The Sharp Eagle team and the special soldiers replied in unison and their voice was so loud that they could even be heard form far away in the distance!

"Now, Brian Han, the Major and the Sharp Eagle team leader, will lead you to the Xiaxi Village to carry out the mission at hand. Do not forget, above all, you should ensure the villagers' safety first. Of course, you should also ensure your own safety!" added Wesley Si.



After they saluted and said their goodbyes to Mr. Si together, Brian and his fellow soldiers packed up their equipment, carried the camouflage backpacks to the cars and then drove the several military vehicles towards their destination.

At about four o'clock the next morning

Fanny and Clay got up first and began to get busy. At about five o'clock, Shirley was woken up by her younger sister.

Shirley didn't wake Janet up and also asked the make-up artist to try and keep quiet.

When Janet woke up, Shirley had already changed into her wedding gown.

In a daze, Janet sat up from the bed startled and then realized that Shirley was actually getting married today.

"Please go and get washed first and then you can have the hot breakfast!" said Shirley. She smiled and looked at Janet who seemed to be in a trance.

It wasn't until when she heard Shirley's words that Janet really noticed her. When she looked at Shirley, she began to slowly awake more and more, and said, "Wow! Shirley, you're so beautiful today!"

Janet pulled the quilt aside, got out of bed and then walked up to Shirley. She then began to scan Shirley up and down while she was walking around her.

Shirley, with a ruddy face, helped Janet smooth her hair, and said, "Janet, you're even more beautiful than me, and one day you'll be the most beautiful bride!"

'Will I?' thought Janet. When she saw Shirley, dressed in the wedding gown, she began to imagine her own wedding.

'Who would be my bridegroom? Could he be...' she thought

At about eight o'clock, after the firecrackers were set off, someone suddenly ran into Shirley's bedroom, and said, "The bridegroom is here! The bridegroom has arrived!"

Shirley, who was sitting on the bed, held Janet's hand tightly, looking very nervous.

"Don't worry. You're so beautiful and attractive today that you'll leave him speechless!" comforted Janet. Being Shirley's bridesmaid, she wore a pink-white, long plaid coat with a long dress of the same color underneath.

She looked beautiful but in a more low-key style.

Walter, the bridegroom, had entered the courtyard, and a sudden rush of noise and excitement came roaring from outside.

After a series of customs which lasted more than ten minutes, Walter looked a little impatient as he finally could enter Shirley's bedroom.

He gave those who stood in front of the bedroom's door several big red envelopes and then successfully entered the room.

It was the first time that Janet was meeting Walter, who was about 24 years old. He looked a little fat and had small eyes on which he wore a pair of golden frame glasses.

He looked at Shirley for a while and then directly turned his eyes onto Janet.

His eyes seemed to glint when he was looking at her, which made Janet feel very uncomfortable.

Walter had left a bad impression on Janet!

When another man, one of the groomsmen, saw Janet, he immediately got close to her, and asked, "Wow! Where does the beautiful girl come from?"

"Shirley, is she your classmate? She's so pretty. Could you introduce her to me?" asked another groomsman.

Several groomsmen then gathered around Shirley and Janet and began to make rude jookes.

Janet just smiled, not uttering a single word.

Luckily, the wedding ceremony started and Janet could finally skip the embarrassment, but during the ceremony, many people had their eyes fixed on her.

She felt more uncomfortable and wanted to escape even more then.

There were a lot of betrothal presents placed in the courtyard, so Shirley's parents were very joyful when they saw them.

Walter held Shirley in his arms and then put her in the Ferrari conv

ertible, while they were surrounded by all the people. Janet opened the car door on the other side and sat on the backseat with Shirley.

After another burst of loud firecracker bangs, the Ferrari turned around and drove away.

It was followed by about ten BMW cars, a really pompous lineup for the countryside village.

They had already driven a few hundreds meters away, and a lot of children were still following the cars, running and laughing behind them.

When the Ferrari reached the village turning, a sudden, loud bang was heard coming from the near distance, which shook the whole car and made it tremble with the vibrations.

What had happened?

The Ferrari immediately stopped and the cars following did as well.

At this moment, Janet's Benz had quickly caught up from behind with the Ferrari.

"Miss Shao, there is something happening in the village and it's dangerous there. For your own safety, please get back in the car, " said a bodyguard. He had knocked on the Ferrari's window. When Janet rolled down the window and saw the serious look in his eyes, she realized that he wasn't kidding at all.

In that moment they heard a scream coming from the distance, "Help!"

Janet, who had just got out of the Ferrari, saw a heavy smoke rising from a corner of the village far behind her.

With panic in her eyes, Janet wondered, 'What happened?'

Walter also got out of the car, and when he saw the smoke, he cursed, "Damn it! Bad luck!"

He then got out of the Ferrari, and said to the driver, "Step on it, quick!"

Shirley immediately called Walter to stop. "Walter, don't drive away. I have to go back and check if my family members are safe!"

"Don't go back and check! Call them!" Walter was furious and shouted at her.

When she saw that he spoke to her in such a rude way, Shirley, with her eyes turning red, was just about to cry when she took out her phone.

Janet moved beside the assistant driver's seat of the Ferrari and knocked on the car window. When he saw her, Walter immediately looked more nicer and more friendlier, and asked, "What's up? Shirley's classmate."

"Are you a real man? Shirley is pregnant and her family members are also in the village. Why are you shouting at her? Can't you even show a bit of consideration for her!" scolded Janet angrily. When he heard her berating words, Walter was a little stunned.

Shirley, who sat on the backseat, had by now already choked with sobs, and said, "Janet, I'm fine, don't worry. The call almost connected!"

Before Janet got any chance to a reply, Shirley got through on the phone with her father, "Father, what happened in the village?"

After she heard what her father said over the phone, Shirley began to cry, and told her husband, "Walter, a group of strangers arrived at our village and they are committing murders right now!"

When he learned about the a terrible situation, Walter just said, "You're foolish and crazy! Do you want to go back and be killed? I won't go there. Go back by yourself if you want to!"

When Janet heard these words, she tightly held her fists with rage, clenched her teeth and then kicked the Ferrari's door, shouting, "God damn you! You don't deserve to be a man!"

Walter got out of his car right away and was furious when he saw Janet kicking the Ferrari. "Do you know how much I've paid to rent this Ferrari? Now that you've kicked it, if there's any scratch on it can you afford it?" he shouted.

Janet, who was looking at him, just sneered at his words. Then she turned around, and said to the bodyguard, "Stay here and wait for me. I'll go back to the village!"

"Miss Shao, you can't go back there. It's too dangerous!"

The bodyguard immediately stopped Janet and tried to persuade her from returning to the village.

But Janet had already got in the car, and said, "Don't worry! I've learned taekwondo and can protect myself. Please ask another bodyguard to take Shirley away from here first!"

When Janet started the car, Shirley had already opened the Ferrari's door and got off the car. She then ran in front of Janet's car, and said, "Janet, please don't go back. Let me go alone instead! They are my mother and father!"

Walter had already bitterly disappointed her in the first hour of their marriage.

"Shirley, just listen to me. You're pregnant and you can't go there, it's too dangerous, " said Janet. Uttering these words, she turned the car around and drove back towards the village.

Shirley watched the Benz driving away fast and then burst into tears.

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