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   Chapter 73 He's Got A Girlfriend

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Then Janet was dragged into the house by all of them, and all kinds of praises and compliments came flowing into her ears.

Which made Janet feel so shy that her face flushed a bright red.

Before nighttime came, all the villagers knew that a very lovely girl had arrived to the Zheng's family house. They all said that the girl was very beautiful and wealthy, and was even followed by a group of bodyguards.

And she had brought the Zheng's some boxes of expensive cigarettes!

And also several cartons of wine, which were valued for at least one thousand dollars per bottle! Even more, she brought all sorts of expensive presents to Shirley's family members.

Everyone was talking about these things and about Janet, which actually made a lot of people come to Shirley's wedding ceremony the next morning just to meet her.

Then, when dinner began, Janet, as well as four other bodyguards, sat at the Zheng family's big dinner table.

Shirley's sister and her sister-in-law were carrying the bowls from the kitchen.

"Mrs. Zheng, please ask Shirley's sister and sister-in-law to sit here with us. I'm Shirley's best friend, not a stranger. There's no need for so many hospitality rules, " said Janet.

Shirley's grandfather was looking at Janet with an appreciative look in his eyes and he thought that she really was a good girl indeed.

But the rules and customs of the countryside were still very strict and conservative, so Clay Zheng, the head of the family, still didn't agree to let the two women sit together at the big dinner table.

Janet had to stop her speech and instead focus on the food.

The table was filled with a variety of specialty dishes, which were finished by Shirley's aunt who had just left. All the food was made by all natural and healthy ingredients coming from the village countryside.

The chicken was naturally fed and raised only with grains and corns. Also, there was pork and hare meat, and others. All animals had been raised by the villagers.

'This is so delicious!' Janet thought that maybe one day she could also open a hotel and employ Shirley's aunts as the main chef. That could be a very good business!

At night, when they went to bed, Shirley took Janet to her simple bedroom and said, "Janet, please don't mind the room how it looks. The conditions in the countryside are kind of poor, but this bed sheet is brand new, bought by my mother, and also the pillows."

Janet was deeply moved by this, and as she held Shirley's hands, she said, "Shirley, please sit down now. You are pregnant, you need to take good care of your baby."

In fact, Janet was quite curious about Shirley's pregnancy, yet she also felt frightened.

Because... She already had intercourse with a man, she was a woman now, and she was afraid that maybe one day if she ever...

When she thought of it, she felt kind of awful.

"I'm OK, Janet. What are you thinking about?" Shirley asked. She curiously looked at Janet who suddenly seemed to be paralyzed.

"Oh, nothing. Well, where's your dear fiance? Is he also living in this village?" asked Janet.

Shirley then talked with her about her fiance. Her fiance was the mayor's son here in Shenqing City, and they had become acquainted with each other through him.

But Janet wondered why would mayor's son ever love a girl coming from a village. And introduced to her by his own father!

Janet didn't mean to look down upon Shirley, but the gap between their social status was, after all, huge. Maybe it was because that Shirley had the experience of studying abroad.

But Janet didn't speak out her thoughts and just felt a little awkward.

As their conversation continued, Janet got to know more about their affairs. Three days later after their first date, the mayor's son invited Shirley to come in the city and they slept together on that very night.

Shirley didn't want to at first, but when the mayor's son got angry, she eventually had to.

Later on, she became pregnant and all the villagers got the fresh news. They didn't condemn Shirley or anything because she was getting married to the mayor's son.

Then, Shirley asked Janet how it was going with Bill.

"Bill and I are getting along just as usual. Bill has joined the military troops, and I have only met him once since we finished college, at Mr. Han's birthday party. We haven't kept in touch with each other ever since. He's become more serious now, though a bit of

childish still boils in him. It'll still take him some more time to become fully mature." Janet and Shirley slept together with the quilt over them. Janet held Shirley's arm with her left, and with her right touched Shirley's belly.

Shirley then slightly tapped Janet's forehead with her index finger, and said, "You are a foolish girl. Bill was born in a military family, and now he's joined the troops. He'll surely become a high grade military officer in the future. Why don't you hook up with him to be his girlfriend?"

Janet curled her lips, and after a second thought, she finally decided to tell Shirley of her relationship with Daniel, "I fell in love with someone else! I only consider Bill as my brother; I've told you many times about that!"

The night in the countryside was tranquil. When Shirley heard Janet's words, she curiously stared at her, and said, "Oh! The Shao's little princess has finally fallen in love with someone! If even Bill, who came from such an excellent family, couldn't become your lover, then the one you fell in love with must be really outstanding and have an even stronger background! Let me guess!"

Janet's face flushed red, and then she shook Shirley's shoulder, "Give up your efforts in guessing who he is. You don't know him, you can't guess from the first try."

Thinking of Daniel, Janet really felt helpless, because she didn't know whether she should hate him or love him.

"What's his occupation?" asked Shirley. "A super star? A CEO? Or is he... also a military officer?"

'Hey, Wait! Shirley really got one right!' Janet thought.

She covered her shy red face with her hands, and said, "Um, the second one."

"Wow! A CEO! Do you know what's behind the word CEO? The word CEO makes me think of great amounts of cash! Well, Janet, does he also love you?" Janet was from the upper-class circles of society, and Shirley admired her life.

'Does he also love me?' Janet hesitated for a while, but then thought of Daniel's words, and she said, "Maybe, yes." But then, remembering Kate Song, she corrected herself, and said, "Or maybe not. He's sort of a bad man."

"What? A bad man? Why didn't you say so?" Shirley was still trying to guess which CEO did Janet really fall in love with.

She was shocked to hear that the man was actually bad. Janet was such a silly girl, why did she fall in love with a bad man in the first place?

"He's got a girlfriend, but he still..."

"Meets with me, " said Janet hesitating, as some words were hard to speak them out.

"What? If he's doing that, then he really is bad. Janet, don't cheat on yourself with this sort of man. Stay calm, otherwise you will regret it in the future, " said Shirley, while trying to persuade her. Shirley herself actually regretted that she had given herself to the mayor's son that night.

After Shirley tried persuading her, Janet nodded, and said, "Yes, I will break up all connections with him!"

At the very same time, in the urban city far which was now far away from Janet, Daniel was joyfully smoking cigarettes outside Janet's mansion. He didn't know that, in the end, all of his efforts would have been in vain.

At three o'clock in the morning

Brian suddenly got an urgent call from the military when everyone was still sound asleep.

He quickly put on his clothes, boots and hurried to the military unit.

In the unit, some of the special force troops were already standing in queue, wearing their equipment and waiting as the officer was steadily calling the roll.

"What's going on?" Brian asked one of comrades sitting next to him.

"A group of terrorists have attacked a village. Aren't you the commander of Sharp Eagle team? I guess you are on the mission!" his comrade said.

Brian frowned at the comrade's words; his Sharp Eagle team hadn't been on any mission for over two years. This mission wasn't a simple task, and they had been urgently assembled together for it.

Then, all the eight members of the Sharp Eagle team were gathered. After the special forces' roll-call, it was then Sharp Eagle team's turn for it.

Brian was the commander of the Sharp Eagle special task force team, so he called the roll himself, "Frey Jiang."


"York Chen!"



After the roll-call, Brian strode over to general Si, and reported to him in a loud and clear voice, "General, Sharp Eagle team is now assembled, and including me, all nine members are present!"

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