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   Chapter 72 How are You and Your Baby Doing

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'OK, Spark is right. I have the support of sworn father and sworn mother, Daniel wouldn't dare to cheat me!' Janet thought.

She then took out a pen and signed her name on it.

There was a flicker of satisfaction flashing in Spark's eyes because he could now finally ask for his vacation when he returned to the company.

But when Spark was about to say something more, Janet's phone rang. "Hello, Shirley!" she answered.

"What? You're getting married? When's the wedding?"

"The day after tomorrow? Mhm. At your house?"

"Of course I'll come! Give me the address."

"Wait, what was that? Xiaxi Village, of Xiaxi Town? Better send me the full address on Wechat, my navigation will take me there."

"Um, well, take care of your baby, I love you! See you then!"

Janet then put her phone back in her pocket and noticed that Spark was still there. "Anything else?" she asked.

"Yes, there is one more contract from Mr. Si that needs to be signed. It's the contract for the one thousand mousse cups that he discussed with you last time. Please sign here, and here, " Spark said.

Spark then put two A4 sized pieces in front of her.

'Why is signing contracts so troublesome?' thought Janet.

She still had to work on the desserts and had no time left to spare for Spark, so she quickly signed her name on the sheets of paper.

Putting her copy of the contracts into her bag, she then continued to work on the desserts.

At the CEO Office of the SL Group

Looking at the two signed copies of the contracts, Daniel grinned a big smile, and said, "Job well done!"

Spark felt proud of himself, but actually he successfully fulfilled the task only because of Janet's simple and innocent mind.

"Thank you, Mr. Si. About my vacation..." Spark said.

"I'll permit it, and I'll personally pay for all of your travel expenses, " Daniel said. Looking at Janet Shao's scribbled signature, Daniel started to imagine that she was now engulfed by him, under the protection of law.

"Oh! Thank you, Mr, Si!" When Spark was just about to leave the office, he remembered of Janet's phone call, and wondered whether if he should tell him or not.

In the end, he decided that he'd better tell him, because his CEO was really, after all, in love with Janet.

"Mr. Si, Miss Shao will go to the Xiaxi Village of Xiaxi Town of Shenqing C

are of her father's worries and of course she couldn't complain, and so she nodded to her, and said, "But, aren't they troublesome for you? At the dinner, or when we go to sleep. I forgot to to tell you all about them."

"It doesn't matter. My uncle and aunt's house is just next to ours, and they're never at home; my grandfather has the keys. If your bodyguards don't mind, yo can just let them sleep there, " said Shirley. Shirley actually admired Janet very much, and although Janet didn't have the best of grades in school, she still was spoiled by so many people.

But unlike Janet, if Shirley had done bad in her studies, her family would have been quite unhappy with her.

Her family had sacrificed everything to send her to study abroad.

"That's OK, there's a place for them to rest, " Janet said. The countryside road was so difficult to walk on that she nearly sprained her ankle.

Luckily, Shirley held her in time, "Janet, are you OK?"

"I'm OK, it doesn't hurt!" said Janet smiling. She had been kickboxing from her childhood, so she wasn't that feeble.

Fanny Mu was very fond of this kind girl, even though she was born in a wealthy family. On arriving at their house, she shouted, "Clay! Come out now, your daughter's friend has arrived!"

Janet's hands were still held by Fanny, and she instructed the bodyguards to take out the things out of her car trunk.

Then, some people came out of the house, and besides Shirley's father, Clay Zheng, there were also some of her aunts. On hearing her name, they all came out to meet Janet.

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