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   Chapter 71 Damn! This Man is Luring Me Again

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Daniel was about to follow her inside, but Janet stopped him, and said, "You are not permitted to come in."

"I have the permit granted from your father and mother, " he said. The man then held her in his arms and eventually entered the mansion together.

"What do you mean?" Janet said.

'How could my father and mother have allowed him free entry into our house? And I'm also alone at home most of the time. Aren't my parents concerned about what this beast of a man could do to me?' Janet thought.

Daniel held on to her cheek and then lowered his head to kiss her lips, but the woman turned her head sideways and his kiss fell on her other cheek.

"We haven't seen each other for a couple of days. Have you missed me?" The man's eyes kept staring at the woman, making her flush red and her heart beat faster and faster by his intense gaze.

'Damn, this man is luring me again!' Janet thought.

"No! It's been going so well with my boyfriend lately!" Janet uttered the words to remind Daniel of his girlfriend and to mind his manners.

A cold aura began to emanate from Daniel, "If you dare to mention about your boyfriend in front of me, I won't mind telling him of our last encounter together..." His lips were instantly covered by a small hand.

"Daniel, you shameless wicked man!" She turned red as she uttered these words out of her mouth.

Daniel grinned a sly smile, but in the same time so warm and attractive that Janet felt her brain nearly blow up.

But the words coming out from his mouth were contradicting to his smile, "I can do something even more mischievous to you. Do you want to find out?"

Janet then violently dragged him by his sleeve and dragged him towards the door, "You! Get out! Now!"

"OK!" This time the man simply agreed with her.

Janet was confused and gave him a brief, pondering glance, 'Why is he acting so unusual this time? This must be a trap!' Janet thought. And she was right! "If you'll kiss me, I'll leave you right now!" the man demanded.


Janet really wanted to kill him. She couldn't understand how this man could be so shameless.


"One more word, one more kiss. And if you won't kiss me, I won't leave!" Daniel said. He then started to climb up the stairs.

Janet became anxious when she saw this and hastily ran up in front of him and, standing on her tiptoes, she gave him a kiss.

When she was just about to step back, the man then put his big palm around her head and pushed the woman into his arms, deepening the kiss.

A moment later, the man stopped kissing her, and then carried her to the second floor, "You, tempting woman, you've bewitched me..."

Janet's mind had already gone blank, her face had flushed a bright red, her eyes were hazy, that she didn't hear a word of what Daniel had said to her.

It wasn't only until the man kicked open her bedroom's door that Janet finally returned to her senses. She immediately jumped out of his arms, and said, "Daniel, your words don't count!"

"Of course they count." The man held on to her slim waist, and breathed and whispered beside her ear, "Give yourself up to me again, and I'll go."

Janet was speechless, and helpless, by Daniel's shenanigans.

'Fine, then. As long as I can get him away from me, I'll do it and then I'll go to sleep early, ' Janet thought. "Just for one time only!" she said.

Janet thought that there was no difference between only one time and one hundred times, since they had made love only once.

Without uttering one more word, Daniel then pressed her under him on her wide pink bed.

A charming and seductive aura filled the bedroom's air as the night steadily grew.

At about two o'clock in the morning, the man came out of the bathroom, and wrapped in a bathrobe, sat next to Janet.

"Get out!" With her eyes closed, the woman kicked the man's leg hard with her left foot.

"What? You're just gonna throw me out now?" He held her slim naked white leg.

And then he started fumbling on her leg and Janet quickly withdrew it and hid it into the quilt.

She was now really sleepy, "You are just like a balloon to me, and just like any other balloon, you have to be thrown away once you've popped and are useless!"

The man's eyes b

ecame bigger, and thought, 'Well done, Jane! You could always irritate me with no efforts.'

As he put on his clothes, he threw a glimpse at the woman who was huddling on the bed, and said, "Always remember! You've got a lot of balloons."

'What? What does he mean with this?' Janet wondered. But before she could figure out his words, she fell sound asleep.

The man, feeling refreshed, then left the Shao's mansion.

The next morning Samuel was informed of what happened by the mansion's security guard, and instinctively he could feel that the relationship between Daniel and Jane was... more than unusual.

He then immediately called Daniel, "Father*, " answered Daniel with a cool relaxed voice, actually sounding pleased.

(*TN: Here father means sworn father.)

"Last night... why did you come back to your mansion so late at night?" Samuel asked.

Daniel had forgotten all about the security guards at the Shao's mansion.

"I've told mother that I have a project with Jane. And as you best know, Jane is even busier than me during the daytime, so that's why I can only go and talk to her at night, " said Daniel. 'Indeed, we were talking about the project last night. It valued at one billion dollars! If she's willing to, I can contribute a whole lot to her baking business.' he thought.

Daniel's excuse sounded very reasonable, and Samuel would never expect that a young student like Daniel could ever surpass an experienced teacher. Samuel, who was an old driver* in Ella's eyes, had been imperceptibly defeated by Daniel, the younger driver.

(*TN: Old driver in Chinese is a slang to describe those men who are experienced in making tricky jokes about love, sex.)

"Um, Daniel, you are a good man. Don't let me down."

Daniel certainly understood what Samuel's words meant.

He placed back his evil smile on his lips, and said, "Father*, I hope you can support me, Jane is... kind of hard to deal with."

(*TN: here father means sworn father.)

Daniel felt vexed and took out a cigarette out of the box and lit it.

This girl was always wicked and tricky, and he had to tame her first before he could break into a sudden rage.

If one day he would be so irritated by her constant refusals, then...

Samuel made a slight smile over the phone, and asked, "Do you enjoy the pleasure of conquering her? Or that of really loving her?"

Daniel drew smoke out of the cigarette and answered him without hesitation, "Loving her."

Samuel nodded with satisfaction, "If so, then have no worries, I'll support you!"

Daniel felt a little more relaxed as he had got the consent from Samuel, and decided to just let Jane act wild for a little more time before he would get to her sooner or later.

On the afternoon of the following day

Spark met Janet and presented her with a contract.

Janet was reading the contract's content and felt quite suspicious about it.

The content was simple, and only wrote that there was a one-billion partnership project. Except for the labor force costs, all the profits would go to Janet.

And the contract would come into effects from the moment it was signed. There wasn't even the shop's address written on it.

Looking at Janet's suspicious eyes, Spark tried hard not to laugh and repeated Daniel's words to her, "You don't need to worry that our CEO is cheating on you. You are different from our other business partners; he's just simplified the content and made it easier for you to understand it. Anyway, almost all of the profits belong to you, Miss Shao."

"Simplified?" asked Janet.

"Yes, he is worrying that you may not understand it if the contract is too formal or complicated. Miss Shao, you know, Mr. Si, the chairman, and Mrs. Si, they are backing you up to. Think about it, how would our CEO ever dare to cheat you?" Spark added. 'Mr. Si, my CEO! I am so responsible and loyal to you! I've even helped you to cheat this little girl fall into it!' Spark thought.

His words were reasonable, but she still felt that the contract was quite strange, but she couldn't tell what was strange about it. Because all of her cake shop's papers were only some simple certificates, she actually had no experience in signing a contract, or reading it.

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