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   Chapter 70 Come Back to Me

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But it was too late now.

"Daniel Si, if you don't let me go right now, I'll accuse you of raping me!" shouted Janet. Uttering these words, Janet then saw Daniel laughing, and soon began to regret them.

"Janet, I've told already that you can sue me anytime you want!" replied Daniel.

"Don't be so arrogant! Do you think you can act like this just because you're rich?!" retorted Janet. It was late autumn outside, and Janet, who was still in his arms, started feeling very warm and cozy, and almost nearly fell in a trance.

Daniel lowered his head, letting it lean close to hers, and said, "No. Jane, I'll give you some time to try and eventually accept me, " he said.

His voice was deep and sexy, which just made Janet feel a little anguished.

What had happened that night kept coming into her mind again and again.

She then pushed him away, and said, "Daniel Si, I already have a boyfriend and you also have a girlfriend, so we shouldn't bother each other any longer."

'Did Daniel forget that he had a girlfriend? How could he cheat on her and make me his mistress!' she thought.

"Janet, if you are still willing to be with me, I'll break up with her right now, " said Daniel. He had actually pretended to be in a relationship with Kate to protect Jane.

Janet, when she heard these words, wasn't pleased at all. Instead, she gripped his wrist and bit it. "Bastard!" she cried out.

After this, she hastily turned around and ran away.

After she took a few steps forward, Janet suddenly remembered of his first threat, so she turned a few back. She then picked up a dozen or so shopping bags and swiftly left.

While he was watching her fade in the distance, Daniel touched the warm teeth imprints on his hand and smiled.

'Jane, I just hope you'll listen and come back to me...' he thought.

After Hebe (Janet's salesclerk) had just sent the ready-made dessert to Daniel's 88th floor office, Janet got a call from Spark, "Miss Shao, Mr. Si was very unsatisfied with the dessert on this occasion and wants you to go to his office and have a talk with him in person."

"If he's unsatisfied with it he can throw it away. I'm really busy at the moment and have no time for his services!" said Janet.

After she finished saying this, she hung up the phone.

Spark, while looking at his phone, felt very confused. 'What has happened to them recently? This time Mr. Si, who was usually the one with the strong desire for control, seemed to be... passive!' thought Spark.

Later in the afternoon, Hebe suddenly ran into the desert room, and said, "Janet, Janet, quick, there are some express packages waiting for you outside!"

Janet gave Hebe a brief glance, and asked, "Whose express packages did you say it were?"

"Yours, yours, " replied Hebe. She

Within only three days, Janet had already sent away all the dolls Daniel had sent her, and had also gained a huge amount of money in the process.

When Spark told Daniel what happened, Daniel didn't utter one single word and just asked Spark to leave his office.

Janet was so busy everyday that she rarely had time to even have lunch. More than that, she had also hired a lot of daily workers because there were so many things to deal with.

She left the shop every evening at almost midnight.

But on one particular evening, while being very exhausted, Janet returned to the villa and massaged her aching waist.

When she almost arrived in front of the door, she was considering of going to the spa and hiring a pretty masseuse for a nice, tonic massage... She then suddenly screamed, "Ah!"

Janet was suddenly startled by a figure which had appeared all of a sudden out of nowhere. She was so scared that she even completely forgot all about her exhaustion.

"Daniel Si, it's late at night! Why don't you go to bed like normal people and instead hide here to frighten me to death? You're crazy!" shouted Janet.

"I can't sleep without you, " replied Daniel. He leaned against her villa's door, the cigarette's ash he smoked flickering in the dark as he puffed out of it.

What Daniel was saying to her was true; his last experience with Janet had been memorable, and when night came and it was time to got to bed, the only thing that he could think about was her - Janet.

But Janet just sneered at his words, and said, "Mr. Si, if you can't fall asleep alone, you can call your girlfriend. And what are you doing at my house? Do you want to become an aspiring doorkeeper?"

She then gave him an angry look, pushed him aside and opened the villa's door.

She was really tired, and she wasn't in the mood to talk with him any longer.

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