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   Chapter 69 First One to be Cracked in an Anti-pornography Campaign

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"Sally..." said Janet sobbing, "I hate him."

He was overbearing!

He was vicious!

He possessed and now fueled everything in her!

"Jane, please don't cry anymore. I'll call my mom right away. Let my parents deal with Daniel!" She had planned to tell her parents last evening but had forgotten all about it!

Janet prevented Sally by snatching her cellphone, and said, "Sally, let it be bygones. Don't involve us anymore."

She had decided to go easy on the whole thing in the morning, that she wouldn't care about it.

'Let Daniel have his prize; I've liked him before. It's OK, it doesn't really matter! I was born an optimistic girl! But, why, do I still want to cry? Oh...' Janet thought.

"Sally, it's OK. Don't try to comfort me, really I'm fine. And don't let them know. I... I really feel ashamed!" Janet tried to mask her shyness.

But in reality she wouldn't dare let her parents know about what happened.

Janet was really an optimistic girl, and a little while later, she began talking more with Sally.

Looking at her shy reactions, Sally carefully asked her, "My brother... Did he do... that to you?"

Although she knew almost everything about it, she still wanted it confirmed by Jane herself.

Janet was dumbstruck and then, smiling, said, "Yes, but it's OK. To best put it into words, just imagine that an animal rode me the other night."


Sally was an eloquent girl, but when she heard Jane's response, she even couldn't even utter another single word.

After she left Jane that night, Sally went back home, reviled Daniel and gave him an account of Janet's own words.

Daniel, who was really sorry and heartbroken for what he had done, then felt really thoughtful.

Janet went to work three days later after resting at home. Once she got back in her shop, she immediately began to start work again on the SL Group's mango mousse cups.

But, however, when she looked at the baskets filled with mango in front of her, she said, "I'll rather do something else. You guys do the mango mousse cups."

Janet had received a dessert order for a banquet, and so she put on her mask and gloves and began to work on it.

When the clock was 11 p.m., Janet finished her work and then decided to go back home. She found Spark waiting for her in front of the door.

"Miss Shao!" Seeing Janet come out of the shop, Spark went towards her.

Seeing Spark was like seeing Daniel. Janet squinted his eyes at him indifferently, and said, "Hello, Mr. Shi."

Spark also noted her indifference towards him.

He felt a little curious; what had happened to Janet? She didn't treat him so indifferently before, in the company.

He took dozens of handbags from the Rolls Royce trunk and then put them into Janet's Benz.

"What's with all that?" Janet, who was just about to get in the car, stopped for a moment. She curiously looked at the handbags.

"All of the clothes are in your size. If you have any questions, please contact Boss Si!" After he said this, he drove the car away and disappeared out of her sight almost in an instant, leaving no chances for Janet to say no as an answer.

Janet opened one of the pink handbags and had a look at the clothes inside it. She remembered that these were the clothes she had tried on when she was shopping with Sally. She saw in the bag the last dress she tried on before leaving.

But at that time she had planed to change her clothing style and had given up on the pink one.

'But why did he buy them? To cater for me, or what?' No, that wasn't it, and she thought she was overthinking things. 'Is Da

niel that kind of man?'

Janet closed the trunk of her Benz and then drove to villa No. 9.

At the villa's gates, Daniel heard the screeching sound of brakes coming from behind him when he had just stepped out of his car. He turned around.

Janet gout out of the car and took all the clothes out of the car's trunk.

He then started throwing them in front of Daniel. "Do you plan to cater for me with these clothes?" she asked. "I don't need any of them! I hate you even more now!"

After that, she returned to her Benz and then drove straight home, leaving the man speechless.

When she was about to enter her house, she was texted on Wechat. She read the message in the phone, "Accept the clothes or else I'll tell my sworn parents all about what happened that night, and then you'll have no other choice left other than to marry me."

Janet gnashed her teeth; she had never known that Daniel could be so mean!

She wanted to reply to him with 'I don't care'.

But Daniel was a man of his word, and she couldn't take the chance.

'But what if my parents find out that we have already... They'll eventually force me to marry him.'

Not long ago, she did wanted to marry him, but now she had changed her mind!

Therefore, to regain her freedom, Janet furiously returned to villa No. 9.

While he was sitting in the mansion's door, the man seemed to know that she would be soon coming back. He leaned on it and calmly smoked his cigarettes.

He put all of the clothes which were lying on the ground back into their handbags.

When she arrived, Janet had planned to take back the bags and leave without uttering a single word.

"Janet!" He called out to her in a low voice.

But Janet went on her way.

Daniel, carrying his cigarette with him, tried to stop her from leaving.

But Janet paid little attention to him and still went on her way.

"Janet, you smell good today!"

The man's absurd words made her feel even more restless.

She then suddenly threw the bags on the ground, ran towards him, and planned to hit him hard with her right fist.

She hit Daniel for two times in a row, but now Daniel would look like a fool if she succeed a third.

He held her by her right arm and then dragged her near his chest.

Janet tried to escape from his grasp, "Damn you, Daniel, let me go!" she pleaded.

"Janet, I'm sorry!" He threw away the cigarette he was holding in his left hand and carefully apologized to her.

His apology moved Janet. "If apologies actually work, why are there still policemen in the world?" she asked.

"They need to crack down on the pornography." What he said was off-topic in its entirety.

Janet then almost went crazy, and said, "You'll be the first one to be cracked in an anti-pornography campaign."

"Jane..." His left hand touched and caressed her smooth face and then he held her tightly in his arms.

The cigarette smoke reeked on his body. "That's enough, Daniel! Let me go! From now on we'll be strangers to one another. You take care of your own concerns, and I'll handle my own"

"Janet, it was also my first time. You're responsible for me!"

'Is he kidding? Does he want to own me now? Does he even mind being so wicked?'


Janet didn't know how to reply to him, and said, "Daniel, no matter how many ladies have slept with you or not, I still don't care."

But it was her first time, and she did care about that...

"I don't want those girls, I just want you, only you!" He flicked off the cigarette butt, lowered his head, and looked at her emotionally with sparks shining in his eyes.

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