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   Chapter 68 Take Your Ring Back and Get Out of My House

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Sally sat at her bed side, with her chin resting in her hands, and was looking at Janet, who was still unconscious on the bed.

Then, thinking of her brother's unusual look, she guessed that Daniel must be the one to blame for Janet's present condition. Sally felt that now it was even more necessary to call her mother.

When she had just taken out her phone and was just about to call her mother, Jerry came back in and handed her a box of medicine, and said, "Rub it on Janet's neck."

"OK." Sally put down her phone for the moment and then opened the box.

Jerry then stood in front of the window, and, looking outside, asked, "Do you think that this has probably something to do with Daniel?"

Sally nodded, "My brother was stone-cold drunk and was chain-smoking. And Jane is in such a rough condition that something must have happened between the two of them!"

'Oh, that's right!' suddenly realized Sally. 'My brother sneaked into Jane's car last night!'

Jerry then turned around and walked towards the door, "Where are you going?" asked Sally.

He threw a glance at her, and said, "Get even with your brother!" 'He should have thought better than to hurt my younger sister! Even he's Daniel Si, I still won't let him off so easily!' Jerry thought.

Sally immediately put down the box and stopped Jerry, "Why do we have to intervene in their own affairs? We may just make things more complicated and troublesome than they already are. And, we even haven't got our own problem sorted out clearly. Just let them be, they'll sort it out eventually."

It was difficult for an outsider to judge things when it came to love.

"What problem don't we have sorted out yet? We're doing just fine." Jerry provoked her intentionally.

Last time they argued, Sally had actively demanded for a wedding ceremony because she felt that it was shameful not to hold one after their marriage certificate was released.

And Jerry had prepared a wedding ceremony for her, but it couldn't be held because she had ran away.

Sally pinched his arm, and while she resentfully closed her eyelids, she said, "OK, it's up to you now! Never mention it again!" She had already given herself up to him, but Jerry still couldn't coax her; she now thought of him as being a bad man.

But then Jerry dragged Sally into his arms, and while he was kissing her long hair, he said, "December 6th, of the lunar calendar - that'll be the date of our wedding ceremony."

Sally was dazed, and she looked up from his arms, she saw that he was wearing a big smile on his face. "Really?" she asked in bewilderment.

Jerry nodded. Sally then pinched his arm again and pouted her lips, "You sneaky man!"

After she hugged Jerry again, Sally went back to help Janet with the medicine.

Jerry was wondering if he should tell what happened to Janet to his father and mother. But he then decided that it was best to wait until Janet wakes up and talk with her about it.

At about midnight

Jerry was reading one of his work files and was rubbing his aching forehead when he heard some heavy footsteps coming from outside the room.

The room's door was then opened, and a man dressed in a white sweater and a black wind-coat entered it.

It was Daniel. In an instant, Jerry stood up from the sofa and strode over the room to beat him. But, remembering Sally's words, he stopped, and tightly gripped his fists in fury.

Daniel nodded to him, and then walked to the bed side.

The girl's fever had already passed, and now she was sound asleep.

The wounds on her neck saddened Daniel and filled him with anguish.

'I... may have treated her too rough, ' thought Daniel.

"It's you!" Jerry tried questioning him but, in reality, he was more affirming, instead of questioning.

Daniel nodded with honesty.

"I'll make the engagement with her and then marry her, if she is willing, " he said. 'But I'm afraid she... may not want to anymore, ' Daniel thought.

Jerry felt a little more relieved of his anger when he heard Daniel's words.

"We'll talk about it later when Jane wakes up!" Jerry stood at the other side of the bed and looked at his younger sister, whose face seemed to become healthier by the moment now. But, he was still worrie

d for her.

Daniel kept staring at the girl, "Jerry, don't worry. I'll do everything I need to do."

Jerry sighed, "Jane... She's too innocent. Daniel, please don't let me down, and please don't do anything wrong to my sister."

Daniel nodded, left the room, and then left the hospital.

After a long and good rest, Janet's hunger finally woke her up on the next morning.

She opened her eyes, and looking at the ceiling above her, she kept lying on the bed with her mind blank for almost half an hour.

Then she got up and sat on the bed. Jerry was then having a video call, but he immediately ended it when he saw that his sister had woken up from her long sleep.

"Jane, how are you feeling?" he asked.

Janet grinned a smile, "I'm alright, nothing serious. Brother, I'm very hungry."

Janet's reaction puzzled Jerry, 'Why is she acting as nothing even happened?'

But Jerry didn't ask anything more, and said, "Well, then stay and wait here, I'll ask the nurse to send you some breakfast."

After she had breakfast, and Janet was just about to leave the hospital, Sally arrived.

The two girls whispered to each other, "Jane, please, tell me what happened to you last night. Tell me, now!"

"No, don't worry about it, it was nothing serious. I may have been soaking for too long in the bathtub, " said Janet. Last evening in the bathtub she had awaken in cold water. After that, she had her nightgown put on and in a daze had fallen instantly asleep.

Janet acted as usual, just like nothing ever happened. Sally looked at her and couldn't ask any more questions.

"Well, are you still feeling dizzy now?"

"No, actually I'm feeling quite good!" Janet smiled to her and then held her hand to walk out of the room together.

Jerry then drove her back to the mansion. When they arrived, they saw a man dressed in a western suit, standing outside mansion's door, and smoking.

Janet's face turned pale, and suddenly it felt harder for her to breathe.

Jerry took a glance at his sister, who was lowering her head and turning pale, and then, as he opened the door, said, "Come in and let's have a talk."

Daniel snuffed out the cigarette and followed them inside the house.

In the living room

Daniel stopped Janet, who wanted to go upstairs, "Wait a moment!"

She shook off his hand and then turned around and stared at him with a cold face. The look in her eyes seemed to be saying that she was looking at a complete stranger.

Daniel took something out of his pocket and then, in front of the others, he knelt and offered the brocade box to Janet, "Janet, please marry me!" he said.

Inside the box was a pink huge diamond ring, and Sally realized that it was the latest GL style.

Janet gripped her fists furiously, and she would have been really happy to accept his proposal, if nothing had happened last night.

But, now...

Janet took the box, closed it hard, and threw it towards the door, "Daniel Si, take your ring back and get out of my house!"

Then she ran up the stairs without turning her head around.


Jerry and Sally were really confused by what was happening.

Daniel's proposal was refused and, even worse, she didn't want to see him ever again.

When Sally returned her sense, she hastily followed Janet up to her bedroom.

And, as Daniel was leaving the mansion with a dark look painted all over his face, he heard a shout, "Daniel!" Jerry picked up the box.

And stopped Daniel.

" I think that maybe Jane really does love you after all. I have no idea of what is going on between you two, but I have the feeling that the girl will be OK with you after a few good talks."

'Could she?' Daniel smiled, now with bitterness and sarcasm.

'If she really loved me, why did she call out another man's name under me?' pondered Daniel.

Then, keeping his silence, he took back the box and then left the Shao's mansion.

On the second floor

Sally was now staring at Janet, whose eyes had become red and filled with tears. She hugged her, and said, "Jane, please don't torture yourself for nothing. If you have a problem, tell me about it, so we can solve it together."

Janet shook her head and a teardrop fell from her eye and broke on the floor.

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