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   Chapter 67 Can't Get in Touch with Daniel

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Daniel vividly remembered Janet's beauty and the memorable moments of their previous night.

He had witnessed her wonderful metamorphosis, changing from a little girl into a beautiful woman.

Daniel lifted his beige bed sheet from his bed, folded it up and placed it into a drawer.

Except for the time he had spent in the military camp, this was the first time that Daniel changed his bed sheet all by his own.

After he finished, he sat in his study and began to smoke cigarettes, one after the other.

He had never been lost in thought like this before, not even when his ex-girlfriend Sabina Fan had betrayed him.

Kate looked like Sabina.

He believed that he would fall in love with Kate, but, in fact, it seemed that he didn't have any feelings for her at all.

It wasn't until he met Janet again that Daniel's whole heart was thrown in a total mess because of her.

Daniel took the quarrels and fights he had with Janet over the years as only puerile and childish, never thinking much about them while growing up.

However, when he met her at the airport again for the first time in a long time, he was deeply attracted by her every single gracious movement.

Even when he had kissed her in the car, he had never regretted any of it.

She was a spoiled princess, but he didn't think that Jane was beyond reasoning.

She was naughty, arrogant, wayward and lawless. But she never deliberately hurt others or looked down upon anyone. Even when Kelsen had jumped her twice, she had just asked for the dog to be sent away.

Many times he thought, 'Even if she's so stubborn, I just want to take good care of her.'

When he faced the cameras and the ruthless media, he declared that Kate was his girlfriend.

He had done this just to protect Janet, who looked weak and helpless in front of the merciless reporters and their video equipment.

He insisted on showing his affection for Kate in front of her whenever he had the chance, just to stimulate her and to see if she would become jealous on Kate.

But the woman seemed to be a strange creature indeed, or maybe it was because Janet couldn't express anything else other than anger.

And he couldn't figure out whether she was angry just because he was being indifferent to her or because she was actually jealous.


Steadily, the sky grew lighter, and this was the first time that Daniel hadn't gone to his company for a whole day.

Spark tried to call him, but his phone was off; he also tried knocking at his villa's door but to no avail. Spark couldn't find him.

'This is too odd. He usually leaves the company late at nig


When she saw Daniel's eyes turning red and filling with tears, Sally was startled. 'What's wrong with him?' she wondered.

"Daniel, you scared me! What happened?" asked Sally. 'He was looking just fine the other evening, but now...'

Daniel shook his head, then stood up from his chair and staggered towards his bedroom.

Sally, who was more than confused by what was happening with her brother, followed him, held him by the hand, and put him in the bedroom.

When she was just about to leave, her phone rang. She answered it, "Hello, Jerry."

"Jane is burning with fever. Have you found Daniel yet?" said Jerry.

Sally turned around and, while she briefly glanced at Daniel, said, "Well, he got drunk and now he's asleep. How did Jane get the fever?"

"I don't know. It might be hard to take care of her all by myself, so please come and help me take her to the hospital first. We'll ask Sven for help, " said Jerry.

"OK. I'm coming now, " replied Sally.

When the bedroom's door was closed, Daniel, who seemed to be asleep earlier, opened his eyes.

Jane was burning with the fever!

In the hospital

After Sven took Janet's temperature and gave her some IV fluids, he said, "She had high fever, 40℃, but luckily you came with her here in time. Otherwise, her life could have been in danger."

Sally covered Janet with the quilt, but Sven reminded her, "Sally, don't put the quilt over Jane any more. There's no need to cover her up, you don't have to soak her in sweat."

Jerry and Sally looked at each other for a little while, and then he walked out of the ward along with Sven. Sally pulled down the quilt from her neck.

And Janet just wore a thin cotton cartoon-themed pajama, which left her neck bare.

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