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   Chapter 66 She Really Hated Daniel

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Then, Daniel asked Spark to drive Kate back home.

"If Jerry is coming to pick me up, then what about my car?" Sally still tried to reason with her brother.

But then, suddenly, Daniel waved to a bodyguard who was dressed in plain civilian clothing, and ordered him to drive Sally's car back home.

Sally then took out of her bag the car keys and passed them to the bodyguard who seemingly had appeared out of nowhere.

Looking at Sally's car, which was now driven away by the bodyguard, Janet fell into deep thought. 'Does this mean that Daniel doesn't want Sally to keep in touch with me anymore?' she pondered. 'Why he is forbidding her from hanging out with me?'

"Sally, I should go first. Let's meet again another time."

Janet didn't want to be the odd, unwanted person here, and she made clear notice of it to Sally, as she put all her packages into the trunk of her car.

"Wait for Jerry here, he's coming right now." Throwing these words out to Sally, Daniel then slipped inside the backseat of Janet's Benz.

Sally was surprised to see her brother entering Jane's car.

'What's happening?' she thought.

Janet was too busy placing her packages in order inside the car's trunk to be aware of Daniel getting inside the car and onto its backseat. When Janet had raised her head to close the trunk's lid, Daniel had already closed the back seat door. Janet actually didn't notice that there was someone else in her car.

She turned around to say her goodbyes to Sally, who was now left hanging with her mouth open in astonishment, "Goodbye, Sally!"

'Hey, wait, ' she thought, 'Where's that annoying man? Why did he disappear all of a sudden?

Nevermind about it! It's none of my business anyway!'

Without receiving a reply from Sally, Janet just shook her head speechlessly and then drove her car away home.

When Janet arrived in the Royal Mansion Neighborhood, and was parking her car in her own garage, she heard a voice coming from the back seat which frightened her to death!

"Have we arrived?" the voice said.

There a man sitting on the back seat who looked just as the one that had disappeared earlier.

Janet patted her chest because her heart was beating too quickly now, and then she slowly calmed herself down, "Janet, calm down, it's just another human being!"

"I almost had a heart attack!"

Janet got out of the car and then opened the back seat door, shouting to the man inside who was keeping h

been so rough with her.

The woman then shared a cold smile, and with her milky-white arms gripped around his neck, she said, "Daniel, you asked me whether I love you or not? No, I don't love you, I love... Brian!"

What she said made Daniel's guilty eyes become red.

"No, I don't believe that! Janet!"

"You don't believe it? I'll make you believe it!" Janet then closed her eyes and kissed his lips tenderly.

They embraced each other in silence, and Daniel totally lost himself in Janet's sweet scent and seductiveness.

But, near the peak of the experience, she again spoke out his name, "Brian."


In an instant, Daniel felt like being dropped in a pool of ice-cold water.

He stopped for a while, but then again pressed the woman under him. This time he moved his body with anger, without thinking anymore about Janet's feeling.

Both of them then kept silent the whole evening.

At daybreak, when Daniel was about to enter the bathroom, Janet suddenly ran out of it, bearing the pain her body had taken the night before.

Down the stairs, she randomly dressed in the clothes that she bought the day before and, gritting her teeth, she left his mansion and went back home.

She filled her bathtub with hot water and foam and then soaked in it.

Closing her eyes, she felt really sleepy.

At mansion No. 9

Wrapped in his bathrobe, Daniel then walked out of the bathroom, but the woman had already gone, leaving only the empty, but messy, bed.

When he made the bed he saw a red stain on the creamy-white bed sheet, which made him feel even more guilty and anguished by what he had just done.

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