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   Chapter 65 How is It That I Run Into Your Brother Everywhere I Go

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Janet was in the cloakroom, choosing what clothes she should wear, and when she heard Sally's words, she stopped for a moment and thought, 'Don't ever love Daniel?

But I... I'm already heart-broken.'

"We'll talk about it later when we meet, I'm changing my clothes, " said Janet.

She chose to wear a sky-blue short coat and a pair of casual trousers, with a pair of white sneakers. She then went out.

The two girls were really happy to see each other. First they went to have a meal together, then they went shopping for clothes in a store in the shopping mall.

"I haven't bought any new clothes after my coming back from America, so I really don't know what to wear nowadays." Janet was seriously browsing for clothes in the shop.

She wanted to choose that casual type of clothes at first, but after taking into consideration her age, which was nearing 23 years old, she was, after all, a grown-up. So, she changed her options and tried on some other, mature dresses.

"Neither have I. I've been pestered on and on by your brother these last couple of days. Though I ran away last time, your brother still found me and dragged me back into all his screw-ups, " complained Sally. Sally felt really miserable, and she couldn't understand why the heroines in the novels she read could always run away for some years without being found by the heroes. So had her mother and sworn mother. She had just run away for just a couple of days, but so easily brought back by Jerry.

Janet tittered, "Sally, you mean that you really don't like my brother?" Janet could feel that Sally actually loved her brother very much.

Sally shook her head, and said, "I don't know how to explain it. So, what about you? Do you love my brother?"

While the two girls were discussing their concerns, a woman, holding on to a man's arm, then entered the shop.

Janet was facing the opposite side of the door when the salesman greeted the two new customers, so Janet didn't notice them, and continued answering Sally, "No! I'm not capable enough of loving Daniel."

"What do you mean that you're not capable enough?" asked Sally. Sally curiously looked at Janet, who seemed to be more and more disheartened.

"How should I say it... anyway, I won't meet with him anymore. And he also doesn't love me, and it would be also to his linking not to meet me either. And you can tell your father and mother to stop trying to hook us up. Sally, I've really given up."

Though Janet had little or no experience with relationships, she

changing room again.

On the sofa, Kate was holding on to Daniel's arm, and said, "Daniel, I don't like the clothes in this store, let's go and check another one." The clothes in the shop seemed to be childish to Kate, and indeed they really weren't suited to her overall style.

"OK, just wait for Sally." said Daniel, as he was reading some of the magazines on the table.

Five minutes later, he spoke to the sales clerk, "Pack this one, this one, and that one... M size, and send them to this address." Daniel took out a name card and handed it to the clerk.

"I see, sir, please wait a moment."

Kate looked at the clothes Daniel had chosen, she saw that they weren't for her, and then asked, "Daniel, these clothes are..."


Daniel finished her sentence with a name.

However, she would later see all of these clothes dressed on Janet...

These were the clothes which Janet had tried on in that store, on that day, and which were all sent to Janet's mansion later that evening.

Sally and Janet held each other's arms and then walked out of the store.

And Kate was furiously holding Daniel's arm, whose hands were carrying some packages, while they were walking behind Sally and Janet.

In Janet's mind, what Daniel was doing now was just trying to show off their love everywhere he had the chance to.

Outside the shopping mall, Daniel stopped Sally, and said, "I'll call Jerry and ask him to drive you back."

"No, brother, I'm going with Jane!" Sally held tightly on to Jane's arm.

Daniel threw her a brief cold glance and then took out his phone, and said, "I'm very busy. I don't want to waste any more time talking with you here."

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