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   Chapter 64 Tonight We'll be Drunk with No Return

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Janet, for the moment, forgot all about her old scars and pains that Daniel had brought her, but still thought how to punish him, somehow, if she ever had the chance.

Janet spent the following two days in her bakery working with her apprentices, preparing all the ingredients needed for the mango mousse cups.

And on the third day, Janet got up at early, 5 o' clock in the morning, to make the promised mousse cups.

She worked without taking any break until the noon. At lunch time, as she put her hands around her aching waist, Janet scolded Daniel in her mind for countless times. 'He must be playing some sort of tricks', she thought.

What a back-breaking work she did that day!

Before the dinner, when she finally finished all of her work, Janet packaged all the mousse cups and then called a van and delivered them to the SL Group.

Downstairs, Janet called Daniel: "I'm here with the delivery, where should I put the mousse cups?"

"Come upstairs. Spark will handle the desserts for you, " answered Daniel.


Janet then took the elevator up to the 88th floor, carrying a small case wearily in her hands.

Janet found that although she had left the SL Group for some time, the people there were still talking about her whenever she saw her.

Sighing, she went straight, without knocking, into the CEO's office.

When she saw the people in the room, Janet was dazed for a second's time. Then she understood why Daniel had asked her to prepare the extra dessert for him.

"Kate, this is the dessert I ordered just for you, " spoke Daniel, looking tenderly at the woman sitting opposite to him.

Kate, who was disappointed at seeing Janet, turned pleasantly surprised.

Walking on her 8 cm high-heel shoes, she came near Janet.

"Put down the dessert, and then you can leave, " she said. Actually, Kate had known Daniel's real intentions regarding Janet, but she pretended that she didn't.

"What is this, Daniel?" asked Janet while staring at him furiously.

"What don't you understand? I ordered this dessert for my girlfriend only, isn't it obvious?" replied Daniel indifferently.

Janet then took a deep breath; she initially had thought that Daniel had ordered this dessert just for himself. So when she had almost finished all the mango mousse cups, she had put all h

he sofa, and continued, "My classmate likes cheerful girls like Jane and me. He actually fell in love with Jane at first sight..."

"Hum, is that all?"

Sally was speechless at Daniel's replies.

'Now I understand why mum preferred to fly to Brazil with dad rather than taking care of her dummy boy!' she thought.

Sally took out her cell phone, dialed Janet's, and said, "Jane, how about going to the bar after shopping? Tonight we'll be drunk with no return!"

"Are you sure? Go to the bar and have a drink? No no no, I'm afraid that I'll again pass out after I drink and then remember nothing, " answered Janet. After her last two experiences with alcohol, she decided to drop out on this offer.

Sally gnashed her teeth. Why was Jane so disappointing this time!

But Sally had to pretend that Janet had already agreed with her idea, and so she smiled, and said, "Hum... shall we go to the SOHO Bar anyway? We'll meet two handsome boys there. Do you still remember my college friend that you met last time? He asked about you..."

Daniel gave Sally a cold glance. She got the warning, and she went out to talk on the phone.

"Sally, who's the college friend you're talking about?" asked Janet, totally confused. 'What' gotten into Sally today?' she thought.

"Nothing, it was just to deceive my brother, " said Sally while grinding her teeth. "Jane, please don't ever love Daniel, he's such a bore and pighead!" It seemed that Daniel had eyes only for Kate, but Sally was getting really tired of this woman and her character.

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