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   Chapter 63 My Family Even Has One Hundred Billions

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When their eyes met, Janet blinked in embarrassment and then began to make a couple of paces in retreat, keeping a certain distance between him.

"You need to personally bring them to my office!"

Daniel suddenly found out that he could actually be nice, especially when he was facing Jane and talked to her. 'Hum...' But his offer didn't sound good to Janet.

'I have to send them to him personally? Doesn't he know how busy I am every day?' she thought.

"I can pay in advance six months of the total amount that I owe you, " he said, the moment he saw her hesitating.

'Well, er... Six months of the total amount of what he'll owe me.' Janet then muttered and took out her phone to calculate the entire costs.

'One mango mousse cup costs 40 dollars, 1000 cups cost 40, 000 dollars. So, I can get 40, 000 dollars for one week of work, and 160, 000 dollars for a month.

Finally, I'll get 960, 000 dollars for six months!' thought Janet.

"You have to pay 960, 000 dollars in total and if we round it up, you have to pay one million dollars, with the extra 40, 000 dollars totaling as oil cost, " spoke Janet, with a smile on her face. She carefully calculated the costs on her phone.

Since she was doing business with Daniel, who was very rich, she, of course, had to manage something to maximize her overall profit.

"I can also invest in your business and you can open a branch with the trademark of SL Group. That way can gain more profit together, " said Daniel. He put down the iPad, with a gleam shining in his eyes.

Er... This sounded attractive.

"How much will you invest in my shop?" she asked. Although her father had given her enough money to open a second shop, she still wanted to open another one all by herself.

Working with others was also a way to further develop her business on her own, more or less.

"I can invest all the money that you need, and you just have to be responsible for making the desserts, " said Daniel. When she heard this, she was so happy that she suddenly began to smile.

Janet, who didn't know much about businesses at all, was very pleased. In fact, she also didn't think too much of it because she knew that Daniel would never go to lengths to deceive her.

If he ever dared to deceive her, her mother* won't let him off so easily!

(*TN: Here mother means sworn mother)

She then asked, "What about the pro-rata net share of income?"

"What do you think?" replied Daniel. This time he seemed to be even more generous because he even allowed Janet to decide the pro-rata on her own terms.

Janet thought about it for a moment, and remembered that Daniel wasn't lacking any money, while she only earned a little money since she had just started her business recently. "Ten-ninety split, " said Janet.

After she uttered these words, she instantaneously blushed. She didn't even know how shameless she was until the very moment her words came out flying out of her mouth!

Thinking about this for a while longer, she decided to give him another percentage, and said, "Twenty-eighty split!"

While he listened to her, Daniel still silently stared at Janet, whose face changed for several times in the last couple of minutes.

Janet, who realized that Daniel was looking at her all the time, felt a sudden tender pity for him, and said again, "Don't look at me like that. Thirty-seventy split."

'Ah? Why is he still silent?' thought Janet. She then closed her eyelids tight and then opened them again, and offered, "Forty-sixty split!"

She had made the final concession, and thought that it was very wearisome for her to bake cakes and pastries all day long.

Daniel then finally spoke, "Ten-ninety split."

The words sounded very different when they came out from Daniel's mouth.

"What?" suddenly shouted Janet with confusion in her voice. She almost jumped out of the chair! "Do you know how hard it is for me to make desserts? Now you want to take almost all of it away. I won't accept this!"

Daniel stared at the girl, who was now furious, and uttered the following words, "I take the ten percent and you get ninety."

"Are you... Are you... serious?" She began to cheer up again and got close to Daniel, carefully looking at his delicate outline.

Spark, who was beside Daniel at all times, and had of course heard his words, was so surprised that he almost could not help knocking his fist into the wall.

'Since when did Mr. Si become such silly man with so much money on his hands?' he thought.

He also wanted to discuss with Mr. Si about opening a shop together after they returned to the company. He didn't expect a ten-ninety split, of course, but he was happy if it was even a twenty-eighty split, at least!

"So, do we have an agreement?" asked Daniel. He still looked cool, but began to speak in a low, soft voice.

Janet nodded, and finally said to him, "Don't play tricks on me. You're well aware that my

lawyer is Samuel!"

Daniel looked at her with disdain, and said, "What can I benefit from deceiving you?"

'Her virginity?

Or her little body? She can't move a single brick if I ever ask her to do some hard work!' thought Daniel.

Janet didn't agree with him, and spoke with her back straight, "I'm an apple of my father and my brother's eye, so if I'm kidnapped, they must give the kidnapper enough money no matter how much he needs!"

Uttering these words, Janet, again, felt her family's love for her, her eyes suddenly turning red.

"Are you really so valuable? Please tell me how much money would I need to buy you off?" asked Daniel. He had suddenly changed the topic of their conversation.

'No! What does he mean? To buy me off?' she pondered. "One billion dollars." 'No, that's not right, that's too cheap.'

"Ten billion dollars!" She complacently looked at Daniel.

Spark was very surprised to hear their conversation. 'So, did Mr. Si really come here this morning just to flirt with this little girl?' thought Spark.

"Well. I'm going to write you a check for ten billion dollars and from now on you belong to me then, " spoke Daniel.

After he finished talking, he, indeed, took out a check book from his brief case, uncapped his pen, and was about to sign a sheet.

Suddenly, Janet pressed his right hand with her little hand, and said, "Wait a minute! You have one billion dollars?" Janet looked at Daniel in disbelief, who had already written down the number.

She had never lacked any money ever since she was a child, but she didn't have a clear view on the concept of money. She just knew that she had never used up all the money her father had given her over the years.

Daniel sneered, and then looked sideways at Janet, who seemed to regret a bit, saying, "Ten billions? My family even has one hundred billions!"

Daniel didn't exaggerate at all because, if he added all of his family's properties and assets, including his mother's and father's properties and his own personal assets, indeed, he could have amassed as much as he earlier declared.

She also began to believe that Daniel didn't lie to her, because she remembered that she had once seen Daniel's name on the List of the World's Most Richest Man.

But then she just shook her head, remembering that if her mother knew that she had just sold herself, she would be so furious with her that she would even break one of her legs when she found out about it.

And even if her mother didn't beat her, if she really did belong to Daniel, she then had to work for him every day, since he disliked her so much.

"Well, we'd better discuss our cooperation first, and after we can talk about the other things, " spoke Janet.

Daniel then withdrew his hand and took out a piece of tissue to wipe his right hand which was just touched by hers.


When she saw what he did, Janet got mad again, because she thought it was insulting.

"Daniel Si, you came here just to piss me off again. You should go now!" shouted Janet.

Daniel threw the tissue into the trash can.

"Janet Shao, please don't forget that you also did this to me before. I've just learned it from you!"

Janet tried her best to recollect her thoughts, and remembered that indeed she once sat in his car and... She really did do such a thing to him!

But Janet still didn't want to say anything pleasant, so she immediately changed the topic, and instead said, "Please, tell me about your investment!"

Daniel stoop up from his chair and Janet suddenly looked small and feeble in front of his tall figure.

"No need to talk about it. You can just come to work after I have finished decorating the shop, " said Daniel.

Spark put the iPad back into the brief case and followed Daniel behind, who was getting ready to leave.

"I can't make mango mousse cups for you today, since I didn't prepare any dough yet, " she said. 'Oh, right. Why did Daniel want so many mango mousse cups?' she pondered.

"Um, I will give you three days to prepare them for me. Spark, please remit one million dollars to Jane's bank account, " spoke Daniel. When he turned around, he was facing all the people that stood behind him. Several of the women who were there just to see him suddenly began to scream.

Janet, who was now more joyful than ever, walked towards the back room. "Jane." Daniel had suddenly called her to stop.

She looked over her shoulder, confused.

"See me out!" Daniel stared at her, wearing a warning expression that flashed bright in his eyes.

Daniel, who was used to be surrounded by all sorts of crowds, then felt very uncomfortable because he had been neglected by Janet.

He was finally showed to the door by Miss Shao, and then loftily got into his Rolls-Royce and drove away.

Janet gave him an angry look, and when she wasn't able to see the Rolls-Royce anymore, she shouted, "You just want to bully me again!"

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