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   Chapter 62 Add Me as Friend on WeChat Without Even Me Knowing

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"Jerry, what on earth are you talking about!", said Janet. She was too sheepish to look Jerry straight in the eye. 'Did they see Daniel downstairs?', she wondered.

Sally then whispered to Janet, "When we were on our way back here, we came across my brother. He was returning to his mansion from here, right?"

Janet completely denied and shook her head, and she changed the topic immediately, "Jerry, what's in this?"

Jerry took a sniff out of it and then covered the lid, "Don't you know? It's an ointment developed by Chuck."

"An ointment? For what?" asked Janet.

"For an injury, bruise, whatever. It works pretty well, " replied Jerry. Jerry squinted at Janet, who was suddenly lost in thought, and then realized what had just happened.

He passed the ointment back to his sister, "Where does it hurt?" 'Daniel brought it, ' thought Jerry.

"I accidentally hurt my elbow. But forget about it. Jerry, Sally, I'm going to sleep now."

Janet then took the ointment out of Jerry's hands and then swiftly went on her way back to her bedroom.

"Jane, what about us sleeping together?" asked Sally. She watched Janet running off. 'You've abandoned me so fast!' she thought.

Jerry then said, ''Dear, don't even think about it. We're sleeping together!"


In the bedroom

Janet gawked at the ointment, and she was now confused. 'What does Daniel really want from me?

What the hell was he doing here in the first place? Was he wielding both the carrot and the stick?'

Disgruntled, Janet threw the ointment in the trash bin. 'I don't give a fuck for any of your stuff!

Now go to sleep!' she thought.

She turned on the bed lamp, turned off the other lights in the bedroom, covered herself with the quilt, closed her eyes and then went to sleep.

Five minutes later

She tossed and turned for a while and then got up from her bed and searched the trash...

After this, she picked up her phone, and texted Brian on WeChat, "Brian, Daniel was talking nonsense. I am not his mistress..."

On second thought, she deleted those words.

'Honestly, if Jerry hadn't called me in the nick of time, I probably would've had sex with Daniel...'

Feeling even distressed, Janet post something in her Moments, which read, "It is quite baffling! Fretful! Ah ah ah!"

She locked her phone, threw it on the other side of the bed and then went back to sleep.

However, five minutes later, a WeChat message alerted her. Janet, who still couldn't sleep, unlocked her phone and checked her inbox. She was confused by the name.


'Who's S?' she thought.

Janet frowned at the incoming message, which read, "Humph? In the mood for sex?"

'Who could this be? And why is he so rude!' Janet thought.

She checked his Moments, and saw that there were a lot of links about the SL Group.

So, he was...

"Why did you add me as friend on WeChat without even me knowing!" Janet texted.

'He must have added me as friend when he was locked in the room!'

"You got a problem?" he replied.

''Of course! Unfriend me! Hurry up! Or else I'll video-call you when you're with your girlfriend!" texted Janet.

"Whatever!" he replied.


Janet could not help but wonder, 'Does Daniel really love his girlfriend? And if he does, why is he flirting with me... Behind his girlfriend's back?

Or, does he want to have two girlfriends at the same time?'

"You're a scumbag!" Janet replied. Then she decided to just ignore him.

In his study, Daniel was checking his emails. When he received the message, he looked at it thoughtfully.

Early next morning, Janet got up out of bed, washed, and went stra

ight to her store.

Business was getting better and better in her shop recently. Janet was as busy as a bee every single day.

And so was today. As Janet was making her desserts, her shop assistant frantically ran to her, "Miss Shao, a handsome man is looking for you. He wants to place an order."

"You talk with him, " replied Janet. She was in the middle of something.

"But he's asking for you. He is really handsome. Go and see him, '' the shop assistant said. The shop's assistant was almost the same age as Janet was. And Janet was always humble and friendly, and she got along well with her.

'Handsome? Is there anyone more handsome than Daniel?' Janet doubted it.

She put down the tools, removed her disposable gloves and mask, and then went outside to meet the man.

"Look, that's him!" and the shopping assistant pointed towards him. In the corner of the shop, a man dressed in a black western suit stood with his back towards them.

She could tell who he was from the people standing right next to him.

"Tell him that his order is refused!"

When he saw Janet, Spark immediately informed Daniel.

The shopping assistant was shocked. At that moment, Spark called out her name, "Miss Shao, Boss Si said that if you don't come and talk with him now, tomorrow there will be several dessert shops opening right across the street from yours!"

Daniel had learned this move from his father, which he had used to blackmail Lola back in the old days.

It had never occurred to him that he would use it one day just as he had!

Janet gnashed and then sat opposite to him.

"Mr. Si, what do you want?" spoke Janet.

He was looking at his iPad, and without looking up to her, he asked, ''Did you use the ointment I gave you?"

"Cut the crap, what do you really want?" Janet asked.

"Did you use the ointment?" he repeated. He was now typing something on the iPad.

Daniel had also attracted many young girls to her shop. And there were even more outside. They were excitedly looking at Daniel through the shop's window.

And in only a minute, the shop's sitting area was full.

"Yes, " replied Janet. She felt suffocated by his presence.

'Daniel is fair on the outside and foul within. Poor girls, you are just as blind as I am, ' Janet thought.

"1000 pieces of Mango Mousse Cake a week, 50% off, " replied Daniel.

He was so busy at the moment that he had to do two things at once.

"50% off? Do you think I'm stupid?" asked Janet. She wouldn't earn a penny if she took 50% off it's price.

"Er, you wouldn't lose a penny if you take 50% off of it, " Daniel replied. No gains but no losses.

Janet resisted the desire to bang her fist on the table. Why was Daniel so astute! She gnashed her teeth, and said, "Don't treat me as your business competitor."

She knew his move, and he was bargaining. Huh...

Now, Daniel looked straight at her, "You are not that stupid!"

"Piss off, you are such an eyesore!" Janet stood up and was just about to leave.

"No discount, " said Daniel. Janet turned around immediately and stood next to him.

"Deal!" she said.

"Take it easy, I still have a condition!" 'I have to have the upper hand!" he thought.

Janet cast a cold glance at him. She knew he wouldn't make any concessions.

"Say it already!" she demanded.

"You have to make one more delicious dessert each time... and send it to my office."

"That's it?" she asked. Janet got closer to Daniel, who was working, 'Is it really that simple?' she thought.

Daniel felt her breath close to him and then suddenly looked up. The distance between them was just a few inches.

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