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   Chapter 61 My Brother is Coming Back Home

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Janet got up from the bed, and screamed, "Don't touch dare touch my dolls! I hate you, Daniel Si. Get out!"

He threw her dolls while she was picking and putting them back on the bed.

"They're in my way so I'll toss them away." The man again swept all the dolls from the bed.

"Your way? Hah, your way? Enough of all this! I'll call my brother Tao myself." He swept all the dolls and Janet eventually stopped picking them up from the floor. She jumped onto the bed, lay on it, wrapped herself in the quilt and then tried to go to sleep.

"Jane." The man pressed on her and forced her head out of the quilt.

Janet looked at the evil man, and said, "I am trying to sleep, Mr. Si. Please go away now."

"Go away? Jane, you're dreaming." He opened her quilt and thought that he wouldn't leave her alone until he had his revenge.

"Don't call me Jane!" She wouldn't allow him to call her by her nickname.

The man's big palm rested on her pajamas button, and Janet looked at the smirking man in disbelief. What did he really intend to do?

"Oh, Jane, Jane, Jane..." He kept annoying her by calling her by her nickname.

"Shut up!" she demanded.

Daniel bowed his head and placed his slender fingers on her face and gently swept them on it. "You hit me once, and I will take off one of your clothes. But you hit me twice, so..."

While she screamed out her lungs her pajamas were torn in almost an instant.

The little girl shivered and the pulled the quilt over her, trying to cover herself. However, Daniel did not let her have the chance, and swept her quilt off the bed.

"Jane, Jane, you tied me up once, and then offended me again..." So, Jane..." She was now completely naked.

The girl's face flushed red while she tried to cover herself, but the quilt had been thrown off of the bed, and she couldn't overpower him.

"Daniel... Si! You'd better let go of me, or I will tell my dad and I'll sue you. A lifetime of prison will be waiting for you!" Janet was furious and she had to sue the rapist!

Facing her threat, he just smiled, and said, "You're welcome to do that! Sue me!" He lowered his head and then kissed her cherry red lips.

His big palm held her little hand tight above her head while he began to punish her.

"Ah! Daniel, you just wait and see how you'll pay me back tomorrow! Ah...

You jerk! Keep you hands off of me!" she screamed.

The man blocked her red lips with his. He then said, "You are too noisy, so kissing you is the right choice at the moment."

Men are self-taught jerks, so when little girls encounter them they can only surrender to them unconditionally.

Ten minutes later

Daniel closed the bedside lamp, and then a heavy kiss fell on Janet's neck. "Jane, give it to me!

Give me yourself, your whole you!" he demanded.

"Hum..." The girl's twittering seemed to inspire the man, and he started unbuttoning his clothes.

"... I woke up in a certain month of the year when I heard winter leave..." Janet's ringtone startled the two who were immersed in the moment.

Janet suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the man and his body and pushed it away.

Flustered, she wrapped herself in the quilt and, looking down at herself and then looking at the man and his neat clothes besides her, Janet felt insulted.

She bit her lower lip, felt embarrassed and then checked her phone. It was her brother...

"Hello, brother, " she answered. Her voice was hoarse so she didn't dare to say more than she had to.

"Jane, are you asleep yet? I'm just about to arriv

e to the house. Do you want me to pick something for you to eat?"

Just about to arrive? She looked at the man next to her, and Janet's heart suddenly started racing.

"No, don't worry. I am going to sleep." She refused.

"Hum, are you ill? Your voice sounds odd." Jerry was driving the car while he was looking from time to time at the drowsy Sally in the passenger's seat. He was feeling in a good mood.

"No, brother, I was just sleeping. Don't drive too fast, bye!" Janet then hung up the phone.

She kicked the man out of bed, who was now feeling uncomfortable. "Get lost, my brother is coming back home!"

Hum... Why did she think that she was afraid of being caught in bed?

Daniel turned over and pushed down on her again, "Let's go to my place then." His voice was hoarse and showed an atrocious lust.

Janet saw the beads of sweat coming down on his forehead, but she pushed him away. "I don't want to, Daniel. If your goal for today was to insult me, then you have more than achieved it. You can go now!"

When Janet finished, she turned her face away from him. Daniel was confused; wasn't it OK? Why did she become so angry again?

Seeing her reaction, Daniel thought that she was saving herself for Brian.

"Should I build you a chastity belt?" asked Daniel sarcastically.

After laughing, the man stood up and jumped out of bed.

"Get lost! Get lost!" she demanded. A pillow then hit his head. The man then looked at her with a cold-dead stare, as if he wanted to smash her to bits and pieces.

But he just took something out of his pocket, threw it at her, and then slammed the door behind him.

Janet took the thing that resembled a small bottle of cream. There was no logo on it, but after she opened it, a fresh scent came out of it.

'What's this?' She wondered for a couple of minutes.

Daniel had just left just before Jerry and Sally had arrived back at the mansion.

Janet put back her pajamas and jumped out of the bedroom to greet them.

They two were outside the door, kissing. Hum...

Janet felt embarrassed and was just about to return back to her room, but then Sally pushed Jerry away. She then called for her, "Jane."

"Hum... OK, I didn't mean to pry on you. Sorry, please continue. " How could she know that they were kissing outside.

Jerry rubbed his forehead, and said, "Jane, you said you were going to sleep."

"Yeah... ...but I got up from the bed again!" Janet was stuttering a bit, and her brother's face looked very bad. She didn't meant to pry!

"Anything else?" Jerry was clearly driving her away.

Janet pouted, "You have your own apartment, " she said, "Why don't you take her there? Could you leave me alone here?"

Then she went to her brother. She wanted to ask Jerry something, indeed!

"What? Jane, I was thinking that you were home alone and would be afraid. So I brought Sally here."

'Jane is as timid as a sheep. She always leaves the light on when she goes to sleep.' Jerry thought.

Janet handed the cream in her hand to Jerry, and then pulled Sally to her side. "Well, then let Sally sleep with me tonight! We can do a sleepover!"

Sally nodded and approved.

Jerry unscrewed the small bottle and looked at his sister. "If you want to hug and sleep with someone, go and find Daniel. Don't take my wife!"

He thought that he had just seen Daniel a few minutes ago! The one in the white sweater must have been him! And it was midnight! He didn't believe that Daniel had really gone out for a walk at that late hour in the night!

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