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   Chapter 60 Now, Explain Yourself to Brian

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"If you dare to touch me again, I'll call your girlfriend and tell her that her boyfriend is a lying cheat!" 'What kind of a person am I in Daniel's eyes?' thought Janet.

His big palm was pressed against her cheeks, and he said, "You've also touched me. How about I charge you through my lawyer, Jerry?"

"Isn't it great for you to have a lawyer? Then I'll ask my father to be my lawyer, and then we'll see whether the father is better than the son. What do you think about it?" Janet was absolutely confident in her father's experience in dealing with lawsuits.

Her brother Jerry was still young and only an international silver-level lawyer; he couldn't even remotely be compared to his father, in terms of skill.

Daniel grinned an evil-like smile, "Sounds interesting, Janet. Maybe we can give it a try sometimes."

"You are breaking into a private house and damaging my reputation. Daniel Si, where's your decency? Has it flown over the Himalayan mountains? And you have the nerve to charge me, here! Are you so confident or are you thinking too highly of yourself just for the moment?"

Janet was good at arguing when she was confronted with delicate situations, and Daniel owed it to the fact that she had inherited Samuel's strong genes.

"Janet, do you know what's the best method to handle a chatty and eloquent woman?" Daniel didn't have the patience to waste more time with a little girl.

Janet, after she had experienced his punishments, of course understood what his method was, and said, "Daniel, if you dare to kiss me again, you'll just wait and see how I'm going to ruin your reputation for good!"

The woman made a sly smile, and then Daniel thought of the photos that she took in his office not that long ago.

His face turning pale, he finally let go off her arms. Janet felt more comforted, and thought that she had succeeded in her threats.

However, not expecting it, the man suddenly went upstairs.

'Oh, shit!' 'He must be going to look for my phone.' When she thought of this, Janet quickened up her pace and ran upstairs.

But when she was just about to go ahead of him, she was suddenly dragged by the collar.

Janet was then thrown on the ground outside the door, the man locking it from the inside, leaving her knocking outside.

Soon enough, he found her phone, and the phone still had no unlock code set to it; he opened the photo album then.

Daniel w

ansion whenever you like to? No way!"

Daniel smiled indifferently, and threw a glance at her, "I'll let you know that I really can come and go whenever I want!"

'You want me to explain myself to Brian? No way! You'd better go and wash and go to bed!' thought Daniel.

The man strode towards the staircase and Janet couldn't do a thing to stop him. She stopped for a second and then jumped on his back, holding his neck.

Daniel then bent down and his arms gripped on the woman's legs.

"Janet Shao, get down from me right now!' 'Damn, you, Janet, you dare to jump on my back!' thought Daniel.

"Now, explain yourself to Brian!" Janet held tight on his neck, not giving any opportunity for him to escape.

This was the first time that Daniel was forced and ordered around with, and his anger grew stronger by the moment, way beyond Janet's strength.

All of a sudden he bent down hard and, after shaking Janet off of him and making her scream, he then grabbed her again in his arms.

He then walked back to her bedroom, and said, "Jane, you don't want to let me leave, right? Well, your wish is granted!"


Janet was speechless for a brief moment, and then looked at the man who was holding her, and said, "Don't you understand any of my words? Explain what actually happened to Brian and then you can go!"

"No way!" answered Daniel. After throwing out those two words, Daniel threw her on the wide and pink bed.

And he threw off the bed all the dolls and other things onto the carpet, speaking with sarcasm in his voice, he said, "You really are beyond childish to the bone!"

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