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   Chapter 59 It's Exclusively for Luring Men

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From now on, they would have to go their separate ways, and have no connection with each other.

"OK, little girl, rest well and don't think too much about it. Call me anytime if you ever need my help!"

He wiped the tears off her face and comforted her in a sweet and tender voice.

"Thank you, Brian."

Brian looked at her affectionately, and said, "Janet, there's no need to treat me so courteously."

Janet raised her head, looked at him with guilt, and said, "Brian... I can't give you what you want from me, so please leave me alone from now on. I don't want to cause you any more trouble."

'Mr. Han must be so irritated about what just happened tonight, ' thought Janet while letting off a sigh.

"Janet, don't say that. Don't refuse my friendship just because of that." Brian was actually really happy if he could see her all the time.

And if she was happy, he was happy.. And if she were sad, he would also feel sad and heart-broken.

Janet nodded to him and, rolling her eyes, then came up with an idea. "OK, then I need to settle on three basic principals with you, " she started.

"What's that?" Brian wondered what she had in mind.

"It's already too late at night now. Go back home first and I'll tell you about it later in a text, before going to bed." 'Brian is usually busy, I can't be a burden to him, ' thought Janet.

"Fine, you go in now." And as usual, Brian didn't left until he saw her safely go into the mansion.

After a quick wash, Janet went to bed and began to text the three principals to Brian.

"First, you can't ever quit or delay your work because of me."

"Second, don't refuse approaching other women just because of me."

"Third, you can't make any irrational decisions because of me."

Sitting in the car, and reading the texts, Brian couldn't help but laugh.

She was actually still guilty for rank demotion, and she didn't want to get him involved in any more trouble because of her.

'She is a good girl, indeed, ' he thought.

"I promise you, " he texted back.

Janet smiled and then felt more relaxed. Then she placed her phone on the bedside table and was just about to fall to sleep.

But then the phone suddenly rang, and when Janet picked it up and saw that the caller was...

Her eyes reddened in an instant, but then she put back the phone on the bedside table.

Closing her eyes, she just let the phone ring on and on, without answering it.

The man wearing a white, high-necked sweater, and black casual trousers and shoes, now was standing under m

pushed him away, "You bastard! Get out, now!"

'Get out?' he thought. Daniel's eye grew bigger and bigger, and then he dragged her into his arms again and she struggled, and then again, until he kissed her hard on her lips again.

"Have you improved your bed skills with Brian? He's a soldier with strong body, so you must have..."

"Slap!" There came a clear cracking sound, and Daniel's face was slapped on one side.

"Daniel, you bastard! Get out! Now!" demanded Jane. 'He came again to insult me, right? Damn it! Why do you always have to insult me?' thought Janet furiously.

Daniel touched his hurting face which was just slapped, and a dangerous aura emanating from him soon filled the room they were in.

Janet went upstairs, raging. 'Fine, if you won't leave, then I will!' she thought.

But she was gripped by her hands, and stopped, and the man boasted, "Janet, don't think you can get off so easily after slapping me!"

"I have to hit you! To hit you to death!" Janet then went berserk and kept hitting his chest.

Daniel who took control of her frantic arms, said, "Janet, I haven't seen in all my life such a wild woman like you, that doesn't even know the difference between good and bad!"

"Daniel, I've also never seen such an evil man like you! Fuck! Why are you chasing other women when you already got a girlfriend. Do you really think that all women in this world should fall for you? That may happen only in your daydreams!" she said.

Her eloquence confused Daniel, who didn't know whether he should be furious or amused, but hearing her foul language, he frowned, and said, "You've slapped me, and spoken foul to me. And now I'm going to punish you!"

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