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   Chapter 58 I Never Expected That You Could Be So Heartless and Unreasonable

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"And you are?" rudely asked Bill. He didn't really know who Kate really was because he had been isolated form the outside world in the military camp for all this time.

After she heard the question, Kate felt a little embarrassed, and said, "You'd better check on Janet first."

Uttering these words, she stood up from her chair and went to the back garden where Janet and Brian were still waiting.

And then a large group of people followed her.

In the garden, when it saw its owner, the Samoyed suddenly broke away from Brian's grasp and laid down next to Daniel, sticking out its tongue to him.

Brian helped Janet get back up on her feet and then tenderly smoothed her bangs which were a little tousled.

Kate walked up to Janet, and said, "So sorry for what happened, Janet. I thought Kelsen had been tied, and I sure didn't expect that he could attack you. Did you get injured in any way?"

But Janet didn't care a bit for the caring words she was saying.

"Please, take your dog away, throw it into the sea and let it drown, " said Bill furiously. He, being a young man coming from a wealthy family, had started to lose his temper again. Charles thought that Bill had gotten rid of his ill-advised bad temper, but he was even more disappointed in him when he saw how he was reacting.

Janet wiped the Samoyed's saliva with the back of her hand off her face, and coldly said, "Miss Song, if you own a dog, then why don't you look after it, and let it attack people? Do you think a simple apology can solve the problem and make it miraculously go away?"

Kate felt embarrassed again, thinking that Janet was indeed relentless with her this time.

"Both Daniel and I like Kelsen. What happened today was because he was untied, and I sincerely apologize to you for that, " said Kate.

She mentioned Daniel, believing that Janet couldn't dare be anymore rude to her if she brought up Daniel in the conversation.

However, she was wrong.

"And just because you and Daniel like it? Does that give it the right to attack other people? Miss Song, please send your beloved dog away from here, now, " said Janet.

She could forgive it once, but couldn't tolerate it for a second time. She also didn't understand why the dog always jumped her.

"No, Janet. I've already apologized to you, but why are you still blaming the dog?" Now, Kate also seemed to be furious, and spoke in an aggressive tone and manner.

Brian rolled up Janet's sleeve, exposed her elbow, and asked, "Can you see? Miss Song?" A large area of Janet's skin was grazed when the dog jumped her.

It was the same for the other elbow.

"Did you just ask me that I still insist on blaming the dog? Whatever, think whatever you like. Daniel spoiled both you and your dog, and you're afraid of him, but that doesn't mean that I have to! It has to be sent away from here, now!" With an obstinate expression glimmering in her eyes, she directly looked at the silent man standing in front of her next to Kate.

Several people gasped silently and wondered how could Janet be so confident in herself that she could resist Daniel so openly in public.

"No need to say any more. Please ask the guards to pull the dog away and beat it to death!" Bill looked at Janet's abraded skin feeling very distressed; she had been alright up until that moment.

Kate, who now got even more restless, hurried up to Daniel's side, and said, "Daniel..."

After that, Daniel firmly said, "I will be responsible for all of Janet's medical fees and mental anguish compensations. Please don't blame the dog any more."

While she heard this, Kate was again more joyful and felt relieved, thinking that Daniel still cared deeply about her and showed her the respect she deserved in front of so many people present.

Janet, when she heard what Daniel had just said, stared at him in disbelief, her face becoming paler and paler by the minute.

She shook Brian and Bill off, and walked alone. After she took a few steps, she found that her ankle was also hurt and that she was limping.

Standing in front of Daniel, she looked him in the eyes, and said, "Daniel Si, you must send the dog away! If you don't agree with me, then go find another dog, and let it attack Kate. If you do that, I'll l

et what happened to me pass!"

When she heard this, Kate got even more angry and hated Janet even more.

'Janet Shao, you're really overweening now and are borderline shameless. How dare you force me to send my dog away. I will not let you off so easily!' thought Kate.

"Janet Shao, I warn you..." spoke Daniel.

When she heard him utter the word "warn", Janet felt a sudden, sharp pain in her temples, and said, "Don't warn me! Except for that, what else could you do or say? Do you only listen to Kate Song, and just completely ignore my feelings? Do I really deserve to be bullied twice by a damned dog? Daniel Si, I know you're indifferent to all of this, but I never expected that you could be so heartless and unreasonable!"

When they saw what was happening, all the people around them were so shocked that they barely even breathed.

These two individuals... were strange.

Even Brian and Bill had also fixed their eyes on them when they were arguing with each other.

When he looked at Janet and saw how furious she was, Bill seemed to be understanding something then.

With her eyes getting red and almost filling with tears, Janet looked at Daniel's livid face, and said, "I don't want your medical fees or your mental compensation! Daniel Si, I despise you from the bottom of my heart!"

With these words, Janet arrogantly turned around and left, walking lamely towards the other side of the garden.

How mean was she in his eyes? If the Samoyed hadn't attacked her twice, she wouldn't have still insisted on asking Kate to send the dog away?

She hadn't mentioned killing the dog; she had just asked Kate to send it away...

Could it have been that, for Daniel, she was inferior than the dog?

When Janet closed her eyes, two lines of tears came rolling down her cheeks.

Brian spoke a few words to Bill, who was staring at Daniel, and then walked up to Janet, who was then leaving the garden, to hold her in his arms.

After a little while, they both disappeared.

The guard, when he looked at the dog lying on the ground, asked for further instructions from Daniel, "Mr. Si, what should we do about the dog..."

"Please send it away, as far away as possible, " replied Daniel. Daniel, looking gloomy, turned around and entered the banquet hall after he finished talking.

Kate followed him, and said, "Daniel, Kelsen..."

Daniel just ignored her and left straight away after he said his goodbyes to Charles back in the banquet hall.

Bill, who entered the hall a few minutes later, was still staring at Daniel's, who was then leaving. He was very confused, and wondered why would Jane love a man who was so merciless.

"Bill, what just happened?" Charles asked his younger grandson, who was just standing there and wearing a blank look on his face.

Bill then walked up closer to Charles, and replied, "The matter has been settled, grandfather. Jane's elbow was a little grazed and Brian took her to the hospital."

"She really got hurt? Is it serious?"

"It may be not be so serious, but it looked very painful indeed. I'll also go and check on her later, when the ceremony is over." After he spoke these words, Bill sat at the table next to his grandfather.

Brian told him not to let this matter affect everyone's mood because there were some other distinguished guests here.

Charles nodded, seeming to be thinking of something.

Brian drove Janet to the military hospital. Janet didn't utter a single word all the way, but just silently sat in car after she finally stopped crying.

Doctor Wan disinfected the wound on her injured elbow and applied some medicine to it.

Her ankle wasn't injured, so he just helped her knead it in some bandages, just in case.

On their way back, Brian was about to speak, "Janet..." But then hesitated when he glanced at her.

Janet shook her head, and said, "Brian, thanks for taking me to the hospital. I feel much better now."

At The Royal Mansion

"Janet, please don't weep for him any more, " finally spoke Brian. He lifted Janet from the car and could not help holding her in his arms.

He also felt his heart break when he saw her look so painful.

Janet didn't refuse his loving embrace, and gently leaned on his shoulder, and said, "OK."

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