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   Chapter 57 Who's the Owner of the Samoyed Outside in the Garden

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Janet's name was just mentioned, and she felt very nervous for a while; she then stood up alongside Brian. After nodding to the guests, she spoke in a tender voice, "Grandpa Han, thank you, and also many thanks to all the honorable guests present here. A lot of you are accomplished elders, and please forgive me if you find that my cake is not good enough."

"You, the Shao family's girl, are so modest. I've heard that your shop is always crowded and the monthly business turnover is good, and that's because the owner works very hard and is serious with each and every one of her cakes." Wesley Si, the general officer, first spoke. He now had to support this girl, as she was the sworn daughter of his cousin.

After Charles Han and Wesley Si's praises went to Janet, the other guests present also followed their examples and made their compliments: "The Shao family's girl has both her father's and mother's best genes, and she boldly started her own bakery at such an early age. That is not an easy task to accomplish, indeed!"

"Right, my granddaughter has bought desserts from her shop, and they tasted really good."

"Mr. Han made Janet Shao a special introduction. Does that mean that she could maybe get married with Brian very soon?"

"Aren't they top gossip these days on the Internet? It said online that they are actually boyfriend and girlfriend."

"The Shao family and Han family, if they are united under this marriage, their power will be very great."


With a decent smile on her face, Janet sat down beside Brian and finally relaxed.

There were so many elders here that she had to be extra careful and not to make any more trouble. If she were to offend anyone of these elders, that would count as big bad joke coming on her behalf and of her family's!

Daniel still kept calm and silent in the midst of all these discussions. Even when someone happened to casually mention Janet's name to him, he still showed little or no care, as if that was the name of an unknown person.

Then the guests began to take their forks in their hands and had a try of Janet's cake; so did Daniel. He sliced the cake into three pieces and then put one of it into his mouth.

Kate began to feel a little uneasy, as she knew that Daniel didn't eat any sweets at all.

Even when they were engaged in social or business-like activities, he never touched the desserts in the hotels.

But now...

When the dinner was almost at it's end, Janet gave Brian a notice and then she left her seat at the table to go to the lady

an and Bill together held the Samoyed dog under control, and when Janet finally could stand back up on her feet, her face was all pale.

When they heard the noises, the security guards came to their aid, "Go and ask the dog's owner to come here!" And before the two guards even had a chance to open their mouths, Brian had already shouted the order to them.

The Samoyed still wanted to bite him, but its snout was gripped tight in Brian's hands.

For Brian, the Samoyed dog was a piece of cake; once, when he was in a mission, he had fought a wolf with his own bare hands.

"Yes, Mr. Han." the guards answered.

"Wait, I'm coming with you." Bill glanced at Janet, who was now shivering with fear, and then furiously strode inside the dinning hall with the security guards.

Pets horrified Janet because she had been bitten by a dog with rabies virus when she was only ten years old.

If it were not for the doctors arriving in time, she would have been infected with the virus.

In the dinning hall, Bill, wearing a cold face, as well as the two guards who followed him behind, attracted everyone's attention.

"Who's the owner of the Samoyed outside in the garden? Stand up, now!"

Bill's anger was obvious on his face, and Charles frowned, and slightly cautioned him, "Bill, mind your words!"

"Grandpa, Jane has been attacked by the Samoyed dog, how can I mind my words?"

What Bill had just said made all of the people in the dinning hall burst into an uproar.

Kate's heart trembled, and she tightly held Daniel's hand. Then, she stood up from her seat, and admitted, "It's my dog."

Daniel got free of her hand and seemed to be emanating a sort of icy-cold aura.

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