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   Chapter 56 How Could Two Good Friends Ever Get Married

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Janet, who was standing aside and looking at Bill, tittered and replied to him, "Sure I've missed you."

"Oh. Jane, I love you so much! Eh? Jane, when have you become so stiff?" asked Bill. He felt puzzled, and when he looked up he saw Brian's cold, stiff face, which almost made him throw away the bunch of roses he held in his arms.

He also heard people around him slightly laughing and mocking him.

He then felt embarrassed, and loosened Brian instantly, asking, "Brian, why are you hugging me?"

"It was you who rushed over to hug me in the first place!" replied Brian. He also gave Bill a look.

With his swarthy face a little twisted from the amount of training he was going through, Bill snorted and then gave the roses in his arms to Janet, who was standing next to him, as if he presented to her the dearest of treasures. "Jane, look. These are the pink roses I managed to order from abroad. Do they exceed your expectations? Are you surprised? Do you like them?" asked Bill.

Janet, who was now looking at the pink bouquet, released Brian's arm and took the roses.

"Hum, yes, I like them, " replied Janet. Maybe Bill was the only one in the whole world who knew that she loved pink roses. He was also the only one who had given her pink roses since her return home to C Country.

She was enjoying smelling the fresh scent of the rare, pink roses. She, indeed, loved their faint smell.

Standing opposite her, Bill was still talking about the roses, "... There are nine roses in total in the bouquet. They are sending out the faint scent now. I know you will..."

And then, Janet suddenly gave Bill a big hug, which surprised everyone around them.

With a cool expression glaring in his eyes, Brian stared at the pink roses in Janet's arms, seeming to know something.

What was really going on? Was Janet Brian's girlfriend? Why did she hug Bill just now? Or did they think of it too much? Was it really just a hug?

Bill was flabbergasted, and tried hard to utter the last two words of his phrase, "Like it."

'Who is hugging me? Is it Jane? Yes, that's true. My lovely Jane is really hugging me!" thought Bill.

But just when Bill was ecstatic and was about to hug her back, Janet left her embrace, and said, "Bill, you really are a good friend!"

On hearing her words, everyone felt relieved, while Bill, who was in ecstasy just a moment ago, began to be more and more morose.

"Come on, I have so much to tell you. Please, follow me, " said Bill. And after he finished these words, he dragged Janet towards the back gate, but was soon stopped by Brian.

"Don't go anywhere yet. Grand

eard his grandfather say that the cake had been made by Janet personally, Bill regretted that he was now too full to eat not even a single bite more.

It was a three-layered giant white cake, with a birthday peach on the top made out of cream. The peach was sprinkled with some edible pink powder.

And there were some words written near the peach: "We wish grandpa Han only good health and to be forever young!"

The cake's edges were coated with cheese, and decorated with a red floral border. And there was even some peach-shaped little frostings surrounding the cake's floral border.

Even though it wasn't as masterfully build as a cake made by a master pastry chef, it looked, indeed, quite appetizing.

All people sat at their places at the long tables, and then the waiters began to serve the dishes in an orderly way. And there were even a few more waiters who were in charge of exclusively serving the birthday cake.

When they walked up to Kate and Daniel, who were now talking with two retired military officers, the waiters said, "Mr. Si and Miss Song, please enjoy the cake."

Kate hesitated for a moment, but then took a piece of cake and put it in front of Daniel.

Daniel, who kept on talking with the two military officers, just briefly glanced at the cake.

Kate took a deep breath and asked the waiter to also serve her one piece.

Then Charles began saying a few words, which quickly silenced all the other people who were talking at that moment.

"Thank you for coming to my birthday anniversary. The cake in front me was baked by Janet Shao personally. Please have a taste of it. And if any of you thinks that it tastes magnificent, I welcome your support to this girl who has just started her own business."

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