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   Chapter 55 You're My Boyfriend

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But soon enough, the comment was lost and was covered among the other ones. She clicked on Eagle's account page and found out that his posts were all about affairs regarding the military. She knew who he was now.

She sighed and left it alone.

But then, his background information was then searched by the other net users and his comment was pinned to the top.

Janet had no choice but to write him back, "Brian, thank you!"

Just those three words were enough to make the post sweet, without knowing why.

Maybe it was because a lot of comments wrote that the two of them were actually displaying their love in public.

'Forget it, I don't want to read any more comments, they make me kind of bitter, ' Janet thought.

Logging off the Weibo, she went to bed and quickly fell asleep.

In the study room of Mansion No. 9

The room was filled with cigarette smoke, and Daniel was sitting in front of his desk with half a cigarette between his lips and browsing the recent Weibo posts.

The ashtray next to him was already filled with more than ten cigarette butts.

He smoked one more cigarette, and then another...

The two eyes in the picture looking at the mango were like enemies to him.

After some time, he stubbed out another cigarette, logged off his Weibo account, and called Kate.

"Daniel, haven't you gone to bed already? It's late!"

Kate was surprised to receive a call from Daniel at this late time at night.

"Kate, if you ever dare to touch my phone again, I'll leave you!"

The woman's satisfaction was stopped all of a sudden, and she felt heart-broken, "Daniel, but you're my boyfriend. I just posted on Weibo, what's the matter?"

The comment was actually written by Kate herself. She had stolen his phone when he was too busy to notice.

"You should already know why you're my girlfriend. If you're aware of that, then don't try to ask for more than you should, " said Daniel. Kate was only like his first girlfriend...

Then Janet had come into his life and he never had to think of this anymore.

Kate thought of what Daniel had talked to her that night and she forced out a faint smile on the phone, "I understand, Daniel. Sleep tight."

When she had finished talking with Daniel on the phone, Kate held Kelsen in her arms, which she had just bathed. She was touching its soft fur when she came up with a marvelous idea.

At Caesar Palace

There were many policemen dressed as civilians, still wearing their guns at their waists, patrolling the surroundings.


osite to her kept his silence during the whole conversation and didn't seem to want to open his mouth any time soon. So Janet just returned a smile, and said, "Then I congratulate Miss Song and brother Daniel in advance now, and I wish them only happiness. Let's go now, Brian."

Then Brian looked at Janet and smiled, "OK."

Janet's behavior won everyone's praise and compliments.

"Who said that Samuel's daughter is distasteful? Just look at her, her manners are so good. She really is a well-brought-up lady."

"I've heard that Janet Shao was very wayward not long ago. Did you know that? I also hear that she's good at kickboxing."

"No matter what happened before with her, she is performing so elegantly on this special occasion today. She moves with such social grace."

Two military officer wives were talking and nodding to each other, while looking at Janet's back.

After Janet and Brian had made their greetings to Charles, they turned around and were just about to go on their way.

"Jane, my dear Jane!" A voice attracted everyone's attention, and Janet was surprised to see a boy in the distance running towards her.


Bill, who was also dressed in his military uniform, was holding a pink rose bouquet and was striding towards Janet.

Charles let out a heavy cough to remind Bill to take care of his manners, but he ignored it and was just about ready to give Janet a big hug.

Brian immediately pushed Janet to the side and, without even expecting it, Bill dropped to Brian's arms and held him tightly.

"Jane, oh I missed you very much! Have you missed me? Well, have you?" spoke Bill while he was indulging himself in "Janet's" hug.

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