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   Chapter 54 Mr. Si Actually Showing His Affection in Public

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Sven glanced at Janet with a confused look on his face, and said, "She knows that you don't love me and I don't love you either. Why does she mind it then?"

"Because a girl doesn't want her boyfriend to talk with other girls who aren't related to him by blood."

"Oh, stop, you've made me even more confused. Jane, you're my sister. I don't think of that too much!" Janet's words had knocked Sven senseless.

"Fine!" said Janet, "Sven, you're nice to me, and I should be nice to you too in return. I'll make some more mousse cakes for you, your parents, and Angela!" Janet then left Sven, put on a pair of disposable gloves, and started focusing on work again.

The Cake Shop was just opened and was doing well; all cakes were soon sold.

Moreover, many people had ordered their cakes in advance.

Janet was very busy and most of her time was being spent in the shop. She knew she couldn't go on like this for much longer. So while she was learning with the master baker her father had hired, she also hired two new apprentices, who already knew the basics, and taught them baking skills.

In the military camp, Bill and Brian's subordinates often had desserts brought over for their meals.

Today, Brian again brought Bill a piece of refined chocolate cake. Bill pushed it away with aversion, and murmured, "I don't like the bitter-sweet taste. Could you please stop playing tricks on me?"

Brian picked up the cake's box, walked outside, and said, "Janet has started her own bakery recently, and she made this cake all by herself. I was going to bring it to you to relief some of your stupid lovesickness. But, since you don't like it, forget about it."

But when Brian was at the door, he was dragged back by Bill, who then took back the cake box and cheerfully said, "Bro, why didn't you say this from the beginning! Here, take my living expense this month. Take it and bring me a piece of cake every day!"

Brian put the money back into Bill's pocket, and said, "I'm busy."

'Don't be so ridiculous. I'd hate to create opportunities for you, ' thought Brian.

But Bill wasn't stupid either. He curled his lips, and murmured, "I know you don't want Janet to know she will always have my back if she ever needs it. Bro, you can't do this to me!"

Brian adjusted his hat and then gave him an oblique look. "I can't?" said Brian, "Then I won't bring you not even a single piece of cake from now on!"

After hearing his words, Bill immediately held his shoulder and flashed him a flattering smile, "Bro, I was wrong. Please forgive me. I'll run five kilometers later! Please!"

Brian shook him off, straightened his body with decency and then left the room.

Jane's Cake Shop was on the right track business wise, and Samuel and Ella again went on travelling around the world with John.

Janet now looked at the empty mansion, feeling more lonely than ever. Jerry and Sally had moved outside of the house after getting married. She was left alone, all by herself now.

One day, Janet received a special order from Brian.

As his grandfather General Han was going to have his 90th birthday soon, he wanted to order a special birthday cake from Janet's bakery.

"The last birthday party grandfather had was his 80th. This time, I want to surprise him. Janet, could you please make him a birthday cake and come to his birthday party with me? Grandfather will sure to be happy if you are there." Brian slowly drove the military car in the Royal Mansion Neighborhood with Janet sitting in the passengers seat.

"Why did you ask me to attend grandpa's birthday party?" she asked.

"There will be many friends at my grandfather's birthday party. How about you attend the party as my female companion?" As far as he knew, Janet had no contact with Daniel Si at all recently, which made him very happy.

Janet hesitated for a moment. If she attended the party as Brian's female companion, everyone might consider that she was Brian's girlfriend. "

I don't think it's appropriate, " Janet said.

The car stopped in front of Mansion No. 8 and Brian turned off its engine. He then adjusted Janet's collar, and said, "Don't think too much about it. You're only attending my grandfather's birthday party. It's no big deal, Bill will also be there."

Janet again hesitated for a while, but finally nodded her head, and said, "But I'm only skilled at making small desserts, I'm not good at making cakes. I'm afraid..."

Cakes in her shop were made by the master baker hired by her father. Indeed, she could make cakes, but they weren't incredible.

Brian got out of the car first, opened the front-passenger door for her and then helped her get out of the car.

"Nevermind. It's just the thought that counts. Grandfather is sure to be happy with your cake." A gust of wind suddenly messed her hair.

Brian tucked it back behind her ears.

But then a Rolls-Royce slowly came towards them on the alley, and its headlights were suddenly turned on, revealing Janet and Brian.

Janet clearly saw Spark and the man sitting on the back seat.

She quickly looked away in the opposite direction, and the Rolls-Royce passed them.

'Daniel and I are strangers, ' thought Janet, who then felt a sudden shrieking pain in her heart.

"Janet?" Brian, filled with bitterness now, called her. He also saw who the man in the car was.

Janet came to her senses again, and said, "OK. When is the birthday party?"

"The party will be held at Caesar Palace the night after tomorrow. I've booked the whole first and second floors, and I heard grandfather had invited his army friends and some businessmen. Don't worry about the media, I've asked the security staff to ban any media from entering the venue." He hadn't seen the specifics yet, which were listed by his grandfather.

"I got it, " answered Janet.

"You've been busy for the whole day. Go to bed early tonight, " said Brian. After seeing Janet enter the mansion, Brian started the car and then drove off.

Janet took a quick shower and felt sleepy. She had been so busy recently that she couldn't bear it anymore.

She lay in the bed and played for a while with her mobile phone.

She opened her Weibo and started viewing the hot topics in the news.

The topic ranking No. 1 in the polls was posted by Kate Song, which wrote, "Thank you for all your support." She then added a red heart emoji at the end of the post.

She also posted nine pictures. In the middle picture, she was wearing a sky-blue evening dress and stood on a stage, with her hand in Daniel's.

The rest of the eight pictures were selfies, in which she looked powerful and confident.

The first comment came from Daniel. There was not a single word in this comment, but only a rose emoji, which seemed to speak out for itself.

Netizens were all wailing mournfully at his comment, "Mr. Si actually showing his affection in public!"

"I'm so envious of Kate Song, the first lady, " wrote a comment.

"I wish you both a lifetime of happiness, " said another comment.

Janet felt sad and immediately quit the topic. She continued to scroll the news on Weibo but saw nothing of interest.

'What about posting a picture?' thought Janet. She got up from the bed and took a picture of the mango mousse cake she had brought back home.

There were mango and mango blossoms on the top of the cake.

"The five petals of the mango blossoms stand for the five arrows of Kamadeva, the god of love. I hope someday I will go to India and worship the goddess Saraswati, " she wrote.

She clicked the "Send" button and instantly regretted within one minute. She didn't know since when she had become so irrational.

Thousands of comments immediately came pouring in on her post. She searched them for a long time, but didn't see the comment that she really wanted to see.

Janet felt frustrated, but then saw a comment from a netizen called "Eagle", which wrote, "I'll take you there."

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