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   Chapter 53 We Weren't at all Like Brother and Sister

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"Daniel has a girlfriend, but Janet still falls in love with him and you also love Janet. Oh, I really can't understand what you young people are thinking about these days!" Charles Han sighed.

"Grandpa, don't worry; I know what to do and I won't force Janet to love me, but it will be the best for her to give up Daniel." Brian was willing to wait for her as long as she would forget about Daniel.

Charles nodded, "Your affair has become very public now. I have asked someone to delete all the news about it, and I saw that Janet also posted an appeal on the Internet for the press to stop it's harassment. From now on you have to be careful, and try not to get in any conflicts with Daniel."

They all knew why Brian had been demoted in his rank. If Daniel hadn't called Mr. Si, the general officer, Brian would not have been demoted.

He had Brian demoted to Major.

But frankly speaking, Brian could only blame himself for what had happened.

"I understand, grandfather." But Brian wasn't ready to admit his defeat so easily, and would not give up just yet.

"I'm guessing Daniel loves the Shao's daughter, judging from the fact that he went to lengths to speak with me and offend me." Charles's view on things was very reasonable, which struck Brian's heart.

"Anyway, I'll still fight for the woman I truly love." He didn't want to regret anything, and even if he would fail in his attempts, at least he knew he tried.

Charles nodded, "I will support you, I kind of like Janet too. You are composed and silent, while she is lively and extrovert. It's good to be complementary to one another in a relationship. Bill is not the right fit for Janet. Don't forget, I'm not doing this for you."

Bill had the same character as Janet's, he was lively and extrovert. But he was not composed. Charles thought that a boy must be composed.

Receiving his grandfather's support and blessing, Brian smiled and thanked him.

"OK, then. Now, how is Bill going nowadays?" He had managed to get Bill enlisted in the troops, and he had warned him that if he ever dared to let him down, he would break his legs.

Talking about his cousin Bill, Brian smiled, and said, "He was very rash in the beginning, but then that was maybe because that he got to know my feelings towards Janet. I think this brought pressure on him to compete with me in rank, and as lately he's been doing quite well."

Charles nodded with satisfaction, "Keep an eye on him, and tell him that if he ever becomes an upstanding and excellent man, he will have everything in the world and he'll even meet a better woman than Janet."

"OK, I'll tell him, grandpa."

"And go to visit your mother, she's always talking of you and Maggie these days." Maggie Han was Brian's younger sister studying abroad.

"OK, grandfather. I'll go now."

Brian left the house and then went in its back and entered another, where his mother lived in.

He found his mother asleep, and Brian just covered her with the quilt and then went away.

The following day, a journalist got to interview Charles Han, through some inner relations.

The journalist asked about his comments on the recent event, and Charles simply replied, "Both of them are not married yet, and it is absolutely no problem if luck will ever bring them together."

In other words, the Han family actually admitted the relationship between Janet and Brian.

Also, when Samuel got interviewed, he said, "It doesn't matter with whom my daughter will end up with, I just hope that in the end she'll be well and happy."

'Jane is always causing me trouble; doesn't she want to be together with Daniel? Why did she had to stir things up with Brian?' thought Samuel.

He had to ask his daughter.

After Charles Han and Samuel Shao's replies to the news reporters were posted online, Janet and Brian instantly became a famous couple over the Internet.

But, in reality, Janet felt helpless, and wondered why they had to arrange a boyfriend for her?

Janet considered Brian an elder brother.

But she also knew Brian's true feelings towards her, and she couldn't deny them all out in the open. Yes, she could tell him of her feelings in private, but she couldn't be so cruel as to refuse him on the

Internet in front of millions of users.

After business trip abroad which lasted half a month, Daniel finally came back and the first news that welcomed him was that of Janet and Brian being together.

He found out from his mother Lola, who felt heart-broken.

"Why did you insist you have this Kate Song and miss on Jane, who is such a good girl. Now the Han family stole her! Oh, Daniel, you really infuriate me to death!"

Daniel looked at his mother with a blank stare, and said: "Mother, if you like her so much, why don't you get married with her yourself."

Kicking away the chair, he left without even having dinner.

Seeing her son and how he reacted, Lola was so angry that she went out to take a walk and have some fresh air.

When Harry caught up with his wife, he questioned her why she had left out all by herself, ignoring him.

"I'm angry at you too because you have a no-good of a son!"


Janet's cake shop was spruced up, it's style combining both Chinese and Western styles, and it served both Chinese cakes and Western baked cakes as well.

The shop's name was "Jane's Cake Shop".

On the day of it's opening, a lot of people brought her presents in person, while others sent them through Samuel and Ella.

Sven, putting on a white hat and a mouth mask, kept looking at Janet, who was seriously caught up in working on her desserts and baked cakes.

"Jane, what is this? It looks really good, " asked Sven.

Inside the small box there was a cake colored in black and white, with some blueberries and ornaments on it, which really could arouse one's appetite while looking at it.

"It's called Frona Mousse Cup."

Janet then cut it with her bread knife.

"Come and have a taste out of it!" Janet handed him a slice.

Sven was actually not quite fond of desserts, but this one was made by Janet herself, and he of course would have a go at it.

"Wow, it's delicious, Jane! Just so you know, I haven't regretted at all breaking up with my girlfriend because of you." Sven thought of his narrow-minded girlfriend and started feeling angry.

"Because of me?" she asked. Janet's eyes then became bigger, and then she looked at Sven who showed not even the slightest care about it.

How was it that she had broken up a couple's relationship and she was completely unaware if it?

"Yes, the last time you called me, she not only answered in my place, but also asked me not to contact you any longer! Would it have been possible for me not to keep in touch with my sister any longer? No. And she had also insisted that we weren't at all like brother and sister, but that we were more than that, that we were intimate with each other!"

Jane and Sven had been friends since childhood and they had grown up together. His mother had even wanted him to be Jane's boyfriend, so that she could be her daughter-in-law.

But both of them had made it clear that they hadn't any such feelings towards each other, so his mother had to give up on the idea.

Sven took Jane as his sister, just as his real sister, Angela, and this was good enough for him.

Janet thought of her call to Sven the last time and pondered on this for a moment, then she said, "We're like brother and sister indeed, but you'd better keep a distance with me to avoid arousing any misunderstandings. If your girlfriend doesn't want you to contact me, then just do as she tells you to. I don't want to become an obstacle in your way to find a girlfriend and leave you single for the rest of you life." That would be a serious sin for her that she could never forgive herself for.

She would feel so ashamed for her other sworn father, Chuck, and sworn mother, Daisy, and also for his sister, Angela... She would have felt sorry for a lot of people.

"I don't give a rat's ass about such a narrow-minded girl, and, unlike her, my Jane is always so generous. If your boyfriend will have a sworn sister and treat her well, will you mind it?" Sven put down the mousse cup and rested his hands on Janet's shoulder in a brotherly manner.

Janet pondered on this question, and she visualized in her mind that if Daniel had another sworn sister and if he treated her well. Then She answered, "Yes, of course I will mind!"

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