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   Chapter 52 Marriage Between Two Rich and Powerful Families

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After Ella spoke, all looks were then set on Janet.

... Janet choked on the piece of rib she was eating, spat it out, and then gulped a glass of juice.

'What's wrong with them these days? Why do both Daniel and mother think I'm pregnant?' thought Janet, even more puzzled by each passing moment.

She also felt very offended. How could she ever get pregnant during her period?

With a snap, Samuel put down his chopsticks on his plate.

"Jane, are you pregnant?" Sally asked. When she heard this, Sally, who was sitting opposite to Janet, was bewildered, and looked at Janet, who was starting to choke on her food.

Daniel was also eating his food, but slowed down and eventually stopped.

When she could speak again, Janet said to her mother, "Mother, I'm your daughter. How can you think that I'm pregnant? You make me feel ashamed of myself and will also ruin my reputation. Have you forgotten already that I've been to the hospital a couple of days ago because of my period?"

Both Samuel and Ella felt relieved when they heard her. 'That's right. How could she get pregnant during her period?' thought Ella.

"But what's wrong with you? Isn't the food I cooked not delicious?" In fact, Ella was good at cooking, so she was even more puzzled at her daughter's response.

Janet felt even more upset and didn't know how to explain to them that she felt ill because of what had happened in Daniel's bathroom last night.

"No. The food you made is, as always, very delicious, mom. Look, " spoke Janet.

With these words, she picked up some braised prawns with her chopsticks from a plate placed in front of her, and thought, 'I'll eat whatever I want and like.'

When they saw Janet enjoying the food, the others continued eating and soon the overall atmosphere around the dining-table was back to normal again.

Daniel, who never spoke during the meal, didn't utter a single word and finished his lunch in complete silence.

After the lunch, Janet and Sally were holding John and playing with him on the creeping mat in the living room.

"Sally, how are you and my brother getting on?" asked Janet. Since Jerry had caught Sally and had taken her back home last time, they had never talked about their wedding ceremony.

Sally blushed a little, and then whispered in Janet's ear, "Jerry said that it was all my fault and there would never be a wedding ceremony for me."

"He can't do this to you! I must get a chance to reason with him!" said Janet. A marriage was not entirely complete without a proper wedding ceremony. After all, two of the most important things in a woman's life are to find the man who truly loves her and have a happy wedding.

The two women kept whispering to each other. Samuel, when h

s excellent older grandson, and said, "Brian, are you in a relationship with Janet now?"

Through his troops, Brian had already learned about the news on the Internet.

"No. I'm chasing her, to be honest, but she hasn't accepted me yet, " replied Brian. Charles began to look morose.

"Is it true that they shot your photograph while entering the hotel with her?" asked Charles.

"Yes, it's true, but nothing happened between us. In order to protect her reputation, I didn't bring her to my house, but took her to the hotel instead and then directly left. The media is just stirring up trouble, not explaining that I returned to the hotel the following morning, " said Brian.

The media had just wrote some fantastic news drafts to attract people's attention, without caring about another's reputation.

After he listened to Brian's words, Charles went silent for a while, and then, with his hands behind his back, he looked out the window in the night, and said, "Janet, indeed, has superior tastes. First she turned down my younger grandson, and now she also refused my outstanding older grandson. What on earth does she want?"

He could see that Janet was a careful and considerate girl, but he still wondered why she turned down his outstanding older grandson.

"Grandfather, she, in fact, already has a crush on someone, " spoke Brian. He told Charles all about it; there was no need for him to hide.

When he heard this, Charles got curious, and turned around to ask Brian, "Who?"

'Could he be...' thought Charles.

Brian, when he glanced at his grandfather's expression, knew that his grandfather perhaps had guessed who the crush was, and replied, "Yes, grandfather, that's him; Daniel Si."

With his arms crossed over his chest, Charles sat on the sofa and seemed to be thinking about something.

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