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   Chapter 51 Janet, Are You Pregnant

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"OK, but I still want to sleep for a while longer, " said Janet. She was even more sleepy now, and even if she still had to go to work, she still wouldn't get up until seven o'clock.

Her lovely childish look made Brian smile, "OK, you sleep for a while longer, I'll wait for you to get up, " said Brian, then pointing at the sofa where he went to sit and wait.

Janet fell asleep again, and at about eight o'clock she woke up again. Brian was watching some military training on the TV with the volume cut off.

"Brian, what's the time?" asked Janet in a hoarse voice.

Brian looked at his wristwatch and then turned around, "It's ten minutes to eight now."

"Oh no, I'm late!" She was late for work!

But then she stopped and remembered of the quarrels she had with Daniel last evening and remembered that she didn't have to go to work anymore.

Brian walked towards her, and asked, "Are you going to work today?"

"No, not now at least, " said Janet, shaking her head.

Brian seemed to understand what was happening, and said, "You can put some clothes on you now, I'll go out and ask the receptionist to send you some breakfast."

The door then closed and Janet crawled out of her quilt and took out the clothes out of the bag.

She found a white dress, a long and pink coat, and some white underpants.

After she dressed in her new clothes, Janet went to the bathroom.

She had left her hair band in Daniel's room last night and now she had to let her hair fall over her shoulders.

Brushing her teeth and looking at herself in the mirror, Janet began to remember of what happened in Daniel's bathroom.

Her face kept flushing red while she was washing it.

Janet and Brian had breakfast together and then left the hotel. "Where are you going now, I'll drive you there, " said Brian.

Getting in the military vehicle, Brian looked at the woman beside him fastening the belt in the passenger's seat.


She went home because she didn't have to go to work anymore.

"Where do you live?"

"Mansion No. 8, in the Royal Mansion Neighborhood."

She gave him the address while Brian glanced at her with a meaningful look. He then started the car without adding anything more.

At the mansion's gate

Janet jumped out of the huge Audi military car. She said, "Brian, thank you! Please remember to contact me when you're free. I need to treat you with a meal and drinks for all your help."

Brian nodded, "Go in now, I'll be sure to get in touch with you when I'm free."

He, of course, would not miss any chance to meet with her again.

Then they parted, and after Brian saw Janet entering her house, he left.

While he was turning his car around, he saw a man in the backseat of a Rolls-Royce who just happened to be passing by; that man was Daniel, and he had a face that was as cold as ice.

They glanced at one another through their car windows without uttering a single word. Brian left first.

At the SL Group

Daniel walked gracefully into his company, took a look at his watch and saw that he had arrived one hour later than usual. He arrived later on purpose.

At the 88th floor

Getting out of the elevator, Daniel quickly walked to his office. When he passed by the secretary division, he saw that the desk in the corner was empty.

Instantly his heart saddened and his face darkened, and then he opened his office door.

Everyone in the secretary division on the 88th floor was nervous and behaved at their best the whole morning, taking care not to make even the slightest of sounds.

That was because Mr. Si seemed to be very irritated, and they knew that anything might trigger his rage and temper at any given moment.

When it was almost noon, Daniel's phone rang, and he answered it: "Hello, mother*."

(*TN: here mother is sworn mother)

"Daniel, have you left for your business trip?" she asked. Ella wondered as she spoke on the phone and saw her daughter's closed bedroom door.

Janet had locked herself in the bedroom the moment she had returned to the house.

"Not yet, the flight is

at three o'clock this afternoon." Daniel opened one of his desk drawers and took out the two airplane tickets. But now one of them was useless, and it could be torn apart.

"OK, then, " she said, "I've been cooking. Why not come to our place and have lunch together with us?"

Daniel hesitated for a while, then Ella said, "But never mind if you're busy. Let's have lunch together after your return."

"No, no, it's OK, I'll come over later."

Ella, now more relaxed, said, "Good, we'll be waiting for you then."

"OK, mother*, goodbye."

(*TN: here mother is sworn mother)

After he ended the call, Daniel lit a cigarette and got lost in deep thought.

At noon

"Jane, it's time for lunch now!" There was a childish voice coming from the other side of the door.

Janet put down her phone, got out of the bed, opened the door, and saw her little brother, "John, I told you to call me sister." She held his little brother in her arms and then went downstairs.

"My sister."

"Good boy! And now, how did you climb the stairs up all by yourself?" she asked. 'Mom would never let him climb up the stairs by himself; it's not safe. What happened?' thought Janet.

John took a look at the staircase, and said, "A handsome guy brought me upstairs and then he went back down all by himself."

'A handsome guy? What?'

Janet felt perplexed until she saw him sitting at the table; she then saw who was the man John was talking about earlier.

Upon seeing him, Janet put down her little brother and instantly turned around to go back upstairs in her bedroom.

"Jane, go and help your brother wash his hands, lunch is ready." Ella stopped Janet.

"Mom, I'm not hungry, you enjoy it!" Janet went on going upstairs.

But Samuel came strolling out of the kitchen, and demanded, "Jane, come back, now! Your mother has invited Daniel for lunch and to talk about your business trip this afternoon."

"I'm not going on the trip anymore, I'll go and look for a place for the cake shop this afternoon instead."

Samuel felt puzzled at Janet's words, but then the mansion's doors suddenly opened and Jerry and Sally entered the dining room.

"Jane, come and see who's here!" Jerry saw his sister standing near the staircase and then was pushed aside by the woman standing behind him.

"Sally!" Janet was now smiling and immediately ran downstairs.

The two women embraced each other happily. "Go and wash your hands and let's have lunch!" said Ella, while she came over to them.

Janet couldn't refuse this time. She picked up her brother and then went upstairs with him to the bathroom.

Samuel sat in the middle of the long table, to his right Ella, and then Janet.

And on the opposite side were Jerry, Sally, and Daniel.

Though the table was full of food, Janet had no appetite because of the man sitting diagonally opposite to her.

She thought of what had happened last night, and seeing him made her feel quite uncomfortable.

Ella placed a piece of sweet and sour pork spare rib in her bowl, and said, "Eat something, you look weak."

Janet sluggishly picked up the piece of spare rib with her chopsticks and put it into her mouth. Just at that moment, she met with Daniel's eyes, and all of a sudden remembered what had happened between them in the bathroom.

Her face flushed in an instant and was just about to drop the spare rib, but Daniel cast a cold glare on her and Janet shrunk and then forced herself to eat the spare rib.

She covered her mouth as she felt her stomach revolting with the piece of food.

But the man was still looking at her and torturing her with his sharp eyes that Janet had nothing else to do but to continue to chew on the small piece of food.

Last night's scene now became clearer and clearer in Janet's mind, under Daniel's glares.

Then again she felt the piece of food revolting in the stomach, which made Samuel suspicious. He asked, "Jane, what's the matter with you?"

Janet shook her head, but Ella squinted her eyes at her daughter, and said: "You seem like... Janet, are you pregnant?"

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