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   Chapter 50 You Won't be Allowed to Get Close to Me Anymore

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"Janet, did Daniel... do anything to you?" After his hard day finally ended, Brian lit a cigarette and smoked it in his car.

It took a long time for him to finally make up his mind whether he should call Janet or not.

She was shivering from the cold, outside Daniel's mansion. When she heard him, she sobbed at his concern, "No. Brian, are you still at work?"

"No, I've just finished. Janet, what happened to you?" he asked. When he heard her crying, Brian immediately put out his cigarette and got out of the car.

Janet looked around her. It was dark and late, "Can you pick me up?" she asked. "I can't go home."

She wasn't afraid of being lectured by her parents, but she just didn't want to worry them in any way. And also, if they ever saw her dressed like this, who knows what they might think happened to her?

"OK, where are you now? I'm already on the way." He looked at his watch, and it was almost 12 PM. He had to step on it.

"... I'm still at the No. 9 mansion... I'm at the door." She looked with morose eyes at the lights of the mansion's second floor. They were on. But the light that was once kindled in her heart, off.

"Wait for me, " Brian said. Brian then hung up the phone and rushed towards Daniel's No.9 villa.

Half an hour later, when Janet was almost numb by the cold, a military vehicle stopped in front of the gate.

"Janet!" It was Brian.

"Here!" Janet stood up from the marble staircase; she could barely feel her legs anymore.

Unable to move a single step forward, she almost fell on her knees.

When he saw her, Brian cut across the garden and ran to help her.

When he saw what Janet was wearing on her, Brian, who was always calm and collected, nearly staggered on his feet and fell in the garden.

When he finally came back to his sense, Brian took off his military coat and covered her with it.

He lifted her up on her feet and then strode towards his car.

Janet started to shiver the moment he gently put her on the back seat of his vehicle. She felt better when Brian turned on the car's heat.

And then they left the mansion's grounds.

Back in the study on the second floor, Daniel furiously kicked the chair and then smashed his computer screen.

'Janet, sometimes you can be so cunning, and cajoling. Why didn't you say something nice to me tonight? You must have been dying to see that man!

Oh, you wanna leave? Then leave! But if you leave, never come back!'

At the Westin Five-Star Hotel

Brian parked his military vehicle in the hotel's parking lot.

He then entered it, booked a room, and then picked Janet up from the back seat of his car.

His military uniform was extremely noticeable and eye-catching, and now he was lifting in his arms a woman with her legs bare; everyone turned their heads around to see them.

Janet had burrowed her face into his chest and hid under his coat.

OMG, this was so embarrassing for both of them.

In the presidential suite on the 12th floor

Brian put Janet down on the bed, tucked her in and turned on the heat in the room.

He sat by the bed and looked at Janet, who now was huddled under the quilt with only her head showing, "He... What did he do to you?" asked Brian.

Janet and Daniel were not just simple friends.

And perhaps Daniel was the one she cared about. When he thought of this, Brian lowered his head to cover the anguish rushing up in his eyes.

Janet blushed, "Nothing. But now I've broken all ties with him for good."

"Janet, you love him, right?" Brian fixed her messy hair. 'Is there a chance for me to ever w

in her heart?' he wondered.

Janet covered her head. She was clearly not in the mood to talk about this.

"Brian, thank you, I'll treat you with a big meal tomorrow. Go to sleep now. Good night!" said Janet.

Brian smiled while uncovering her head out of the quilt, "Sleep tight. I'll bring you some clothes tomorrow morning."

Brian then stood up from the bed and was just about to leave.

But Janet then gripped his wrist, "Don't bother, Brian, I will call my brother tomorrow."

Brian looked at her fair hand and then smiled. He put her hand back under the quilt, "It's okay. I'm free tomorrow morning, anyway."

"No, Brian, I already caused you too much trouble." He had been demoted because of her. She would always remember his kindness in her mind.

Brian bent down and kissed her on the forehead, "Sleep well."

Janet held her breath, and dully nodded, "Oh, OK."

Daniel had kissed her many times, but he had never been so gentle as Brian was...

Brian carefully checked the room and made sure that everything around was in order; he then left.

The room was now quiet.

Janet sat up, and sadly looked at the shirt on her. She could still feel his scent coming from it...

'If you walk out of this house now, you won't be allowed to get close to me anymore.'

His voice haunted her.

She got out of bed, pulled back the window curtains, and looked ahead on the street. It was almost one o'clock in the morning, and the city was still brightly lit with colors.

For a while, she stared blankly at the streets.

When she snapped out of it, she drew back the curtains and unbuttoned the shirt. The white shirt fell on the floor without giving out any sound.

Janet threw the shirt into the trash and then went back to the bed and fell asleep.

Early in the morning, someone was ringing the room's doorbell.

Janet woke up, turned over in bed, and then went back to sleep again.

Her mobile phone rang, and feeling even more annoyed, Janet picked it up, and said, "Hello, what do you want? I'm trying to get some much-needed sleep. This would better be something important, or else I might have to kill you!"

Outside the hotel room's door, after Brian had been bombarded on the phone by her complaints, he burst into laughter.

"It's me, open the door."

He looked at the time, and it was a little over 6 am. 'Did I come too early?'

'Oh, it's Brian.' Janet quickly turned over again and then fell out of the bed and on the floor screaming.

"Janet, what happened?"

She was now massaging her aching hip, "Nothing, nothing, ouch it hurts."

"Open the door!"

Janet then slowly got up, "OK." She held her aching hip and then wrapped her naked self in the quilt, and then opened the door.

"Are you all right? Did you fall out of bed?" Brian put aside the bag he was holding and anxiously scanned Janet up and down to see if she was indeed OK.

"It's the bed; it's too small!" Janet complained that it wasn't her fault.

Brian then speechlessly glanced at the 2 meter wide bed, "Does it hurt? Should we go to the hospital?" he asked.

Only Janet could fall out of a two meter wide bed!

"No, it's OK." She then got back in bed.

Brian put the bag with the clothes in it down on the night table, "Get changed first."

Janet briefly looked at the clothes in the bag, "Where did you get these? It's so early in the morning."

"My friend runs a clothes shop, I got them from him. Don't you wanna try them on?" he asked.

Janet would never know that Brian had woken his friend last night just for her and her clothes.

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