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   Chapter 49 I'm Going To Sleep With Him

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"Janet Shao, well done, indeed! I hope you'll get a regular spot among Daniel's other lovers." The daughter of the well-known lawyer Samuel Shao, abandoned her self-esteem just to be man's lover. What a stupid girl!

If this news were to be someday exposed to public, the whole Shao family's reputation would suffer enormously.

"Thank you for your praises. Tell you what, I'll ask Daniel to call you back when he is available. OK? Even the ancient emperors had to treat their lovers fairly, right? If he really doesn't want to speak with you, I'll beg him to at least have pity on you!"

Janet now seemed to showcase how generous she was and how pitiful Kate was!

The reason Kate had called Daniel was because she wanted something from him, but now, in Janet's mind, she seemed to be another grumbling woman.

"Enough!" An angry voice sounded behind her, and then the phone was taken away by Daniel.

Too bad! Janet had so much fun playing with Kate that she didn't even notice when Daniel had came out of the bathroom. She drew back her neck in fear and then looked at Daniel, who now had a long face.

Then she stood up in the bed, held his neck in her hands, and said belligerently, "Don't talk to her!"

She felt uneasy when she saw Daniel and Kate talking to each other on the phone.

Daniel shook off her arms, put the phone over his ear and then went out on the balcony, "Kate."

After hearing Daniel scold Janet, Kate seemed to know what had really happened there and felt more relieved.

Since Daniel knew what Janet had done, she didn't have to relate it to him anymore. 'Daniel would know that I'm a generous girl, ' thought Kate.

"Daniel, there's something wrong with the company. Mr. Xue is unable to provide funds to me anymore. I..."

Daniel leaned against the balcony's handle and looked around the bedroom. Janet puckered her lips and then jumped off the bed.

"Don't worry, that's just a slight issue. Mr. Xue is in jail now. Tomorrow I'll ask Spark to invest some money in Changsheng in the name of the SL Group."

This was exactly what Kate was waiting for him to say. She then spoke in a cheerful voice, "Daniel, thank you!"

"Don't mention it. Is there anything else I can do for you?" Daniel saw Janet put her phone into her bag and open the bedroom door.

He went into the bedroom with his phone.

"There is another problem..."

While listening to Kate's problem, Daniel followed Janet, stopped her, threw her into an empty room, and then locked the door.

"As for this problem, first check your financial accounts, and then ask the manager to..." While Janet was trying to break open the door, Daniel stood in the corridor and casually spoke with Kate on how to solve the problem they were discussing.

Twenty minutes later, Kate raised her lips and said, "Thank you, Daniel. I got it!"

"OK. Have a good night." He was just about to end the call, But Kate stopped him and spoke in a more hesitating tone, "Daniel, I'm your girlfriend. You... Could you... could you stay away from Janet?"

He knew what she meant and he interrupted her, "Don't worry. You're my girlfriend at all times. Don't trouble yourself."

'It turns out that I'm Daniel's girlfriend only officially, but Daniel is fully focused on Janet...' thought Kate.

"Got it. Daniel, good night... I love you."

But what she got in return was only a busy tone.

Kate put down her phone and rubbed her temples. She couldn't figure out Daniel's mind.

Kate had known Daniel

and had a crush on him long before Janet had appeared in his life.

Daniel hadn't rejected her approaching, but had only told her, "Even if I'm with you, what you can only get is my body."

She hadn't understood what this had meant until Janet appeared.

Did Daniel really have a crush on Janet?

That's not right. She had heard that Daniel couldn't ever forget his first love.

But, unfortunately, his first love was forced to marry someone else after he had just left for America to further his education.


She once mentioned her name in front of him, but he warned her in a scowling voice, "Kate Song, I hope I won't hear that name coming from your mouth anymore. If you can't remember this, then get away from me."

Since she had become a CEO, no one had ever dared to speak to her like this. But she never contradicted him again, and she never mentioned about his first love in front of him again.

Maybe Daniel was still in love with her, and it was only Janet's own wishful thinking that brought her close to him.

Come to think of it, Kate felt better. She packed her stuff and left the company.

In Mansion No. 9

No matter how hard Janet battered at the door, there was still no response outside.

"Daniel Si, let me go. If you don't open the door, I'm going to jump..."

The door was open.

Daniel stared at her with a long face, and furiously ordered, "Get out!"

Janet bit her lower lip and said nothing.

She took her bag, raised her head high proud, passed by him and walked towards the staircase.

"Did I said you can leave?"

Janet ignored this wretched man as she climbed down to the first floor.

"Look at your clothes. If you're not frozen to death by morning, you're still going to be raped by the homeless."

Her words stopped Janet. She lowered her head and saw that she only wore one of Daniel's shirts. She gnashed her teeth, and said, "Don't worry. I'm calling Brian. He'll pick me up, and I'm going to sleep with him."

At this moment, Janet was now reflecting on herself, 'I know that Daniel has a girlfriend. Am I really way out of line to pester Daniel like this?'

She took out her phone out of her bag and continued to walk towards the door.

Daniel held his phone tightly in his right hand, and warned her, "If you walk out of this house now, you won't be allowed to get close to me anymore!"

His words made Janet pause for a moment. 'Is he pushing me away only for his girlfriend?' thought Janet.

Janet's eyes turned red, but Daniel couldn't see.

She raised her head proudly, and shouted, "Daniel Si, I don't care! I'm finished with you!"

And within minutes, the door was slammed shut by Janet.

Daniel furiously smashed his phone onto the wall.

"Janet Shao, don't you know right from wrong? Fine, sleep with whoever you want! A girl like you doesn't deserve to be with me!"

Daniel strode into his study, started his computer and connected to the door's CCTV camera.

A small figure was sitting in the corner outside of the villa. The screen on her phone was on, suggesting that she was indeed talking to someone on it.

Janet had intended to call Brian, but didn't do it after some more careful consideration. Brian had already been demoted because of her, and she thought that she had better not bother him anymore.

'A person like me, who always causes troubles, should stay away from the likes of Brian, ' she thought.

However, when she was just about to call Jerry, Brian called her first.

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