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   Chapter 48 It was Daniel Who Begged Me to Come Over Here

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Janet, getting even more distressed by the moment, looked at herself in the mirror and picked up a toothbrush.

She was brushing her teeth again!

When he saw this, Daniel got out of bed and forced her to gargle. After that, he locked the bathroom's door and then he carried her to the bed, "Do you know what will happen when you annoy me?" he asked.

At that moment, Janet became so afraid and helpless that she began sobbing, and said, "Just leave me alone. I want to go home."

This time Daniel had gone too far! She decided not to stay with him anymore.

But how could she get a chance to go home? Daniel just sneered at her words, and then raised her chin with his hand and fiercely glanced at her, "You've tied me up, drawn a turtle and even written the word 'bastard' on my face. Do you think I will let you off so easily, Janet Shao? Don't be so childish!"

Janet was going to apologize to him, but when she heard these words and remembered what he had just done to her, she said, "Now we're even. Let me go!"

"We're even?" asked Daniel ironically. He began to laugh, which stunned Janet even harder.

She suddenly thought that Daniel looked so handsome when he laughed.

However, she began to again despair when he heard his following words: "You're such a childish woman. I won't be so nice to you this time! Until your period ends, I must get back at you in other ways!"

When she heard these words, Janet immediately shouted at him to protect herself: "You are a devil! I don't even know you! Oh, I just want to go home and stay with my mother and father..." and then she began to sob.

While he saw her crying so pitifully, Daniel relented a little in his game.

He laid her down on his bed, hugged her, and then pulled the quilt over both of them. "I will let you go home tomorrow, only if you are an obedient girl and go to sleep."

But she just kicked aside the quilt, and said, "I don't want to sleep. I just want to go home. Now!"

She didn't want to sleep with him in the same bed. This bad man knew only how to bully her.

"Janet Shao, don't be so ungrateful! You will regret it!" Daniel warned her, turned over and pressed her under him.

Janet immediately stopped crying and looked at him: "I'm going to sleep now."

'That does it!' thought Daniel. He held Janet in his arms and again pulled the quilt over them.

But before this, Janet had got out of bed to try to reclaim her phone, and when she opened her bag she saw, by chance, her sanitary pads.

Just then an idea flashed through her mind, which made her titter at her genius.

She then put aside her phone and climbed

phone, she was sitting with her back to the bathroom.

So, when Daniel got out of the bathroom, she was being pleased with herself and her words, not knowing that at all.

"Janet Shao, do you think I will be humiliated by you so easily?" said Kate indignantly. She could get the position in her company today, and that wasn't just because she was the daughter of the former CEO. She indeed had managed to maintain her position at the Changsheng Group for so long through other ways.

"Of course not! I've never bullied or humiliated you in any way! Since you can be Daniel's girlfriend, how can I ever dare to ever look down upon you?"

When she heard Janet's words, Kate was very proud of herself.

However, Janet continued speaking to her using a sharp tone, "You don't have to be so aggressive over the line, your boyfriend is still on my bed now. You'd better break up with him. Otherwise, I will hit you whenever I get the chance to meet you."

When she heard that, Kate threw the pen away and tried to calm herself down, saying, "You are just another one of his mistresses. I'm his real girlfriend. How dare you speak to me like that! Janet Shao, haven't your parents taught you to have a sense of dignity and shame?"

'Mistress? Sense of dignity and shame?' thought Janet, now confused.

"Kate Song, you are thinking way too much. I told you, it was Daniel who begged me to come over here. He just likes me too much. Anyway, I'm lovely and pleasing, so no wonder everyone likes me." Janet calmly chatted with her while she shook her head, not feeling any shame at all.

When Daniel gradually approached the bed with anger, the air in the whole bedroom became extremely weighty, and at one moment it even seemed to start to freeze.

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