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   Chapter 47 This Time She Must Break up All Relations with Daniel

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"Waah......." Janet, bewildered, looked at Daniel and wondered when had she broken his windows.

Not knowing what Samuel was talking with him on the phone, Janet heard Daniel say, "Not yet, I'll be on a business trip with her tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll take good care of her."

What? Janet was shocked. What did her father say that made Daniel reply to him that he'll take good care of her?

Daniel's face changed as the conversation carried on. He said, "Yes, I know. He's really not the right one for her."

Who? Who were they talking about?

Janet then found out who were they talking about from Daniel's replies, "That's right, he's too busy. He not only now has to take part in more dangerous missions but also has to stay in the military unit for 20 hours a day, so he's really not the right one to ensure Jane's happiness."


Janet now stopped her struggling and stared at the man who was covering her mouth with his hand. 'Brian is not the right one! Are you the right one?' Janet thought.

"Don't worry about her. I know exactly what to do. I won't hurt her."

'Dad! Dad! You are the cleverest lawyer! Please don't trust this evil man! He is about to hurt your daughter! Please, please help me!' she begged in her mind.

Again, Janet began to struggle. Daniel was listening to the elders' lectures on the phone, while at the same time kissing the girl to stop her from speaking.


'Have you ever seen such a shameless wicked man?

He was cheating my father out in the open while in the same time acting rudely to me.'

But Janet got lost in a daze by his kiss, and then Daniel let her off and quickly answered Samuel, "Yes, I got it. Have a nice evening. Good night."

Now, Janet had missed the perfect opportunity to speak to her father because she had been enchanted by his seductive kiss.

Janet's lips were like some sort of drug for Daniel; every time when he touched them, he couldn't help but kissing them again and again, unable to let her go.

Now this happened again, and he was french kissing her and carrying her to the bedroom.

He kicked open the door, and Janet's coat dropped on the floor.

She was held tight in his arms, and couldn't help but raise her head towards him when he was about to kiss her again.

Without turning on the lights, Daniel pressed her under him on the bed, and with

ff so easily.

Janet got up from the bed and ran towards the door without a word, but she was then stopped and taken aback by the man without any difficulties.

"Daniel, go away, I am breaking up any relation with you, just let me go!"

How could he let her... Waah... waah...

And her clothes were now all wet because of him. 'What should I do?' she thought.

In low spirits, she walked up to his closet and managed to find a shirt and to put it on.

She also wanted to change her trousers, but his were too long to fit her, so she had to take hers off and stay that way.

She turned over everything in his closet, but couldn't find anything to fit her.

She thought that she could wrap herself up with his bathrobe, wearing it as a skirt.

After sluggishly wandering around the room for about five minutes, she finally dressed up in his bathrobe, wrapping it on her body, from her waist to her shins.

Well, that was fine! Leaving her troubles behind, at least for now, she came out of the cloakroom with her hands hiding in the shirt's long sleeves.

Outside the cloakroom, the man was now browsing his phone.

Janet suddenly jumped out and proudly made a pirouette in front of him, "Look, I'm the latest fashion!"

The man's eyes were bright but, the next moment, the bathrobe suddenly slipped off her waist...

Daniel couldn't help but brake into laughter.

Janet screamed and then rushed back into the bathroom in an instant, ignoring the black bathrobe on the floor, because the white shirt was not long enough to cover her whole body.

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