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   Chapter 46 I Accept the Punishment

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"There must be some other way out of this. Let's back up, " said Janet, with her voice trembling.

Brian took a quick glance at her, and his intuition was strongly telling him that the man in front of the car must have something to do with Janet.

If his eyes hadn't deceived him then, the first time he had seen Janet she had jumped off of this man, and jumped on him, instead.

Moreover, he actually knew this man. He was Daniel Si, a successful businessman, just like his father.

Brian also noticed that Daniel kept staring at Janet.

The soldiers behind him didn't know who he was, "Brian, who is this guy? Is he from the North Pole?"

"His gaze is as cold as ice."

The military car backed up a little, but Daniel stood calm, as if he wasn't worried at all that Janet would run away.

He knew that Janet couldn't run away now!

The military car turned around. Janet and Daniel stared at each other, and then she suddenly made a face at him.

She seemed to be mocking him.

But, however, what happened next disappointed Janet.

As soon as the military cars turned their way around, they found some more military cars driving slowly up to them from their back.

After seeing the plate numbers, Brian was suddenly taken aback.

The cars belonged to his grandfather and to General Si.

All the people got out of the vehicles, including Brian.

Janet had seen what was going on and saw Brian and the soldiers making a military salute in front of the two military cars.

Did Daniel call these people to help him?

Janet then decided that next time she would ask Lola how many powerful people Daniel really know.

All police forces were searching for her in the daytime, and now the military was doing the same in the nighttime.

But the most important thing right now was to try to escape and run away and not let Daniel catch her again.

Janet opened the door stealthily and was just about to leave, but then she saw an old man with a serious look on his face getting out of the opposite car.

Janet immediately stood straight and ran towards him, "Grandpa Han!"

After seeing the familiar y

go back now and rest!"

General Han shook his hand with Daniel and said goodbye. Janet watched the military cars leave in order.

"Why did you call Brian's grandfather and his army leader?" asked Janet with anger in her eyes.

Daniel was silent for a few seconds, and then replied, "You're not qualified to ask this sort of questions!"

He now had to settle his accounts with her!

Janet raised her right hand and pointed her finger at Daniel, "I, Janet Shao, am finished with you, Daniel Si, from now on!"

Then she ran in the opposite direction. "Janet Shao, do you think I'm a fool?"

What did he mean? The next moment, Janet's wrist was being gripped by a strong hand.

Under the yellow street lamp light, a girl was being dragged into Mansion No. 9 by a tall man.

In the villa, the two people stood in the middle of the living room, staring at each other in anger.

Janet ran towards the door many times, but was easily caught by Daniel each time.

He then dragged her to the second floor, but when they arrived in the corridor, Daniel's phone started to ring. "Father*."

(*TN: sworn father)

It was Samuel! Janet was relieved and yelled at Daniel's phone, "Dad, help! Dad!" Then her mouth was covered by Daniel's right hand, and she was tightly pressed against the wall by his body.

"It's OK, father. She busted my window and caused me trouble in the company. I'm talking to her now."

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