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   Chapter 45 Wasn't That Daniel's Car

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The police captain had initially intended to arrest Janet, but Daniel said something to him. Then, the captain, as well as the other police cars, drove away from the scene.

Janet was shivering, and shrank in the Rolls-Royce car. She sighed and wondered why God was so unfair with her, and why the punishment had come so soon!

'Please, help!'

Calling for help was in vain, and then Janet was taken away by Daniel.

Without any words, Daniel drove her back to his own mansion, and threw her into an empty room at the third floor. He then locked the door and went away.

Was he gone?

Just like that? Without uttering not even a single word?

She seemed to hear the mansion's gates locking.

Janet was so anxious that she kept going around the room, not knowing what to do next. She was unable to contact anyone outside the mansion because her mobile phone was already taken away by Daniel; now she had only her handbag with her.

She checked if the windows were open, and they were, but she was at the third floor of the house, and it was a big jump! It was too high, and Janet didn't have the courage to jump out of the window.

But the longer she stayed here, the uneasier she became. So Janet eventually decided to escape through the window.

When she was looking for something in the room to make a rope out of, she heard some hammering noise coming from outside the windows.

She then saw a few people climbed on a ladder, and then opened a window, and said, "What are you guys doing there?"

"Placing security windows!" They threw out to her these three simple words and went on their business.

... Janet was shocked that Daniel had even thought of the windows. "No! Please, listen!"

Screaming, Janet tried to ask for help from the workers: "Sir, please, help me! I am being held hostage by an evil man!"

"Then why don't you ask the police to help you?"

This question dumbfounded Janet, 'Ask the police for help?' she thought. 'Wasn't she caught by the police in the first place?' "I haven't got a phone, " she said.

"Girl, I'll lend you my phone. Call the police." The worker handed his phone with pity.

Janet had no choice but to accept his phone. Then she started to brainstorm and searched for any phone numbers in her mind that were relevant to her current situation.

She wasn't willing to let her parents know about what had happened either, and she couldn't think of anyone else who could actually save her. 'What should I do?' she pondered.

'Oh, right! Brian!' She remembered that Brian's phone number was made up of bomb serial numbers.

What was it? Brian had explained it to her several times. She thought hard and finally figured out the serials.

"Hello, Brian, it's me, Janet, please come and help me! I'm trapped in mansion No. 9 at the Royal Mansion neighborhood, at the third floor, in the room with security windows. Please come and be discreet about it, and please don't call the police."

"Janet, what's happening?" Brian was so worried about Janet that he was just about to leave with a small group of soldiers at his side.

But Janet said, "Nothing serious, but please come covertly, at night! Remember, don't inform the police!" Janet thought that maybe Daniel might be off his guard at night and more vulnerable.

At that moment, there was some noise coming from outside the door, and she switched off the phone and returned it back to the worker.

Daniel had already gone back to the company after imprisoning Janet in his mansion. He still had an important meeting this afternoon and had to leave her punishment for later, in the evening.

Brian looked at his phone with doubt, and nearly put on his military uniform. 'Come covertly at night? Don't call the police? Had Janet really been kidnapped?' he wondered.

'Anyway, I'll take action at night, as she instructed me!' But Brian then decided to first probe the situation.

Driving with his navigation's help, Brian drove to the Royal Mansion, but was stopped by the security guard at the neighborhood's gates.

The guard inquired with him wh

ich mansion he was visiting in the neighborhood. He actually told him a random number and, after the guard got a better glimpse of Brian's military uniform, he let him in.

He finally found mansion No. 9 and then got out of his car and inspected it.

He noticed a room with security windows mounted, which severely contradicted the overall style of the mansion.

He took out his phone and asked a soldier under his command to bring over a technician. He was planning to remove the security windows.

At noon, a chef had brought Janet some food. 'Daniel, you still have a little conscience left in you after all.'

After lunch, Janet found some linen, made her bed and then fell sound asleep on it.

She was waiting for Brian to rescue her.

When dusk came, Janet heard that there were some strange sounds coming from outside the windows.

She opened her eyes and looked at the windows. There were two people outside, and she didn't have the faintest idea of what they were doing.

Janet hid in the quilt with vigilance. But, at that moment, another man climbed up with a rope and knocked at the window.

Janet brightened her eyes in an instant. It was Brian!

She immediately jumped up from the bed and ran to open the windows.


There were also some other soldiers standing at the mansion's ground floor.

The security guard, because all of the noise and commotion had, of course, already informed Daniel of what was happening there.

Daniel immediately sent some people to stop them, himself hastily running back.

He guessed that Janet had spoken with Brian either through the installation works, or through the chef.

'Well, she was clever, indeed.

But, it was Brian...'

Daniel took out his phone and contacted a person who could restrain Brian.

The security windows were soon removed, and Janet successfully escaped from the third floor with the help of Brian and another soldier.

"Brian, thank you for your help!" Janet was so happy that she really wanted to jump out of her skin with joy.

The soldiers' eyes instantly became bigger when he saw how pretty Janet was. A true beauty, indeed!

He wondered when Mr. Han get to know such a beautiful, lovely girl.

Brian gave an icy-cold stare at the soldiers whose eyes were still bright. Then they calmed themselves, and said, "Colonel, why don't you introduce her to us?"

Janet gave them a sweet smile and stretched out her right hand to them, "Hello, my name is Janet Shao, thank you very much for your help today!"

Janet shook hands with them one by one, and her loveliness and kindness left them a very good impression of her.

Seeing the looks on his fellow solder's eyes, Brian coughed, and said, "Let's leave and we'll talk more in the car."

Janet got in the military vehicle and sat in the passengers seat, while Brian drove the car himself.

Slowly, the car started to move forwards.

However, in just two minutes, a Rolls-Royce car stopped in the middle of the road, in front of the military vehicle.

Behind the Rolls-Royce, there were some Bentley cars, queuing to pass.

Brian stepped on the brake, and the two soldiers in the back furiously stared at the car in front of them: "What are they doing? Do they want to die?"

Janet now started to become more and more nervous.

Wasn't that Daniel's car?

Spark, who was driving, got out the Rolls-Royce and opened the back seat door. A man dressed in brown leather shoes got out of it.

He was dressed in a white, expensive casual shirt, emanating an outstanding aura of sublimity and dignity in his gracious movements.

He put his hands in the pockets of his trousers, stood in front of the military vehicle, and looked at the woman in the car with an icy-cold gaze.

As Daniel had got out of the car, the bodyguards in the Bentley cars also got out and stood orderly at each side of the car.

The pomp was great. Fortunately, they were in the Royal Mansions neighborhood, which was for the select members of society only, and so they didn't have to worry about other cars passing by.

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