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   Chapter 44 Track Down and Arrest Janet Shao

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Kate was shocked by what she was seeing in the office.

A woman was sitting on Daniel's lap, with her back turned to her...

Janet smiled, and then put her hands around Daniel's neck. She pretended to flirt with him, and said, "Daniel, you're really cute, and your chest is so robust. Wow! Just look at these pecs and abs..."

Daniel looked at her ruddy cheek and, cynically, thought to himself, 'She's just a little girl who pretends to be of age. This is ridiculous!'

"Get down, now!" Daniel shouted at Janet, which made Kate feel a little more better.

She then closed the office door and walked up to Janet and Daniel.

"Daniel, please don't let her get between us. I will... um?" Janet really wanted to slap herself when she thought better of what she was doing. She seemed to be so coquettish when flirting with Daniel. And, although she didn't have any experience, it came natural to her.

The high-heel footsteps got closer to them now.

"Stop, don't come nearer!" When she heard Daniel shouting at her to stop, Kate stared at the two of them with bitter eyes and wondered what Daniel really took her for.

"Daniel, I'm your girlfriend! How dare you flirt with another woman! And, even more than that, in front of me!" said Kate.

Her eyes instantly turned red and was just about to cry; she really did love Daniel from the bottom of her heart.

"His girlfriend? Well, I'm Mr. Si's woman! And Mr. Si, you'd better delete my private photo! Otherwise, it'll be shameful!" spoke Janet. She then moved and became a bit restless when she felt something hard touching her, unaware of what it could be.

When Janet moved even more, Daniel's breathing became rapid and restless.

"Kate, please go back!"

"Daniel!" Kate looked at Daniel, who was blocked from sight by Jane, puzzled. She was willing to find out at all costs who this woman really was!

And as she was just about to catch a glimpse of the woman's face, she was again stopped by Daniel, who said: "Kate, didn't you hear me? Leave!"

Kate stopped again in her footsteps, took a deep breath, and said, "Daniel, I hope you have a good explanation for what's going on here!"

And just then, Janet boldly kissed Daniel on the lips. She was trying to break the lovers apart.

And it was just because Daniel was annoying her!

Kate got furious when they saw them kissing each other and clenched her fists. Kate kne

cer and thus you are committing a crime. Please stop, now!"

'Stop? And let Daniel lock me up in a small, dark room? Pooh! I'm not that stupid!' thought Janet.

Janet easily subdued three policemen and then ran straight ahead, which astonished most of the passers-by.

But, to Janet's misfortune, there was a Rolls-Royce stopped right in front of her.

Daniel, who sat inside the Rolls-Royce, had spent half an hour of his time searching for her. When realizing that she had been besieged, she got much more depressed, murmuring to herself, "What a shame!"

She ran into an alley she found to her right, but she already knew that she would definitely be caught, since Mr. Si was now out of the car and was chasing her in person.

Within only two minutes, Daniel had subdued Janet with one single hand, again.

While she stood on her tiptoes as Daniel held her by the neck, she managed to call Jerry, "Jerry, I've been caught by Daniel. Help!"

Daniel bluntly took her phone out of her hand, threw her into the car, and then locked the doors.

After that, he put her phone near his ear. and said, "Jerry, Jane will stay with me for several days. Please tell father and mother*." (*TN: Here father and mother mean sworn father and sworn mother)

... Jerry was stunned after the call was ended. 'How will I explain this to mother and father?' he thought. He was even more frightened because of the punishment he might have to suffer if he told his father that Janet had been caught by Daniel.

But, he could also ask his mother's assistance to help him escape his father's punishment.

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