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   Chapter 43 You'd Best Put Me to Death

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Daniel frowned, and thought, 'Fine, I'll let her act wild for a last time.'

He leaned back on his chair and then closed his eyes.

Instantly, Janet's face filled with rage. She took out what she had hidden behind her back and carefully walked around Daniel.

"Mr. Si, hold on, it'll just take half a minute's time... Big surprise!" ...

When Daniel realized that things weren't going the right way, it was already too late. He felt something coiling around his body.

He immediately opened his eyes when he felt the danger, but Janet was already tightening the rope which she had already twined around Daniel several times.

Now, the man sitting in his boss chair couldn't move an inch.

"Janet Shao!" Daniel warned her with an ice-cold voice.

Janet, who was now berserk in her rage, ignored his warnings, and again quickly twined the rope around his torso and arms. And, just in case, she even tied his legs.

"Janet! You do know that you're playing with fire now, don't you?" Daniel's face darkened, and he fiercely stared at Janet who was also raging in front of him.

'Why is she so mad about? Isn't one million dollars not enough for her? One million dollars for just one month of work! She had already been offered way more than she really deserved.'

After tightening the rope even harder, Janet dusted off her hands.

She dragged a chair nearby, and then sat down in front of him with her legs crossed.

"Daniel, you scumbag! Bastard! Bully! Son of a gun! Pregnant? You're the one who's really pregnant! You've been for one, two, three months... And it's now time for you to give birth!

Daniel, wait and see how I'm going to teach you a lesson today."

Janet stood up and grabbed Daniel's pen from the desk in front of him.

"Janet, I'm warning you! Don't dare to do something wicked!" It was the first time for him to be thrown into such a difficult position, and the man was now so furious that he wanted to tear the girl into pieces.

"Why did you say that I'm pregnant? If so, how would you know that I really am? Is it your child?" Janet took off the pen cap and came close to him.

Daniel looked at this stubborn girl, and scornfully said: "Don't you remember what you did with Brian, in the woods?"

'When did Janet start telling lies?' Daniel thought with despise burning in his eyes.

"Daniel, is your IQ score close to zero, or zero?" Janet looked at Daniel who, unbelievably, was a CEO. Even if she really had any sort relationship with Brian, It had only lasted for two days. Was she some sort of alien creature? How was it possible that she could become pregnant in just only two days?

"Oh, I'm sorry to disappoint you! My IQ score is 230!" Daniel felt proud talking about this.

The girl scornfully laughed at him and shook the pen in her hand, "230? Are you serious?"

The man's face was now darker than a black pan, and he struggled and moved his wrists with force, but the rope still wouldn't loosen on his hands.

Although she had been warned, Janet still approached him and drew a round circle on his forehead using the pen she had in her hand.

"Daniel, you are really a fool. You should go and ask your mother first, how long does it take for a woman to know that she's become pregnant? Do you think it takes only two days? Actually, you do, since you're saying that I already am..." Then she drew one more line on his forehead.

"Do you think I'm some sort of alien, arrived from Mars? Even if I had, indeed, really done something wrong, could it really be possible to become pregnant in just only two days?"

Then Janet drew a smaller circle above the first one as a head, and then drew a tail, and then she fixed the drawing a little bit more.

"Janet! Stop! Now!"

Stop? Janet, of course, wouldn't miss for nothing such a good chance at taking her revenge.

"You dared to damage my reputation, a

nd now I'll teach you a lesson! Is a CEO really that great and untouchable? A CEO is also a common human being, oh! No, not a common human, but a bastard one! Ha ha ha."

Daniel squeezed some words out of his lips, "Janet, you'd best put me to death now! Because, if not, you'll see how I'll punish you to death!"

If he regained his freedom, one of the two would have to die.

"Don't worry, I won't let you die, I'm not that cruel as you, " replied Janet. Janet added the last line of the drawing and was immensely satisfied with what she had painted on his forehead.

"You dared to keep my private photos in you phone. Well, Daniel, now I also have incriminating photos with you. Ha ha ha." Daniel's office was filled with Janet's joyful laughter.

Then she took out her phone and took some photos of Daniel.

The man in the photos had an irritated look, but the turtle drawn on his forehead was noticeable enough. Ha ha ha ha...

It was so funny that Janet kept rolling with laughter.

Then she took his phone. "Janet, put down my phone!" said Daniel. He knew what she was about to do and really didn't want her to snoop through his photo album.

The girl stuck her tongue out cheerfully, and said, "No no no, no way."

"You should clearly know that it's a crime to pry into another persons' privacy! If you don't kill me today, I'll put you into prison tomorrow!"

This time, Janet's ears heard Daniel's warning. She remembered the law, and that prying into others' privacy was, indeed, a crime. Jerry had explained it to her for a couple of times, but she had forgotten all about it.

"OK, never mind. I forgot about it, but ignorance can be forgiven!"

She comforted herself and went on to look through his phone's photo album.

But there was only one photo in the whole album: her Weibo selfie which she took that night in her nightgown!

This was to say that... "Daniel, are you kidding me?" Again, she furiously stared him.

Daniel felt a little more relaxed now that she knew that there were actually no photos of her being naked that night. And his face even returned to normal, "What? Isn't that one of your private photos? You're in a nightgown. Janet, if you're so open-minded... didn't you expect me to take naked photos of you?"

Janet's face flushed red at what he had just said.

"You're a bad man!" She violently threw away his phone, took the pen again in her hand, and wrote "bastard" all over his face.

Daniel kept silent, wearing a tight and angry face. 'Janet, just wait and see!' he thought.

Never in his life had he suffered such an insult. Janet, you really did a "good" job!

He cursed her name for hundreds of times inside his head.

At that time, the interior office phone rang, and Janet picked it up and answered it herself. Spark was speaking on the other end, "Mr. Si, Miss Song is here!"

Janet covered the speaker and cleared her throat.

"Just ask her to come in!" She crudely imitated Daniel's voice right under his killing glare.

"Mr. Si, what's wrong with your voice?" Spark took a look at the closed door of the office and wondered what were they doing inside.

Janet worried that she might be discovered, and so she quickly hanged up the phone on Spark.

She then ran to unlock the office door.

Then she managed to move Daniel's chair to where it should be.

The man couldn't believe what was going on. Janet smiled crafty and then sat on Daniel's legs.


The posture was ambiguous, but it was just enough to hide the rope on Daniel's body.

The girl sat on the man's legs and kept winking at him cheerfully, "Be honest, or I will let Kate to see your face... your angry little face with this funny little turtle on it."

"Janet, I suggest you had better escape as fast as you can, or else..."

"Daniel!" They heard Kate's clear voice and then the door was wide opened.

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