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   Chapter 42 Since You Are Pregnant

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She then sent him a message: "You want me to come back to work? OK, but I need to take two days off first."

"Are you sick? Got infected by Brian? I can understand."

... Janet gripped her phone tight in her hands, closed her eyes, gnashed her teeth, and rolled on the bed, soaked in anger.

She was really mad at Daniel!

"What's the matter with you? Daniel Si, you just wait and see. Since you've asked me to come back to work, then you won't blame me for the havoc I'll be causing there from now on."

Seeing the message, Daniel immediately regretted his decision.

He believed Janet Shao when she said she would cause havoc in his company.

"Behave yourself. Don't forget that I have something on you!"

After a long pause, Daniel decided to take a shower, but his phone beeped again. He immediately threw his bathrobe away and picked up his phone to check the message.

"I need some time off, and you can just simply answer with a yes or no. What if something happens to me because I can't take leave from work? Will you take the responsibility for it?"

"No. I'll take full responsibility if something ever happens to you!"


Janet held her phone in her hands and felt like weeping, but had no tears. What a bastard Daniel Si was!

"Asshole!" replied Janet, now fully displaying her anger.

"Thank you."


Janet had to figure out a solution out of all of this. If Daniel did indeed have her photos on his phone, she was sure to be tortured by him from now on! She thought that she must get a hold on his phone at once.

In the SL Group

Janet indifferently entered the company while everyone else had their eyes wired on her.

She was all by herself in the company, and no one wanted to be friends with her. Janet was too proud to make friends with people who looked down on her.

The moment she sat down on her chair, her phone started to ring.

"Shirley." It was Shirley's call.

Her next words made Janet scream: "What

self now.

He repeated what he earlier said in an austere voice and then pushed the check in front of her.

"Pregnant? Delivery?" Janet was getting more and more pissed and held her fists tightly.

Then she gradually calmed down.

"I already knew it. You can leave with the check, " said Daniel, who leaned against the back of his chair and then closed his eyes.

Janet took a deep breath and then smiled, "Mr. Si, wait a moment. Since you are so nice to me, I have a goodbye present for you!"

A goodbye present? Daniel didn't even open his eyes and only waved her hands to hint that she could leave.

Janet repeatedly told herself all this time, 'Janet, calm down. Don't get mad! Kill Daniel Si with your anger later.'

The girl left the office and silence again fell in the room.

She didn't even touch the check Daniel had left for her on the desk.

Ten minutes later

Janet suddenly opened the office door, walked in and then closed it while holding something behind her back.

Daniel frowned when he saw her again.

The girl ran towards him, "Daniel, close your eyes. I've got a surprise for you."


"Just give it to me!" He had no time to play games with her!

"Come on, Daniel. I'll give you one more chance; work with me here!" Janet acted like a spoiled little child.

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