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   Chapter 41 I'll Beat You Up Every Time I See You

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'I see, I am a bitch in his eyes, ' she thought.

"Daniel, who do you think you are! The world doesn't revolve around you! You can't expect everyone to focus on you. Kate likes you because, maybe, she might possibly be blind and not see the real you. I'm telling you, you are a hateful man!"

It seemed that time stood still again, and the romantic aura in the bedroom was now again replaced by anger and gelid feelings.

Daniel's mobile phone rang again and again, but no one answered it.

Her eyes betrayed her stubbornness while his eyes were of a glacial cold.

"Janet, if you ever dare to leave the SL Group again, I will destroy you." After he crudely untied her, Daniel stood up from the bed, and picked up his phone.

It was Samuel.

He closed his eyes for a few seconds, and then answered the phone, "Hello, father*."

(*TN: sworn father.)

He sounded normal, as usual.

"Daniel, Jane hasn't come back yet, and I cannot reach her. Is she still there?" Samuel felt relieved when his call had finally been answered.

"Yes, father, I'll bring her back home." Out of the corner of his eye, Daniel saw her walking out of the bedroom; he followed her.


He threw his mobile phone aside, and then strode to catch up with her. Now he was walking ahead of her.

Both of them remained silent on the way back to her villa. Daniel didn't drive, and instead just walked ahead of her, silently.

Halfway there, he lost sight of her shadow.

He turned his back around and found that she had stopped and was just standing in the middle of the alley.

She remained silent. Under the light of the street lamp, she wore a blank stare on her face. She seemed to be overwhelmed by sorrow, and he had never seen her like this before.

He put his left hand in his pocket, held her by the shoulder and then continued along the path.

She tried hard to get rid of him and glared at him as if he was some sort of arch enemy.

Ignoring her stare, he continued to hold her by the shoulder and moved on.

She tried again.

"Fuck off, mind your own business! I know my own way home!"

Daniel put his arm down, and then put it in his other pocket, "Janet, don't be ungrateful."

They looked like a couple having some kind of quarrel.

Having been waiting for a long time, Samuel was so worried about his daughter that he decided to personally go out and bring her home. And, after just a few steps out of the house, he saw them quarreling.

"Well, indeed, I'm ungrateful. Mr. Si, why are you here then? Don't you remember that I have sleep with another man? Since you called me a bitch, aren't you afraid that I will be a bad influence on you and the company?"

Janet sometimes, when she wanted, could be very sharp-tongued. Her harsh words left him speechless.

"Jane, don't ever try to annoy me again!" he replied.

Daniel took a step forward and stood close to her, and Janet could smell the danger radiating from him.

However, things were now getting ugly between them. She now had nothing to fear.

"So what? Are you going to destroy me? Oh, Boss Si, I'm so scared... Hmmm."

Under the light of the street lamp, Daniel shut her mouth with a kiss. Ella, who had also just left the house, and Samuel, were stunned when they witnessed the scene.

Janet struggled. However, Daniel held her by her waist and pressed her tightly in his arms. She could not move an inch.

She was forced to kiss him back on her tiptoes.

Samuel, however, could not restrain his anger any longer. He was just about to give Daniel a good beating. But Ella stopped him and took him back home.

They ha

d kissed for a while and then stopped. However, Janet still continued to ask for trouble, "I heard that you are a neat freak. How do you feel when you kiss a woman who was kissed by another man? Is it disgusting?"

Daniel already knew that she was asking for more trouble, and indeed she succeeded. He got angry now, and with a cold voice, he replied, " As long as I'm your first kiss."

Janet's face flushed red. How did he know that? Oh, she had told him already!

"Well, it''s your first kiss too. It seems that I don't get the short end of the stick. We're even now."

"It's a pity that I'm not your first man as well!" He sounded calm. It was hard to read his emotions.

When he talked about her first night, he sounded calm, as if he was talking about some dozens of dollars or other businesses.

She turned around to hide her now flushed face and, as if she didn't give a rat's ass, sarcastically said, "You, the 25 year-old CEO of the SL Group, are still a virgin?"

It ought to have been a proud thing for him, but why did he feel so shameful when she said it in his face.

He strode to catch up with her and then, holding her tight by her shoulder, and whispering wickedly in her ear, asked "Wanna try?"

Janet's flushed face now looked just like an apple. She pushed him away, " You mean you want to have sex with me? I'm sorry. I'm serious about my relationship. You are not my cup of tea."

They were now approaching her villa.

Daniel was irritated by Janet again. His face darkened, "Janet, you do have a sharp tongue. But don't forget what I said before. If you are late for work tomorrow, I swear I will have all of your private photos posted online and in the press."


Dumbfounded, Jane stood still and watched him gracefully and arrogantly leaving back to his house.

It took her a while to come to her senses again, "Daniel, you bastard! I will beat you up every time I see you!"

She shouted so loud that she was almost out of breath.

After a brief lull, a soft voice came from the door of the villa, and spoke "Jane, get back in!"

Eh... Janet turned around and saw her father, Samuel. He looked angry, just the same as Daniel.

"Hi, dad!" She ran upstairs immediately after greeting him.

Ignoring Samuel's calls, she closed her bedroom's door and went straight to bed.

Samuel was about to teach her a lesson, but Jane seemed to know about his next move, and ran straight away.

Watching her running off, Samuel could do nothing but shake his head in dismay. She was now all grown up, and it was difficult to parent her anymore.

On the balcony

Daniel looked at the wine in the glass, recalling what Janet said before he left, "Daniel, you bastard! I will beat you up every time I see you!"

Her words magically echoed in his ears.

Fretful, he finished his glass and then refilled it again.

His mobile phone rang, but Daniel didn't bother to pick it up.

Somehow, Janet's face flashed through his mind. He walked into the bedroom with the glass of wine in his hand and picked up the phone with the other.

It was a message, which read, "How did you get my private photos? Tell me. Are you lying?"

Daniel looked at the message with a sneer on his face. 'You are not that stupid!' "Don't forget that night, " he texted.

His vague reply flushed her face in an instant. "Damn you! How could you even take photos of me without me noticing!"

I will get back at you!"

Ouch... 'My belly. It hurts.

How strange. Why didn't I feel anything at Daniel's house? Why does it hurt now?'

'Aunt Flo, why do you make me suffer?' thought Janet.

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