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   Chapter 40 Could You Not be Such a Bully For a Moment

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Do or die? Ella's stomach dropped when she heard her and thought what was really going on between the two of them? "I'll come with you."

"No need, mom. Go to sleep. His villa is just a few minutes away." Janet then changed her shoes and then walked out of the villa.

On her way to mansion No. 9, Janet texted Daniel, "Wait for me. I'll be there in two minutes. Open the door for me."

But no reply...

Ella now entered the bedroom upstairs, and struggled whether or not to tell Samuel that their daughter just went out. In the end, she picked up her phone, and called Daniel: "Hello, did Jane arrive?"

"Yes, I just saw her now." Daniel opened the door of his villa and saw that Janet was staring at him with fire in her eyes.

Samuel curiously looked at his wife and wondered where Jane had gone out.

"Okay, you talk with her. When she decides to come home, I'll ask your sworn father to pick her up."

"Don't bother mother*, I'll give her a ride home."

(*TN: sworn mother) Daniel dragged Janet inside and then closed the door.

When Ella finished talking, Samuel knew that their daughter was with Daniel now, and so he stared at his wife discontentedly.

Ella sniffed, and said, "Why are you staring at me? Jane insisted on going there."

"Keep Daniel away from Jane."

"Tell her yourself, if you can control her, that is." Ella sat on the bed and covered herself with the thin quilt.

Samuel was speechless and now just stared at his wife.

Now that this was his problem again, Samuel picked up his phone from the nightstand and prepared to call Daniel.

"What are you doing?" asked Ella.

"I'm calling Daniel to ask him to fire Jane."

Ella snatched his phone from his hands, and said, "Never mind, that's their own business. Let them take care of it by themselves."


The No. 9 mansion was magnificent, a dream house that could belong only to rich people. It was the poor man's dream and the rich man's paradise.

However, now, among the riches, there was something more going on in the villa.

They two stared at each other like mortal enemies.

"Here I am. And, by the way, I quit! Goodbye!" Janet said what she had to say and then proceeded to leave. This was outrageous, and she normally wouldn't have done it, but now she didn't care. She didn't give a damn anymore.

The man caught her by the wrist, and asked, "Janet, do you like Brian?"

He should mind his own business. Janet then stared at him, "Don't bother. Take care of your girlfriend and mind your own business!"

"Answer my question! Now!" Daniel ignored her anger and asked her coldly. It seemed that he already knew everything that had happened in the camp.

Seeing Daniel's cold reaction, Janet just wanted to kick him. If he really didn't want to see her, why had he asked her to come? And now that she was there, he treated her badly. What was wrong with him? So she answered him, with anger in her word, "Yes! Yes, I like Brian! What's wrong with that? Is it any of your business?"

Daniel loosened her wrist, and then asked, "So, have you already slept with him?"

Janet's head exploded and then her face turned red. "Slap!" She slapped him the very moment he had finished uttering his words. The villa was in complete silence now.

Janet saw Daniel's dark face. She rubbed her now aching hand, "Daniel, you buthead!"

The man gradually looked at her and harshly pressed her against the door behind her. He was all burnt up and stared at Janet, "I'm go

nna kill you today!" he said.

He then quickly dragged her by her wrist upstairs.

"Let go of me, now! Daniel! You monster! I don't want to go upstairs! No!" Janet struggled to free herself and couldn't notice herself dropping her phone.

She struggled so hard to free herself that Daniel resorted to lifting her up.

He pushed open the bedroom's door on the second floor and threw her onto the big bed, and Janet's head hit the board hard.

When Daniel was closing the door, Janet scrambled out of bed and got out of it on the other side.

Daniel caught her easy enough. "Ahahah, I am sorry, I am sorry, Daniel!"

It was now better to understand the current predicament she was involved in. To avoid being killed, Janet repeatedly pleaded to Daniel that she was sorry.

"Too late!" Daniel threw her back on the bed and climbed on her.

He untied his black tie and was preparing to tie her hands to her back.

Janet suddenly lifted her right leg and kicked him, aiming towards his groin.

Seeing what she was doing, Daniel's face turned dark, and he eventually managed to get a hold on her legs too. He leaned his body all over her and she couldn't move at all.

He tied up her hands and then stood up from the bed.

He held her chin easily in the palm of his hand, and showed his teeth in a cold smile, "You dare to slap me, eh? Me? You think you're so good, don't you?

Janet's face flushed with pain, and she cried, "Please, let go of me! I already said I am sorry."

Janet felt proud of herself that she dared to slap him. But oh, she was so going to regret it now.

"No way! You think you're bold? Let's see what you can pay me for that slap!" Daniel loosened his grip and pushed her down on the bed.

Their bodies were only a few tenths of a millimeter apart, and Jane's tied hands were now against his chest.

Janet thought for a second and then changed her plan, "Daniel, you have a girlfriend. It's improper of you!"

"It's my decision! You can't tell me what I can or can't do!"


"Could you not be such a bully for a moment?" Janet had never seen such a horrible bully, and she wasn't regretting a moment of the slap she gave him.

"Just remember that if I don't kill you, I'll also die!" He would die because of the anger he had built inside him.

Daniel thought he had made a right decision. If he killed her, then no one would ever dare to make him this furious again.

His big hands gripped her neck and the intensity of the moment gradually deepened.

Janet felt the fear of death coming down upon her. Seeing his vicious look in his eyes, she was now really scared. This wasn't a joke anymore.

'Is it over? Am I really going to die?'

Janet gritted her teeth and lifted her head up to kiss him.

She bit and nibbled on his lips, and Daniel was forced to let her go.

The woman's scent surrounded him, and her slippery silk pajama was against his bare forearms.

The ambiance was now gradually growing from deadly to romantic. He loosened her neck completely.

He put his arms around her waist, and started to make the first move himself.

"Hmmm." The woman slightly murmured.

"Daniel, no." A strange feeling came all over her body and her voice started trembling.

Daniel closed his eyes hard, and then clenched his teeth. 'Damn it, she dares to seduce me!'

"Janet, why are you so cheap?" he started, "Yesterday, you went after Brian, and now me? Hum?"

His insult instantly turned Janet's face pale.

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