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   Chapter 39 Come and Tell it to Me Face to Face

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"What's with all this nonsense coming out of you? She's just a friend." Brian stared at him and spoke like he was going to quickly lose his patience.

"OK, then. Just let her take a good rest and give her something nutritious to eat for her health when she wakes up."

Brian finally eased up on his tension when he was assured that nothing serious was affecting Janet.

After two o'clock in the afternoon

A Lamborghini SUV car parked in front of the military hospital's gates, and a middle-aged couple walked out of it and hurried into the hospital.

"Welcome, but this is a military hospital and entry for unauthorized people is strictly prohibited."

Two soldiers stopped them in their tracks when they were about to enter the hospital.

"The patient in Room 506 is my daughter, Janet Shao." Ella gave Jane's room number. They didn't know that Jane was sent to a hospital until Lola told them what had happened.

The two soldiers looked at each other: "Wait a moment please." Then, one of the soldiers ran inside and quickly made a phone call.

He returned within two minutes' time, and said,"Please wait here, Mr. Han is coming right now to receive you."

Samuel was so concerned that he could hardly wait any longer. "Call Mr. Liu, the hospital's director, and tell him my name Samuel Shao."

Ella held on to Samuel's arm, and said to the soldiers,"It's no need. Someone is already coming, right? We'll just wait here."

No sooner had Ella finished speaking her words, and Brian, who was dressed in his military uniform, quickly ran up to them, and he asked them,"Hello, are you Janet's parents?" Then he guided Samuel and Ella courteously into the hospital.

"How is my daughter doing?" Samuel stared at Brian and was already trying to guess the relationship between his daughter and the man in front of him.

"Don't worry, Janet is just... it's nothing serious." Before Brian finished speaking, Ella already understood.

As her mother, she knew her daughter well enough, and immediately understood what had happened with her.

In the patient's room

Janet was now up and was drinking her black chicken soup.

"Dad, Mom!" When she saw Samuel and Ella, Janet put down the spoon in her hand and hastily got out of bed and walked towards them.

"Jane, how are you feeling?" Samuel he

may be granted permission to skip the military training." Dead silence filled the air.

Daniel didn't say anything, but he didn't hang up either. Janet didn't know what was happening.

"Mr. Si?"

"You got involved in a dubious relationship with a military officer during the training, which has had a bad impact on the company's reputation. Half of your salary will be cut off as punishment."


Janet tightly gripped her quilt, and protested,"Daniel Si! Why do you treat me so stringently? Must you act so vicious with me all the time?"

"Janet Shao, pay close attention to your manners!" Daniel could imagine her expressions and reactions on the other side of the line.

"Daniel, let me tell you one thing: from this moment on, I resign from the SL Group!" Again a dead silence appeared after Janet's words.

Finally, a cold voice came from the other side of the line,"If you want to resign, that's OK, but come and tell it to me face to face."

Janet stood up in her bed instantly, and said,"No problem, Daniel! Just you wait!"

Janet was so irritated that she actually forgot about one essential thing. She was only a trainee there, and had only signed a temporary contract. So, if she wanted to resign, she could just stop going to work.

Ella was drinking a glass of water when she saw Janet rushing outside dressed only in her nightgown. She asked her,"Jane, where are you going?"

Janet rolled up her sleeves and shouted: "Mom, don't try to stop me. I have to end this thing with Daniel. He treats me horribly!"

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