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   Chapter 38 Why is There One Person Missing

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While he helped Janet get back on her feet, who was now startled and had fallen straight into his bosom, Brian laughed out loud, and said, "Janet, just follow your own course in life and let the others blabber all they want! A clean hand needs no washing. So don't be sad and upset when others talk about things they have no idea about in the first place."

'Brian is right!' she thought. Janet then looked on the bright side of things, and walked towards the camping area along with Brian.

At the underground parking lot of the SL Group

It was rush hour and many cars were steadily parked one by one on the parking spaces.

A woman got out of a black Volkswagen and restlessly knocked on the window of a Chery car parked next to it. An employee got out of the car, and asked, "What's up?"

"Madeline, I just learned a fresh piece of news about Janet from one of the interns. Have you heard it?"

"What news? Tell me, please! I won't get another chance to learn it if we enter the company." The woman called Madelin closed her car door and then started to gossip with excitement.

"I heard that last night Janet and Mr. Han entered the woods and stayed there for a long time. A colleague of ours, who was just taking a walk in the woods, was surprised to see..."

"Tell me, quick!" demanded the other woman.

"...Mr. Han holding Janet tightly in his arms. And, just while they were kissing, they were suddenly interrupted by her!"

"Oh my God! They stayed in the woods for that long and were still kissing even after they had been discovered? Anyway, Mr. Han is, after all, a military officer, so Janet is very lucky to have him as a boyfriend!"

... When they nearly finished talking about the hot topic, the two women dared to walk towards the company's elevator.

The employees were now kept under strict surveillance on the company's grounds, and the ones who were caught gossiping were now instantly punished.

They had talked outside the company, indeed, but someone who was near them at that time, and who they couldn't see, had heard all of their conversation. A man smoking a cigarette sat in a Rolls-Royce with the window rolled down.

The cigarette had already burned out and had almost burnt his hand, but the man didn't seem to feel nothing at all.

He just stared at his documents in the car while Spark, who sat in the front seat, was afraid to even take a full breath of air.

He was staring at the same page for several minutes, lost in thought.

After putting out the cigarette butt, which had now burned his hand, Daniel put away the document, and told Spark, "Our company now pays more attention to this small batch of interns, and now I have to inspect their military training status at once."

Spark was silent, and wondered since when had Daniel started to speak wit


After a moment's silence, Daniel impatiently replied to him, "Just shut up and check it for me!"

In the military hospital

All people present were surprised to see Brian running into the hospital with a woman in his arms.

"Please help me! Ask Mr. Wan to come here!"

The orderly nodded and immediately ran to Mr. Wan's office.

Brian took Janet to the examination room and Mr. Wan hastily came in.

"Please help! Check what's wrong with her!" demanded Brian.

Mr. Wan was surprised when he saw the pale little girl on the bed and glanced at Brian with a meaningful look in his eyes.

"She's not a member of the military, " he said.

Without answering to him directly, Brian, who was very worried, impatiently said, "Don't ask me too much. Just check on her, quick!"

Mr. Wan was surprised to see Brian this anxious.

He had known Brian for more than ten years, but had never seen him so upset.

Brian now seemed to be losing his temper more than ever, and it was just for a woman.

Mr. Wan switched on his instruments next to him and picked up the stethoscope in his hands.

Brian worried that he would disturb him when he was trying to determine a diagnosis, so he left the examination room and decided to wait outside.

Ten minutes later

Brian, who was waiting outside, immediately walked up to Mr. Wan when he saw him come out of the room, and asked, "What's wrong with her?"

After he took off his gauze mask, Mr. Wan shook his head, and replied, "It's nothing serious. She just gets weak because of her menstrual cramps. She's also exhausted, that's why she fainted."

... Brian had a swarthy face which now turned completely red as he blushed.

"And what is there to be done?"

Brian had never taken any women to the hospital, so he knew nothing about this. Mr. Wan looked at him, and joked, "Who is she? Your girlfriend?"

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