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   Chapter 35 Shut Up

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After Janet introduced herself, no one applauded.

She took a deep breath and knew this was all happening because of Daniel Si.

Everyone was hostile to her because all of those rumors.

Brian applauded first, followed by the instructors. Seeing Brian and the instructors applauding, the rest of the people started clapping their hands one by one.

Then Brian began to distribute 21 trainees to 7 instructors.

A male colleague, a female colleague and Janet were distributed to an instructor called Zed Lin.

All trainees stood in front of their own instructors and started familiarizing themselves with them for a while. Then, Bian demanded, "Everyone, tidy yourselves up. Gather here in five minutes and then start marching."

Janet returned to her tent, took her hat and then ran to the water source to wash her face.

She had no time to wash her face with a cleanser. After wiping, she applied the toner, cream and sunscreen.

When Janet was fitting her hat, she heard the whistle blow again.

She ran to the gathering place rapidly and saw that all seven instructors were wearing the same military uniforms. She was confused, because she had now forgotten which one was her own instructor...

"Janet Shao, what are you doing? Go back to your team quickly!" Her confused face looked lovely. Brian's powerful voice surprised everyone.

Everyone was surprised by Brian's good memory because he remembered a trainee's name after the first introduction.

After all the people went to their corresponding teams, Janet saw that Zed was staring at her. There were only two trainees behind him, and for a moment Janet was suddenly inspired and started running towards him.

When she passed him by, Janet carefully watched Zed. Zed was embarrassed to be stared at by a girl, and his swarthy face even blushed a bit. Janet then stood behind him after she memorized his face.

Brian saw that Janet kept pretty much to herself and wondered why.

She was bright and lively, but uncommunicative. Why didn't she join the others in conversation?

"The first activity starts now. Five kilometers of marching!"

After Brian's order, everyone cried

dered Brian. He squat down and lifted Janet up on her feet.

But Janet obviously didn't seem to accept his help. She shook off his hand and returned staggering on her own legs to her team.

Brian smiled with indifference. However it was, inevitably, people started to accuse Janet of not discerning the good from the bad.

Because of this, they lost some time, and began to gather again.

And then they began running towards a mountain. At first everyone ran fast, but as the time passed, several people were left behind.

Janet was one of them. Since she had stopped practicing Taekwondo, she hadn't exercised for several years. Little by little, she gradually became the last.

Brian followed her and ran with her at a constant speed, "How are you feeling?" He looked at Brian, who now looked a little bit more paler.

But Janet flashed an angry look at him and then ran away from him even faster.

Her speed was three times faster than before, and soon she rejoined the team.

However, after two kilometers, she fell behind again.

Brian stayed closely by her side while the rest of the people quickly advanced past them.

'Janet Shao, why are you so weak? Come on!'

"You can take a rest if you feel tired, " he said. Brian felt... a sort of heartache.

He began to wonder if he was indeed being too harsh with her. After all, she was a just little girl working in a financial firm, not a soldier in the trenches.

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