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   Chapter 34 From Now On We are Rivals in Love

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After he briefly glanced at Bill, Brian continued to pack his things, and said: "Just be obedient and stay in the military camp and maybe Janet may not come to the training. I've heard that now she's the assistant CEO. Do you really think it is necessary for an assistant CEO to join the training?"

'Assistant CEO?' A severe, cold face came to Bill's mind, and then suddenly called out a name: "Daniel!"

'Is Jane Daniel's special assistant? 'What is Jane doing? Why did she choose to work as an assistant CEO at the SL Group in a domain that doesn't even matches with what she majored in?'

"And, " began Brian. He remembered of a piece of entertainment news which he had just seen by chance, and said to Bill, "I've learned a rumor which is widely spread on the internet that Janet is actually Daniel's fiancee, but Daniel already announced that he has a girlfriend. After all, it is, very complicated. You'd better not step in it, for your own good."

Bill was unconvinced, an while he curled his lips, he said, "It is just a joke. Jane just graduated and it's impossible for her to be Daniel's fiancee."

Brian looked at Bill, and said, "You should go back now. If you still want to write to her, I can help you send the letters."

Bill didn't write to her any more, because the last letter Jane sent him had already broken his heart.

He got disappointed at the thought of it, and still trying to relax, he said, "Brian, from now on we are rivals in love." He had to train himself hard and continuously strove to get rid of his father and grandfather's control. In this case, he could get a lot of time to go after Jane after he gained his freedom.

'How does Bill know so much about Jane?' thought Brian. He suddenly became serious, and shouted at Bill, "Get out! If you dare say another word, you'll have 100 push-ups as punishment!"

Bill felt even more distressed now and left. While passing by the training field he started running like a madman, eager to be quickly armed with twenty pounds of heavy burden and to begin the cross-country running.

He now had to train better and work even hard in order to become a full member of the military at an earlier time. When he would manage to get a higher ranking position than Brian's, and have the upper hand, only then he could go after Jane and betroth her.

But would Jane also be willing to wait for him so long?

In the northern suburb of the city

Samuel personally took his daughter to the camp and sighed when he saw the camp's strict and tough condition.

He tried to persuade his daughter again: "Jane, you can return home with me. You don't have to go through such hardships."

Janet waved her hand at him, and said, "Father, I'm not a child anymore, and I have

open space in the near distance.

'Oh my god. I'm so screwed!' She quickly fastened her belt, put on her camouflage shoes, and then ran out of the tent towards the gathered team.

While she saw that all members had started to count off, she had to stand at the end of the line.

"1, 2... 21." Janet was so scared that she was late, but in the end succeeded in calling out her corresponding number.

However, she still looked different from the others. Janet was surprised to find that she forgot to wear her uniform's camouflage cap...

A military officer, who stood in front of the training members, looked at them and gravely spoke, "Good morning everyone. My name is Brian Han and we will spend the next seven days together and on the tough training course ahead..."

It didn't matter what he said next; Janet had stopped listening to him altogether.

She couldn't believe that the world was so small that she could meet Brian here!

She stared at the instructors, who were standing in the front row, and found that it was indeed Brian who had taken the lead! Brian glanced at Janet and then quickly looked away, as if they were complete strangers.

Next, it was time for the instructors and the interns to introduce themselves to one another. Brian stood aside and saw the seven instructors and the interns make their self-introductions.

When it was Janet's turn to introduce herself, everyone looked at her.

Janet felt depressed, and believed that it would not be a good idea for her if the new colleagues got to know her.

"Hi, everybody. My name is Janet Shao and I'm 22 years old. Nice to meet you all!"

In fact, she was just unwilling to meet someone who disliked her.

This time Brian dared to look another time at Janet, who now attracted everyone's attention and seemed to be their only focus.

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