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   Chapter 33 Jane Was At the SL Group

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Their Nicole was a cheerful and lovely girl in her childhood, but now, in her late 20's, she had developed into a stone-cold belle. She behaved very cruelly and indifferently in general, just like her father was in front of outsiders, but was active and outgoing like Lola in front of her other relatives and friends...

Lola jumped into Harry's arms with a depressed look drawn all over her face: "I really regret having so many children, Harry. We now have to worry about everyone. I would have never dreamed that the most naughty of them, Sally, was gonna be the first to actually get married!"

But Lola didn't expect that her obedient Sally would run away. Sally ran away on the date of their wedding photo shoot, leaving a letter behind.

The two pair of parents stood in shock.

Before long they found out that Jerry had actually taken Sally away all by himself.

They didn't take wedding photos, but instead went straight to the Department of Civil Affairs and procured their marriage certificate.

On the 88th floor, in the secretary division of the SL Group

Janet was listening to the secretaries talking gossip, and Spark ignored them as if he didn't hear anything.

"It turns out that she's a phony fiancee."

"Some say that Janet Shao is just a spoiled little princess, but without any advantages."

"Her parents seemed to be happy that she got a 5 dollar salary last month!"

"They are rich people, they don't care about money. She must have a hidden reason to be the assistant CEO."


Janet just doodled on the paper and left them gossiping.

The A4 paper was soon completely covered with meaningless doodles drawn all over it by Janet.

There was a turtle in the middle, along with the words "DS Bastard!"

The gossip suddenly now suddenly stopped, and the paper in front of Janet was taken away, "Mr. Shi, I've already classified that document" cried Janet.

"What does DS stand for?"

"DS means Daniel Si." Thinking of Daniel being painted as a turtle made Janet smile.

The man next to her got furious, but Janet was out of space, in a world of her own.

"Miss Shao loafed on the job and also insulted the boss. You'll receive a reprimand and a fine of 1, 000 dollars."

Em? Janet suddenly regained her consciousness. She turned her head around and saw Daniel dressed in a white shirt and looking ruthlessly at her with cold eyes.

She immediately wanted to snatch back the A4 piece of paper, but it was too late.

Janet forced herself to explain: "I... I've already finished my work. Can't I have a break?"

"No, you can't!"

The little girl scowled and rolled her eyes at him, "You're an evil capitalist!"

"Miss Shao contradicted the boss at work, again..."

"Fine, OK! I'm sorry. I'm working now." Janet was really troubled by Daniel's cruel words.

She tore up the piece of paper, threw it into the trash bin, rested her chin on her left hand and then began playing on the computer.

"Janet Shao, you are going to attend the military training with the trainees the day after tomorrow!" warned Daniel. After saying it, he proceeded to leave.

Military training? The day after tomorrow? Her period would come the day after tomorrow. "Mr. Si, can I attend the military training two days later?" She was too shy to speak out, because she was ashamed of others to know.

She usually felt cramped in the first two days.

"Excuse, " demanded Daniel.

Janet's face turned red. "A secret that can't be shared, " she said.

The man didn't even turn his head around, "No." And then he entered his office.

Janet bent over the desk and felt even more depressed. Even if she was more like a sister to him, she had never before in her life see

n such a cruel, heartless brother!

The secretaries secretly laughed and then began gossiping again.

No matter what they said, Janet never refuted it, which made things become even more aggravated.

The whispering behind Janet's back had now become a cried out full frontal mockery.

"She must think that if she is Mr. Si's sister she has to have her personal privileges."

"A secret that can't be said. What literary style! Hahaha."


"Enough! Shut up! You are so annoying! You bitches!" Janet banged the pen she was holding in her hand onto the desk and stared at the secretaries furiously.

Then Daniel isolated Janet as if she was a bad student not behaving in class. He asked Spark to move her desk to the innermost corner of the office.

In a military region, C Country

"Count off!"

"1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7! Over!"

Brian, who was followed by two service soldiers, looked at the outstanding special soldiers with satisfaction in his eyes. The monitor next to him stood upright when he saw him, "Colonel Han, the special soldiers are now prepared for the training. Please advise!"

"Good. Who are you going to train today?" While he was on inspection duty, he saw several special soldiers with backpacks on them and asked where they were heading to.

"Colonel Han, we are going to the suburb of the northern area of the city and will instruct 21 trainees of the SL Group!"

Brian raised his voice and asked, "Which company did you say it was, soldier?"

"Colonel Han, we are going to instruct 21 trainees of the SL Group Company!" repeated the monitor.

Brian's stare went blank for a moment. He then demanded on the monitor, "You stay here. I'll take them there."

His words made the soldiers forget about the discipline. They looked at each other in surprise.

The colonel would accompany them to instruct the trainees? What was going on? Brian was in the position of deputy regimental commander. Was it because the boss of the SL Group was a tycoon?

"Are you sure, Colonel Han?" asked the monitor in surprise.

Brian nodded his head and then waved his arm towards him: "Go back and do your own business. I'll take care of them."

"OK. Colonel Han." The monitor left in parade step.

Although the military discipline was strict in the army, the news that Colonel Han brought the special soldiers to instruct the trainees passed through the whole army almost in an instant.

Bill, who was having lunch at that time, immediately ran out of the canteen after he heard the news.

He found Brian, and who was just about to salute plainly, "Brian."

Brian took a glance at him and felt awkward after he remembered something. Then he looked straight into Bill's eyes and said, "Say it."

"Brian, who are you going to train?" asked Bill with longing eyes.

Brian packed his clothes into the backpack, "The SL Group, the suburb in the northern part of the city."

Jane was at the SL Group.

"Brian, is it because of Janet Shao?" Although Bill was young, he wasn't stupid.

Brian stopped for a while, but didn't try to deny it, "Do you know whether she will participate in the training?" he asked.

Bill shook his head. He held Brian's arm, and spoke with a sad look on his face, "Brian, I know Jane is a good girl. But please, let her go. I'll die if I'm not going to be with her."

Brian frowned at his arm and shook Bill off, "Take three steps backward, solider. Stand upright in standard military posture!"

Bill complied exactly with what Brian said.

"Chin up, chest out, stomach in and hips up!"

... Bill now regretted contacting Brian.

"Brian, take me with you! What about... a fair competition between us?" and then Bill winked at Brian.

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