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   Chapter 32 She is More Like a Sister to Me

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By now, Daniel had made up his mind on what he had to do.

"You'd better ask me. I know more." A man's severe cold voice rose behind the reporters and saved Janet from breaking down in a flood of tears and frustration.

During these moments Janet saw Daniel like a charming prince, riding on a white horse, coming straight to her rescue.

When they saw Daniel, the reporters instantly dropped Janet and turned to him instead. Soon, Daniel was also assailed by the reporters.

Daniel was cold, but confident in his attitude. He answered every one of the sharp questions the reporters launched at him without even blinking or changing his expression.

He and Kate had something in common indeed, which were confidence, generosity, frankness and simplicity.

However, Daniel was too straightforward, and he threw out a reply which stunned all the present reporters: "Kate is my girlfriend. As for Janet, her parents are my sworn parents. She is more like a sister to me."

The security guards finally came and prevented the reporters from asking further questions.

Daniel and Spark walked together into the company, protected by the security guards.

As he passed by Janet, who was now dumbfounded, he casually said to her, " Go now. Do you want to be devoured by these annoying reporters?"

... Janet finally came to her senses and started keeping up the pace with Daniel and Spark.

She didn't even notice that she had stepped into the CEO's private elevator.

Spark looked at Daniel and waited for an order. Daniel then cast a glance at him and then Spark pressed the button for the 88th floor.

In just a few minutes, Daniel and Kate had been become the top trends on Weibo. Their names had become viral on all search engines.

The whole morning, Janet was completely lost at what Daniel had said in front of the reporters, "As for Janet, her parents are my sworn parents. She is more like a sister to me."

Since Kate Song's name had been such a hot search topic, some netizens soon dug out her engagement to Leon Feng.

As Kate's father read the breaking news, he immediately called Leon to break off the engagement.

Though he was very angry, Leon beca

r. It's a transitional period. Every couple is faced with transition and adjustment periods. If we push them too hard, they will eventually rebel on one another. You know how your son is. He never listens to us, " said Harry.

All right! What Harry said did, indeed, make a whole lot of sense. Lola felt immediately more relieved.

"What should we do next?" asked Lola.

"Next? We just take a firm stand and watch, " answered Harry.

Lola shook her head and shook her head, "What if Kate is as vicious as Yolanda and Catherine were? Jane will be utterly screwed then."

And, indeed, Lola was right. A jealous woman is horrible.

On a second thought, Harry added, "We'll keep Kate far away from Jane. Samuel also has the bodyguards protect Jane. And if you still worry about her, I'll have more guards put on duty to protect her."

"All right, well, there is no better way." Lola secretly sighed. What had just happened wore her out almost completely.

She was done talking about Daniel, and now she had to worry about Nicole, "Well, Sally is getting married, but nothing's happening with Nicole! She's in her late 20's and still hasn't got a boyfriend." Nicole was actually the one she was worried most about.

"Don't worry about it. Just let it be. I'm her father, and I can take care of her if she ever needs me in the future. Just take it easy. Nicole needs time to find the one she really loves. Give her a break, she'll pull through."

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