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   Chapter 31 Han's Family is a Military Family

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Ella took her daughter's hand into hers, and said, "Jane, I' not forcing you in any way. If you really don't want to be with Daniel, then don't. I just read his comment in your Weibo profile. Well, it seems that Daniel doesn't hate you after all. He just doesn't... know how to express himself."

Daniel was just as cold as his father, in both personality and expressiveness. They were, genetically speaking, nearly 90% alike.

When she heard that Daniel didn't hate her after all, Janet's face suddenly flushed red. What was wrong with her? Unless...

"I know, mom, " replied Janet.

Ella talked with her daughter for a while longer and then went back to her bedroom.

"Have you talked to her?" Samuel hugged his wife.

Ella nodded: "I don't think Jane hates Daniel. On the contrary, I think she really likes him."

She could tell by the fact that Janet's face had turned red when she spoke to her about Daniel.

"You're to blame for all of this. Why do you still insist that the two be together? Daniel is just like Harry, and you know very well how Lola suffered because of him!" He wouldn't let his little girl suffer in any way. If she were to find the one she really loved, he wouldn't have cared if he was either rich or poor.

When Samuel was done talking, Ella remained silent. She pushed his arm away and turned her back to him.

After all these years of living together, he knew what would happen if he disagreed, and so Samuel sighed, and said: "I am sorry, dear. Let's make it happen then!"

He hugged Ella again and coaxed her.

"I'm not saying that the two must be together. Just think, wouldn't it be better to marry our Jane to someone that lives nearby?" asked Ella. Leroy Manor was nearby, but Daniel's mansion here was even nearer.

"Okay, okay, you're right. We'll marry her to someone that lives nearby, and if Daniel ever dares to bully her, I'll teach him a lesson he won't forget."

"That's what I said. They could give it a try, and if it won't work I'm not going to push t

tell us of your relationship status with Bill?"

"Will you marry to Si's family or Han's family?"

"Or, is Miss Shao dating two men at the same time for the fullest advantages?"


This was out of the line, and Janet's face had now completely turned pale. She took a deep breath, and answered, "I am not! Do not start a rumor about this! We are just friends, that's all! Han's family is a military family. Do not tarnish their reputation!"

These interviewers realized that they indeed have asked the wrong question and changed the subject at once: "What about Boss Si? You're his special assistant. Your relationship must go a lot deeper than this."

"We heard that your brother, Mr. Jerry Shao, will marry Sally Si. Is that true?"

All the questions were shot like bullets, Janet was unable to dodge them. What could she do? Eventually, she said, "Please move out of the way, I will be late. If you keep asking, I will sue you for prying in my own privacy."

Alas, Janet was too young to handle the pressures of the media. Her threat didn't work.

"Miss Shao, we just want to know who Mr. Si's girlfriend is, you or Miss Song? Or you both?"


Not that far away, a man was watching the girl being surrounded by the reporters. But no one, except him, had noticed her pale face and the confusion leaking out of her eyes.

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