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   Chapter 30 You're Just A Spoiled Child

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After a moment of silence in the living room, Melody broke off the silence first: "Come to me, my dear great-granddaughter. Let me have a bite out of the cookies you bought."

"My Jane is so great. She really can earn money herself and bring cookies for us."

"I haven't had the chance to eat this kind of cookies, let me have a taste, too, " spoke her father.

"Ha ha ha, these are the most delicious cookies I have ever tasted in my life, " said her grandfather.

... Janet couldn't help but shed tears. She had now made up her mind that she had to work harder and harder to earn more money so that she could take care of the elders in the family.

In the evening, Ella was so deeply moved that she posted on Weibo: "My spoiled daughter got her first salary ever today. Though the salary was very low, she bought the most delicious cookies for her family. Jane's changed. My baby's so great!"

But some comments ridiculed her: "Isn't your daughter over twenty years old now? How come she can only earn money for cookies? How did the Shao family raise their daughter up anyway?"

When Ella saw this comment, Lola already had an answer for her: "Is it that wrong for a girl, who just graduated from college, to earn her first salary ever?"

But, among the few bad ones, there were also many comments that were positive and deeply moved Ella. She returned her thanks by replying to each, one by one.

"Jane is Mr. Shao's daughter, she can get any investment from her father if she wants. But she choose to work her way up from the bottom. What's wrong with that?" one comment read.

"The man who ridicules others is only just another sour grape, " another comment read.

Lola called Daniel, and although he said that the poor salary was because of Janet's mistakes at work, Lola still scolded Daniel for a good amount of time.

Then she called Ella, and explained to her why Janet's salary was so low.

Ella thought that it was alright, "It's OK, just give her the chance to learn more things. And again, there is no need to favor her in any way."

Now the child had finally stepped into the society, and learned about it and how it really worked. It was better to experience it for herself, rather than being under the careful guidance and protection of her parents.

But Janet was, in the end, Samuel's beloved daughter, and for the whole night his heart felt distressed at the thought of her daughter working, and so decided that she was not allowed to go to work any longer.

Ella tried to persuade him, but failed in changing his mind. Finally, she said, "Let's ask Jane about her plans tomorrow.

me advantages that he really likes about me. Is this what he meant?" she thought.

Janet was indulging in her joyfulness for a little while longer and then she continued to read the comments below.

Why had Daniel become a bad man?

Then she found out why. Someone commented on her Weibo that Kate Song was his girlfriend and Janet was his fiancee.

'Now I see...'

Janet checked her messages and there were more than 99 messages waiting her to answer.

Many journalists and media men were now asking her if Daniel really had two girlfriends at the same time, and what was her relationship with Daniel like.

'What should I do?' 'What should I do?' 'Should I answer their questions?'

She was pondering on what to do when someone suddenly knocked at her door. Ella entered her room.

"Mom, haven't you gone to bed yet?" asked Janet. She sat up from her bed.

"Have you seen the comments on your Weibo?" asked Ella, "And a lot of people have also texted you, right?" Ella had experienced something like this before. Years ago, when the public found out about her relationship with Samuel, she also had received a ton of messages on a daily basis, asking her this and that.

Janet nodded.

"Ignore them for the moment. Let Daniel himself deal with this. If you do something wrong, you might bring even more trouble to Daniel, and it's not worth the risk."

Seeing what was happening on Weibo, Ella came to remind her daughter to be more cautious and not make the same mistakes as she did. Jane had been studying abroad these years and had kept a low profile, so few people knew who she really was. Jane had made her first steps into society and had never experienced something like this ever before.

"OK, mom, I understand."

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