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   Chapter 29 How Could You Fall in Love with My Girl

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Brian nodded, and said, "She was, indeed, pretty."

"She's nice, and she's loyal to friends, and radiates with kindness and generosity. She is all that's good and kind in my heart, " said Bill.


Of course, beauty lied in the eye of the beholder, and in our case, in the eyes of the lover. Brian nodded and agreed with him, "OK."

But Bill's face suddenly changed, and he asked, "Brian, do you also like Jane?"

"Well, I don't dislike her, " replied Brian. A soldier never lied.

Bill felt disappointed and stared at Brian with even more confusion in his eyes. He then spoke, "I should have never asked you to help me send the letter. How could you fall in love with my girl?"

"Anyway, she isn't your girlfriend. How can you say that, " said Brian.

Bill was speechless after he heard Brian's words.

'Is 'Jane' her infant name? It quite fits her because her voice and body are as soft and delicate as her name...'

Brian suddenly turned his back and walked away before Bill had finished talking with him.

Bill got even more confused, and wondered what had happened to him. Maybe only Brian knew best about what was going on with him.

At the SL Group

When Daniel returned to the Secretary Department, coming from the meeting room for the third time already, he found that Janet was still not at her desk.

"Spark, please inform Miss Shao that her three days' salary will be deducted from her account if she is absent for one full day."

"Ok. Mr. Si."

Janet, who was sitting by the roadside and staring at the skyscraper buildings, received Spark's call. Spark told Janet all about what Daniel had just said.

"Only the three days' salary... Yeah, whatever!" replied Janet.

She still had no concept of money, and replied with indifference to Spark's warning.

Spark hung up and felt very disappointed. 'She is, indeed, a spoiled princess, and doesn't seem to have a care in the world regarding money problems' thought Spark.

He told Daniel what she had said over the phone and then quickly left his office, as he saw that Daniel didn't utter a single word in reply.

Because she didn't find a suitable shop for her, Janet still had to go to work. However, she was now was very excited and full of grand new expectations, because tomorrow was her pay day. After all, the job at the SL Group was the first she ever had in her life.

And after getting her salary, she was going to buy her father a... A tie? A wallet? A suit?

She also wanted to buy her mother a set of DQ masks and her brother a watch. She wanted to buy her great-grandmother

okies to the old house.

Hoping that her family would not be ashamed of her failure, Janet sniffled and tried to smile as usual. When she opened the old house's door, she greeted her family: "Great-grandmother, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, John, I'm back from work!"

"Jane, you're back! Come over here, " said her great-grandmother.

"Jane, have you just come back now from work?" asked Samuel. He gently hugged his daughter when he saw her.

With John in her arms, Ella squinted, and then asked, "Jane, are you tired?"

Janet shook her head and then walked up to Melody to hug her.

Vincent and Viola, who were helping prepare dinner in the kitchen, also came out when they heard that Jane came back from work.

"My lovely granddaughter. Come here, let me hug you" said Viola.

Janet quickly put out of her mind the miserable feelings she was having from work; she was now enjoying her family's warmth and love.

However, when Vincent asked about the food bag in her hand, a morose feeling suddenly seized Jane's face.

"Great-grandmother, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, I am sorry." Jane lowered her head to the ground, which confused her family. They suddenly became silent and looked at each other, not knowing what was really going on.

"I have received my first salary today, but I just got..." She even felt ashamed of spitting out the words.

When he saw that Jane was depressed, Samuel also felt distressed and hugged her and comforting her: "Jane, No matter how much the salary is worth, it is your hard-earned money. You never have to feel sorry about it."

Janet nodded, and said, "Father, I just got five dollars. I used all my salary to buy you these... cookies."

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