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   Chapter 28 Did You Seduce My Jane

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When Janet seemed to be proud of the excuse she had come up with, Daniel's face suddenly darkened. He gnashed his teeth in anger, "So you want to get engaged with me because you don't want out parents to worry about us anymore?"

"Right!" replied the cheerful Janet. Their parents were really busy with Jerry and Sally's wedding, so she decided that it was better that she didn't make any trouble for them.

Daniel inspected her from head to toe, and taunted her even more, "Janet, you are such a dutiful daughter! You can be a dutiful daughter right now. Leave me alone. Get out!"

Janet suddenly got closer to Daniel, but he took a step back, unaware of his action.

When Daniel realized that this move made him look like a coward, he dragged Janet by the collar and was just about to throw her out the door.

However, Janet held his neck, stood on her tiptoes and kissed his thin lips. Daniel stopped, and time seemed to stop as well.

"Daniel Si, I stamped you, and from now on you're only mine!"

Then Janet was thrown out of the house with no remorse, again.

... Janet looked at the closed door, curled her lips, and said, "Daniel Si you are such an ungrateful wretch. I took the initiative to kiss you for the first time and you acted this way!"

What she didn't know was that the man behind the door, after hearing her shouts and complaints, softened his face.

The next morning

Daniel changed his shoes, walked out his mansion and saw the black Bentley parked and waiting for him in the usual spot.

Spark got out of the car and greeted him with an uneasy look on his face, "Boss..." He then opened the back door for him, and Daniel got into the car.

"Tell me..." he demanded. Before Daniel even finished his words, a smiling face turned to him from the front-passenger seat.

"Good morning, Mr. Si."

Daniel throw his briefcase aside and ordered Spark, "Throw her out of the car!"

Janet immediately put on her safety belt, and asked, "Daniel Si, can't I even get a lift to work?"

"No, no you can't!"

The man categorically refused her without further ado.

Janet felt a little depressed when she heard him, but shamelessly said, "Since you are mine now, your car is also mine."

Spark, who was outside the car, almost choke

k that day. Instead, she went to look for a pastry shop.

In the Military Region of C Country

A group of men wearing military uniforms stood around a desk, and urged, "Bill, hurry up!"

"Why are you being so slow. Let's see what your goddess wrote."

"She wrote a letter to you! So... romantic."

Bill was so excited, but just stared with blank eyes at the envelope Jordan gave him.

Finally, somebody couldn't bear the waiting any longer. He took the envelope and opened it.

Before Bill had time for any reaction, the letter was read in a loud voice: "Bill, your cousin Brian is so handsome. Could you please introduce him to me?"

Suddenly, the dorm went silent for a moment, and Brian, who was outside the room, stopped his pace.

"Hahahahaha." The whole crowd erupted with laughter, but only Bill stared at Brian with an aggrieved, specific look on his face. He was so stupid to ask his cousin, who was more handsome and had a higher ranking position than he had, to deliver the letter for him.

"Colonel Han!"

"Colonel Han!" shouted the crowd. Loud greetings rang out one after another when Brian stepped in the room, and then everyone fled to their posts.

Bill walked towards Brian, and then shook the letter in front of him, "Brian, tell me the truth! Did you seduce my Jane?"

"Who is Jane?"

Bill shook the perfumed letter again, and said, "Janet Shao!" But, suddenly, Bill changed his expression and tone. He now looked at Brian with excitement, "Jordan, is Janet pretty?"

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