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   Chapter 27 You were Asking For It

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"Janet Shao, what the hell do you think you're doing?" asked Daniel. He's voice sounded cold as snow, and Janet felt she'd been wronged, her eyes turning red in an instant.

She thought that Daniel never cared about her, and he didn't seem to comfort her not even in this situation, when she was terrified that she almost fell to the ground.

If she hadn't knocked on the balcony's window a few moments ago, she would not have slipped and fallen from the second floor.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you two, " she said. Janet, looking more pitiful than ever, turned the other way around and again started to lower herself on the outer edge of the balcony.

In that moment, Daniel's heart sank. He dragged her back down, and asked her, "What are you doing now, Janet?"

"Since you are not willing to see me, " she answered, "I'm leaving!" Tears couldn't stop falling down on her face. She was very scared of animals. Last time, when they encountered the Samoyed dog, he had left her behind without mercy.

But Janet's behavior made Daniel mad because he had no idea why she cried. 'What is she crying for?' he thought to himself.

He gripped her wrist vigorously, dragged her until they reached the bedroom's door, and then kicked her out. "Get out!" he shouted.

Janet sniffled woefully and thought, 'Am I stupid? No, I won't leave!'

She shook off Daniel's hand, took off her shoes, jumped onto his bed and quickly covered her head with the quilt.

There was a sudden silence in the bedroom.

After about five minutes, Janet got her head out of the quilt to see what was going on, but instead saw a pair of bright, malicious eyes staring at her.

"Ah!" Janet screamed and again covered her head with the quilt.

Then she felt like she was being lifted up in the air. Daniel put Janet and the quilt on his shoulder and then threw them out of the bedroom.

Kate, who was making the bed, was shocked when she heard the noise.

Seeing Janet come out of the quilt, Kate was surprised, and wondered how Janet managed to enter the house.

The two lovers stood together, looking at the girl who was now laying on the ground with scornful eyes. Even Janet, who was thick-skinned, was embarrassed at this scene.

She held her waist with her right arm and, without uttering another single word, walked down the stairs towards the front exit.

She thought to herself, 'Mom*, I don't live up to your expectation. I give up.' (TN*: sworn mother)

Janet opened the door of the villa, took a deep breath, looked at the dark sky and then chocked back the tears that were about to burst out of her.

She closed the door, and said to herself, 'Don't cry, Jane! You were asking for it! What a fool...'

Janet then got into her car and drove towards her own villa.

Mansion No. 9 was silent again. Kate looked at the quilt on the ground, picked it up and was just about to throw it away.

"Go back home. I'm unable to fall asleep if someone else is here, " spoke Daniel. The scene that Janet left, holding her waist, kept playing in Daniel's mind.

He turned around and went back to his bedroom. Kate's voice came behind him, "Daniel, it's very late..."

Daniel took his phone out of his pocket and called Spark, "Spark, come here and drive Miss Song back home."

Then he hung up and closed the bedroom's door.

Kate stood outside his bedroom now, looking at the closed door and clenching her fists.

She knew that Daniel was using her. 'Does he really love the little girl?

Daniel Si, how can you do this to me? You abandon me after you use me! What do you take me for?' thought Kate.

When Janet parked her car in the garage, Samuel called her, "Jane, where are you?"

"Dad, I'm in the garage. I just arrived."

"It's late now. Your mom and I are not coming back tonight. Go to bed early!"

"OK, dad."

Janet hung up and slowly walked out of the garage.

She looked up at the da

rk sky and found the moonlight to be beautiful, and so she found a bench and just sat there for a while, looking at the night sky.

She took out her phone and tried taking a photo of the sky. Looking at the black sky on her phone, Janet gave away a wry grin. The sky was so dark. Why did she think the moonlight was so enchanting?

She opened her Weibo and found there were a lot of unread messages.

All the messages were from her former college classmates. She chatted with them for a while.

Janet posted the picture she just took on her Weibo, and wrote in the post, "The night runs dark as ink."

Soon, several people commented on the post. Sven replied, "Our little princess is so poetic this evening."

A good friend from her college replied: "Janet Shao, have you lost it? This is so not like you!"

Sally also replied, "Jane, where are you?"

Most of them had put Janet's Weibo account in their Favorite list. Therefore, when Janet ever posted something on her wall, they were instantly informed.

She felt in a bad mood and decided to reply to them tomorrow, when she was feeling better. She stood up from the bench and just when she was about to leave, after looking one more time at the ink-black sky, she saw a car driving toward her.

'What? Isn't this Daniel's car? Where is he going this late at night?' thought Jane.

She gave a wry smile when she thought better. Where he was going, it definitely had nothing to do with her!

However, Spark saw her and pulled over the car: "Miss Shao, it's late. Aren't you going back home?"

The car window went down, and Janet saw Kate sitting in the back seat, staring at her with a troubled look on her face.

Daniel was not in the car.

A flash of miraculous brightness now streaked across her mind, and she seemed to know something.

"I'm leaving now." Janet ran away delighted. Seeing her, Spark felt even more confused.

But he didn't think much of it and drove the car away.

Janet said she was leaving, but she hadn't told them her destination. Five minutes later, she again stood outside Mansion No. 9, gasping for air.

She rung the doorbell for a long time, but nobody answered her.

Janet took out her phone, but was surprised to find that she didn't have Daniel's number in her agenda.

She had to dial Sally's number to ask for it, but her phone was powered off...

Then Jerry's number, but his was also powered off...

Then Sven, and this time she finally got through. However, a girl's voice came speaking on the other side of the line: "Janet Shao? Don't call my boyfriend again, and don't try to contact him in any way either!"

Then she hung up, and Janet was both shocked and speechless. She checked the number again and found that it really was Sven's number. Was she Sven's girlfriend? Why had the girl asked her not to contact Sven anymore?

Janet buried herself deep in thought by the shock brought by the phone call. When the villa's door was opened, Janet was still confused, pondering on what had just happened.

She raised her head and curiously asked Daniel, "Does Sven have a girlfriend now?"

Daniel was furious: "You rang my doorbell that many times to ask me such a question?"

Janet nodded her head, but when Daniel was about to close the door, she shook her head immediately.

"No, Daniel, stop! I was looking for you." She closed her phone, put it back in her bag and squeezed herself through the door and into the villa.

She closed the door for Daniel and smiled at the angry man, "Daniel, I've made up my mind. Let's get engaged!"

She had just found that she, actually, liked him!

Daniel's face then softened. He looked at the naive little girl, and sneered, "Do you take engagements as being trifling matters?"

"Of course not. If we are engaged, your dad and mom and my dad and mom won't worry about us anymore, " she replied. What an excellent excuse, indeed!

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