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   Chapter 26 I Came to Take Back My Hair

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Janet saw the Bentley car, which was not that far ahead. The window of the back seat door was open, and she saw that there was a woman sitting inside.

She pointed at the woman, and said, "Mother*, let everything be as it should be!"

(*TN: Here mother means sworn mother.)

Janet understood Lola's high expectations, but she didn't understand what she had to do with her feelings.

Looking towards the direction where Janet's finger was pointing at, Lola saw Daniel walk towards his car, and as he approached it, the woman got out of the black Bentley and happily threw herself into Daniel's arms.

Holding Kate's waist, they came towards Lola and Janet and they stopped in front of them, Daniel said, "Father, mother, this is my girlfriend, Kate Song."

'Kate Song?' "CEO of Changsheng Co., Ltd." Harry, who stood beside them, on seeing her had already known of her strong background.

"Hello, and indeed, I am Kate Song, the CEO of Changsheng. Pleased to finally meet you." Kate made decent greetings to the two elders. Her politeness and sweet smiles made Janet feel kind of uneasy.

She finally discovered one fact, and that was that most girls, such as Nicole and Kate, behaved very decently and composedly in society. But, unlike them, she was always crazy and in a bad temper, and very, very wayward...

Lola simply returned her a smile, and Harry said something more, "Miss Song, you have a good reputation in the business circles, that you are always composed and decisive at work. Daniel is the same. I wonder if it really is suitable for you two strong individuals to be together."

... Kate's smile became rigid at one moment, and then said, "Mr. Si, I would restrain myself and be the woman behind Daniel if that is his true wish."

Obviously, Harry didn't agree that this woman be his son's girlfriend. He again broke off his usual silence, and said, "But I have recently heard of your engagement with Mr. Feng, and you're now saying to us that you are Daniel's girlfriend. Could you explain?"

Kate's face instantly turned pale. She had forgot about one essential thing, that the Si family was at the top of C Country society, and that if any girl would happen to approach Daniel, his father Harry was sure to investigate that girl's background to the bone.

Janet looked at Kate, shocked.

doorsill with her cheeks in her hands, not knowing what to do next.

Why did her sworn mother force her to come here? Why?

Failing in figuring these things out by her own, Janet gave up the thinking and proceeded to do the doing, and went around Daniel's mansion. She then decided to enter his room the same way as Daniel had entered hers.

She found a big tree next to the house and easily began to climb up on it.

Then she stretched out her right arm, but the distance between the tree and the balcony was far beyond her grip.

She saw the two figures in the room, hugging each other. Janet gathered up all the courage in her and released her hands and jumped to the balcony.

Daniel had just left Kate in the guest room when he heard noise coming from the windows. He thought of that woman again. 'Damn, don't tell me Janet is trying to come in from the balcony, as I did, ' he thought.

The distance between the tree in the Shao mansion and the balcony was closer than that of his own balcony and the tree. It was too far for Janet to jump.

He quickly went to the window and opened it, but could find no one there. He then checked around the windows of the balcony, but still there was no one.


A feeble voice was coming from down below his feet. Daniel's heart started beating faster when he saw what was happening.

Janet was gripping the edges of his balcony and her whole body was swaying in the air.

Frowning, Daniel opened the balcony's window, bent down, caught her arms and pulled her up to safety.

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